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 Kaidan & Delilah: Part 2

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Kaidan & Delilah: Part 2 Empty
PostSubject: Kaidan & Delilah: Part 2   Kaidan & Delilah: Part 2 I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 02, 2017 6:17 pm

[9/01/2016 3:16:58 pm] brooke barnes: The next morning, they had barely moved during the night and both were sticky and smelly, despite them having a bath before.

He stirred but he didn't move, looking at Delilah's sleep form, he smirked and played with her hair a little.
[9/01/2016 3:20:20 pm] Amber Mitchell: Delilah was fast asleep having been exhausted from their wild sex. In her sleep, she moved closer to Kaiden holding him close and cuddling against him. Her unconscious mind longed for the touch of another and to feel safe and secure.
[9/01/2016 3:21:07 pm] brooke barnes: He gave a small smiled but he knew he had to get up, but was not wishing to disturb her.
[9/01/2016 3:21:28 pm] brooke barnes: "Hey....You awake?" he asked, to make sure.
[9/01/2016 3:22:47 pm] Amber Mitchell: She didn't move or stir from her deep sleep.
[9/01/2016 3:26:50 pm] brooke barnes: He sat up slowly, "mmmm." he stretched his arms and his back, clicking his neck.

[1/6/2017 6:08:15 PM] brooke barnes: Kaiden got out of bed after he stretched his body, and went to wash up again. He grinned looking at the sleeping sight of Delilah laying on his furr covered bed.

Heading into the the hot spring room again he slowly waded into the water and relaxed, "She'll wake soon enough." he said to himself.
[1/6/2017 6:11:46 PM] Amber Mitchell : About fifteen or so minutes later, Delilah opened her eyes and looked around. It took her a moment to remember where she was. "That's right...I stayed with Kaiden last night." She yawned and rubbed her sleepy eyes and felt around for her glasses. Once she put them on, she could see clearly and saw that she was alone.

She got up and wrapped the fur blanket around her shoulders. Her clothes were still by the water in the hot spring room. She thought she might as well take another bath.
[1/6/2017 6:14:01 PM] brooke barnes: Kaiden was chilling in the tub with a wet cloth on his face. His ears perked up, hearing movement, 'She's up. Sooner than I thought.' he chuckled to himself. He pulled the cloth off his face, "Hey." he said, hearing her enter the room.
[1/6/2017 6:17:55 PM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah's glasses instantly fogged up as she walked in the room. She took them off and cleaned them off on the fur blanket around her. "Good morning..." She said in a hushed voice still half asleep.
[1/6/2017 6:18:32 PM] brooke barnes: He smirked, "Sleep well?" knowing she would have been rather sore and stiff.
[1/6/2017 6:20:30 PM] Amber Mitchell : "Yes, very well. And you?" She walked closer to the edge of the water putting her foot in. It felt perfect. She also looked around for her clothes in the process.
[1/6/2017 6:21:26 PM | Edited 6:22:55 PM] brooke barnes: "Your clothes are around.......somewhere..." he said with a chuckle.
[1/6/2017 6:23:42 PM] Amber Mitchell : She blushed slightly and chuckled as well remembering the wild sex they had last night. "I'll find them later..." She let the fur blanket fall off her shoulders and revealed her naked body to him. "Mind if I join you?"
[1/6/2017 6:24:39 PM] brooke barnes: "Not at all." he said, scooting over so she had a clearer path to enter the bath.
[1/6/2017 6:26:04 PM] brooke barnes: "I'm surprised you're up so soon, with how crazy we went last night." he said.
[1/6/2017 6:27:53 PM] Amber Mitchell : She walked in slowly and settled down in the water feeling instant relief. "I have always been an early riser. This is actually a little late for me. I was more exhausted than I thought." She took her glasses off and dipped her head in the wet her hair completely.
[1/6/2017 6:29:14 PM | Edited 6:32:17 PM] brooke barnes: "Well you've not dealt with vampire virility have you?" he grinned cheekily at her, "But your endurance is impressive as well." he complimented.
[1/6/2017 6:31:10 PM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah pushed her hair out of her face and smirked, "Not bad for a virgin, eh? I even surprised myself."
[1/6/2017 6:32:12 PM] brooke barnes: "Not bad at all." he grinned "Your ranger trainer helped you with that, I would suspect." he poked her shoulder.
[1/6/2017 6:33:37 PM] Amber Mitchell : "Probably. I was put through a lot of endurance training at a young age and on into adulthood. I can withstand a lot."
[1/6/2017 6:36:01 PM] brooke barnes: "I can tell." he smirked, "Not many mortal people can withstand the.....eagerness of a vampire's lust." he said.

He ducked under the water for a moment and he surfaced all soaked now. "Once we're recovered enough we'll pack what we need and head on to the capital city." he said.

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Kaidan & Delilah: Part 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Kaidan & Delilah: Part 2   Kaidan & Delilah: Part 2 I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 02, 2017 6:19 pm

[1/7/2017 6:12:01 PM] Amber Mitchell : "I think eager is putting it lightly." She snickered as she rubbed water up and down her arms.

"What if we run into those vampires again? I really don't want a repeat of what happened the first time."
[1/7/2017 6:13:57 PM] brooke barnes: "I'm better now...and i don't get fooled twice." he said confidently.

"I have a safe house in the most of the Main hubs of the region." he said. "Most assassins do....too risky to got in INNs all the time."
[1/7/2017 6:16:46 PM] Amber Mitchell : She nodded, "I still have a few charms and potions left that woman in town gave me. So you don't have to worry about me."
[1/7/2017 6:18:14 PM] brooke barnes: "It will keep you safe for now. But I'll keep a physical eye and ear out for any trouble coming our way." he said, splashing the water on his shoulders.
[1/7/2017 6:20:11 PM] Amber Mitchell : "I have eyes and ears in the sky. Scout can help as well. Speaking of which...where could he be? I haven't seen him since last night."
[1/7/2017 6:21:30 PM] brooke barnes: Scout was perched on one of the chairs near the fire, to stay warm in the main area of the hideout. Not feeling threatened by Kaiden in the least.
[1/7/2017 6:21:49 PM] brooke barnes: "I think he was out in the sitting area." he said.
[1/7/2017 6:23:11 PM] Amber Mitchell : "He much be warming up to you. Usually he is always in my line of sight when I am with strangers or in a dangerous environment." She whistled just to make sure he was close by listening for him to whistle back.
[1/7/2017 6:24:16 PM] brooke barnes: He perked up and flew to the whistle and landed on the light hang in on the wall, letting out a squeak.
[1/7/2017 6:24:44 PM] brooke barnes: "Well, he's on the ball isn't he?" kaiden smirked.
[1/7/2017 6:26:33 PM] Amber Mitchell : "He has to be. That's how he was trained. He only responds to my voice." She whistled a command to him telling him to land on Kaiden's shoulder.
[1/7/2017 6:28:35 PM | Edited 6:30:05 PM] brooke barnes: He flew down and landed on his wet shoulder, preening himself.

Kaiden didn't mind his sharp talon in his skin, being used to pain.
[1/7/2017 6:29:50 PM] Amber Mitchell : After a few seconds, she whistled again calling him back to her. "I don't know what I would do without him. He has gotten me out of quite a few mishaps."
[1/7/2017 6:33:34 PM] brooke barnes: He flew to her and landed on her finger, "I hear Kestrels are hearty little buggers. And witnessed it, i believe it now." he said. Scout continued to preen himself.
[1/7/2017 6:37:07 PM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah chuckled, "He just doesn't like strangers. But you're technically not a stranger anymore." She held her hand up and let him flay back to a safe high place. She stretched a bit too far and winced slightly feeling the effects of last night. "If I were a normal human, you probably would have broken me in half."
[1/7/2017 6:38:37 PM] brooke barnes: He flew back to the wall light and sat there happily, watching over the two of them.

He snickered, "I've been with normal human women before, but i never went all out for the fact to keep my vampire side hidden." he said.
[1/7/2017 6:41:14 PM] Amber Mitchell : "Hmm, well lucky me getting to be the first human to see that side of you." She moved water over her shoulder and down the front of her chest.
[1/7/2017 6:43:02 PM] brooke barnes: He chuckled, "The sight of you naked in front of my is still hot."

"But I should get out before I get too eager again." he stood up and got out of the water, naked and steam lightly coming off his skin.
[1/7/2017 6:44:47 PM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah bit her lip as she watched him stand and walk out of the water, her eyes glued to him the entire time. "You have the same effect on me as well. You better hurry before I come after you."
[1/7/2017 6:45:54 PM] brooke barnes: He looked over his shoulder, "As tempting as you make that sound, we will need to get dress and on the move soon." he said.

[1/7/2017 6:48:40 PM] Amber Mitchell : "Fine." She stuck her tongue out at him and stood up slowly out of the water. She passed him and started looking around for her clothes.
[1/7/2017 6:50:56 PM] brooke barnes: He smirked, hearing her reaction, "We'll have time to mess around when we arrive to the capital." he said, heading to the bed room grabbing a drying cloth.
[1/7/2017 6:53:30 PM] Amber Mitchell : "Very well." She said mildly satisfied. She found parts of her clothes scattered around little by little until she had them all together. She knew it was time to get down to business. Once she was dry, she put her glasses on and got dressed cracking her stiff neck. She joined him in his bedroom once she was done. "Ready?"
[1/7/2017 6:58:46 PM] brooke barnes: He was back in full get up, just wrapping his long black scarf around his neck. "I've packed food and other supplies as well." he said.

"Let's head on out shall we?"

They exited the place, Kaiden making sure the coast was clear. The two wolves came out of hiding to them, excited to see them again. "I'll be going now you two, keep the place safe alright?" he patted their heads, "You coming?" he asked Delilah.

Delilah made sure her pack was full and her supplies were ready. She fastened the holsters around her thighs that housed her two daggers and stood up. She nodded and followed him out the door. The two wolves greeted them as they left the door. She let them approach her first and let them get familiar with her scent.

She lifted her hood and whistled for Scout signaling that she was ready. "Let's go."

[1/7/2017 7:08:56 PM] brooke barnes: The two brother wolves sniffed her again and panted happily. "Good let's go." they got going. heading away from the hidden base.

They travelled for most of the morning not stopping except to drink some water. Around midday they stopped in the shade of a large tree, Kaiden didn't want to walk during the hottest time of the day, as not to get heat stroke.
[1/7/2017 7:12:20 PM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah leaned against a tree and took her cloak off to cool down a bit. "The summers here are brutal. The closer to the capital we get the worse it gets." She whistled to Scout to find a clean water source so they could refill their water bottles.
[1/7/2017 7:15:42 PM] brooke barnes: He sighed, Keeping his head totally covered,even in the shade, "I know...we probably can't move for a little least until it gets a little less hot."
[1/7/2017 7:18:47 PM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah looked at the position of the sun and guessed it would start going down and cooling off in about 3 hours or so. "I am guessing we will have to stay put for at least another 3 hours before it gets cool enough to keep moving."
[1/7/2017 7:19:42 PM] brooke barnes: He sighed, "We'll try in two, we can't stay in a single place too long." he said, worried that their enemies will gain on them soon.
[1/7/2017 7:21:25 PM] Amber Mitchell : "Okay." She could hear Scout in the distance calling to her. "Looks like Scout found some water. Let's go cool off." She gathered her stuff and followed the sound of Scout's call.
[1/7/2017 7:23:36 PM] brooke barnes: He made sure his head was covered as they moved to the small watering hole. Scout squeaked out to them so they knew he was there but also keeping a keen eye out.

Kaiden got under the shade, making sure there was a spot shaded near the water. "I HATE the sun so much." he said
[1/7/2017 7:25:13 PM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah chuckled and got down near the water and splashed some on her face. "Here. Throw me your water bottle. I'll fill it for you."
[1/7/2017 7:25:56 PM] brooke barnes: He threw the gourd to her and sighed, "I knew we should have waited for sunset." he said.
[1/7/2017 7:27:05 PM] Amber Mitchell : "It's fine. We've covered a lot of ground so far." She pulled a cloth out of her pack and soaked it for Kaiden tossing it back to him along with his gourd now full of water.
[1/7/2017 7:29:45 PM] brooke barnes: He got his guard and drank some water and placed the soaked cloth on his head and rubbed it on the shorter sections on his hair. "Ugh......" he sighed.

"Thanks.....When its cooler I'll use my speed to carry you the rest of the way." he said.
[1/7/2017 7:32:31 PM] Amber Mitchell : "Don't worry about me. I can stand the heat. I am better suited for this weather than you are. My armor is light and it breathes." Delilah filled her gourd up and put some water on the back of her neck to cool down." She soaked another cloth for Kaiden and gave it to him. "Put it on the back of your neck. You will cool down faster that way."
[1/7/2017 7:33:46 PM] brooke barnes: He tugged the neck of the suit down and placed it around his neck, ".....I know you are suited to this weather But vampires are not." he half joked.
[1/7/2017 7:35:09 PM] Amber Mitchell : "I know. And wearing all black is not doing you any favors either. It is attracting all the heat. Just looking at you is making me sweat." She joked back.
[1/7/2017 7:35:41 PM] brooke barnes: "I hope its because I'm making you hot and not the weather." he teased.
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Kaidan & Delilah: Part 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Kaidan & Delilah: Part 2   Kaidan & Delilah: Part 2 I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 02, 2017 6:37 pm

[1/8/2017 9:41:02 PM] Amber Mitchell : "Watch it mister. No talk like that during business hours." She said trying to remind him that this was not the time for fun and games. She opened her gourd and took a few chugs of water.
[1/8/2017 9:41:32 PM] brooke barnes: He smirked, "I'm allowed to tease a little." he said, sitting against the tree.
[1/8/2017 9:43:12 PM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah just rolled her eyes and hid her grin. "You hungry? Might as well eat since we'll be here for a while."
[1/8/2017 9:44:34 PM] brooke barnes: "No if I feed off you now, you'll need to recover." he said
[1/8/2017 9:49:45 PM] Amber Mitchell : "Good point." She took of her backpack and dug around for a snack for her and a little something for Scout.
[1/8/2017 9:51:09 PM] brooke barnes: Scout flew down on her shoulder.

"I'll feed when we arrive." he said. He looked around their surroundings, keeping watch for anything that may jump on them.

[1/8/2017 10:05:47 PM] Amber Mitchell : "You should at least take your scarf off. There is enough shade to protect you." She munched on a piece of dried meat and tore off a piece for Scout.
[1/8/2017 10:30:29 PM | Edited 10:31:55 PM] brooke barnes: Scout happily took it.

He sighed and did so. "The whole suit is a pain in the times."

[1/8/2017 10:44:29 PM] Amber Mitchell : "The one drawback to being an assassin." Delilah bit into the dried meat and tore at it with her teeth.
[1/8/2017 10:48:24 PM] brooke barnes: "AND a vampire." he added.


The other Vampire Assassin were gathering in a cave a few miles from Kaiden and Delilah.

"Are they close?" one asked.

"Yes, we can catch up to them in no time. Bale will not go unpunished and the bitch of a ranger will be drained and dead in no time." another smirked.

"NO." the head said, "I've received new orders..." he said, "We are to bring them both back alive to the Coven and our Lord will decide their fate personally."
[1/8/2017 10:48:49 PM] brooke barnes: "Interesting." they all agreed and waited for night fall.

[1/14/2017 6:55:36 PM | Edited 6:57:32 PM] brooke barnes: Once it was a bit later in the day, Delilah and Kaiden got moving once again. Kaiden was feeling less hot and over-whelmed.

"We should reach the city by night fall." said Kaiden
[1/14/2017 6:59:49 PM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah took in a deep breathe of the cooler afternoon air. Scout was flying ahead and occasionally circling back to make sure they weren't being followed. "Ok. What is our game plan once we arrive?"
[1/14/2017 7:01:18 PM] brooke barnes: "Get to the safe house I have in the city and rest up. Then I need to get some information from my information source there. I need to know what my clan is up to." he said.
[1/14/2017 7:05:54 PM] brooke barnes: Scout was flying above and spotted something behind them, "KEEEE!!" he screeched and flew down to Delilah.
[1/14/2017 7:12:51 PM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah tensed when she heard Scout's alarming screech. "There is something behind us..." She warned Kaiden in a low whisper still walking to make it seem like nothing was going on.
[1/14/2017 7:15:11 PM] brooke barnes: He paused and listened out, ".........There's a group behind us...I was afraid of this." he grabbed Delilah and got her on his back and got running.

The group following them heard them speed up and got their paced quicker.

Scout flew right with Kaiden and Delilah.
[1/14/2017 7:30:01 PM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah made no objections and got on his back. She could hear them increase their pace as well. "They know we are speeding up. Do you think it is your clansman again?"
[1/14/2017 7:31:45 PM] brooke barnes: "Yes. Word must have spread about me now. They don't take well to traitors,.....or people they deem trouble makers to their jobs." he said.

[2/14/2017 7:28:44 PM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah looked back over her shoulder, she could sense them drawing nearer. "What did you do to piss them off?"
[2/14/2017 7:29:25 PM | Edited 7:33:38 PM] brooke barnes: "Not killing my target the first time and not killing you." he said, running through the wooded area, desperate to get ahead from the group.
[2/14/2017 7:33:20 PM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah could sense them coming closer. She looked above them and saw Scout. She whistled to him telling him to do what he could to slow those guys down. "I told Scout to try to slow them down..." Delilah held on trying to figure out something else she could do.
[2/14/2017 7:33:59 PM] brooke barnes: Scout went to the enemy group and got swooping them, "AH! HEY! PISS OFF!!"
[2/14/2017 7:34:58 PM] brooke barnes: "I can hear them." smirked Kaiden
[2/14/2017 7:35:36 PM] Amber Mitchell : "I put poison on the tips of his claws. It should slow them down a little bit."
[2/14/2017 7:40:35 PM | Edited 7:44:06 PM] brooke barnes: "AHHHH!" they could feel the burn form their scratches.

"Clever girl." he smirked.

They ran on for what seemed like hours but the city was in sight and Kaiden picked up the pace. Scout caught up with them and the three of them headed on.

Kaiden stopped not far from the gate but didn't want to spook the gate guards, he let Delilah down off his back.
[2/14/2017 7:49:07 PM] Amber Mitchell : "I am always prepared." She smirked back. She could not sense their presence anymore as he picked of the pace. She whistled again and Scout soon caught up. "Great job, Scout!"

Once they came to a stop, she hopped down and sighed with relief. "That was close." She said softly as not to alert the guards.
[2/14/2017 7:50:32 PM] brooke barnes: "Too close." they walked on to the gates and got access into the city. They walked to the living district, where in one of the older buildings was his safe house.
[2/14/2017 7:51:24 PM] Amber Mitchell : Once they were safe inside the city she relaxed a bit more. "I'm glad I restocked my poison stash before I left the last town."
[2/14/2017 7:53:04 PM] brooke barnes: He got the locks set on the door so no one would be able to get in. "I'll need to get some something for dinner, so, rest up here and I'll be back." It was dark now, and the capital had a night market
[2/14/2017 7:59:54 PM] Amber Mitchell : "Alright. I'll be here." She whistled for Scout to come to her so she could clean his claws.
[2/14/2017 8:03:01 PM] brooke barnes: "I won't be long." he left through the roof escape, that lead to the back of the building.
[2/14/2017 8:05:51 PM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah nodded and set her bag down and pulled out a special cloth to clean the remaining poison from Scout's claws. "I know you don't like it boy, but if it stays on too much longer it will do damage to you as well."
[2/14/2017 8:06:25 PM] brooke barnes: HE squeaked in resistance, he hated being restrained.
[2/14/2017 8:07:38 PM] brooke barnes: Kaiden went to the street stalls to see what cooked food was available, "Smells good to me....." He got a couple things and was back with a half hour.

"I'm back!"

[2/14/2017 8:14:28 PM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah had just finished cleaning off the poison from his claws and had let him go. She sighed and rubbed her temples. "That never gets any easier..."
[2/14/2017 8:15:31 PM] brooke barnes: Scout was feeling pouty and sat in the rafters of the house.

Kaiden came back in the half hour he was gone, "Hey, you hungry?"
[2/14/2017 8:18:14 PM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah turned around when she heard Kaiden come back. "Welcome back, and yes, I'm starving actually."
[2/14/2017 8:20:30 PM] brooke barnes: He got a few street food choices, cooking chopped meet and shredded three colour cabbage salads, boiled potatoes and the last one was something that looked a little odd.

[2/14/2017 8:23:50 PM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah felt her stomach growl the moment the smell of food hit her nose. She saw a bunch of food she recognized and loved and another dish that she didn't quite recognize. "What's this?"
[2/14/2017 8:24:31 PM | Edited 8:28:39 PM] brooke barnes: "Oh, that' acquired taste." he chuckled, he picked a piece up and it was jelly-like it its jiggle.

"Its called Blood cake." he said, "Made of pigs blood."

[2/14/2017 8:34:40 PM] Amber Mitchell : "Hmm, I might try a little bit." She picked up a small square with her fingers and looked at it. It looks a lot like chocolate fudge, but she had a feeling it would taste nowhere near the same. She took a bite and immediately tasted the iron in the pigs blood. It was quite strong and very salty. She made a weird face as she forced it down.
[2/14/2017 8:36:03 PM] brooke barnes: He tried hard to hold back a laugh, "PPPfffhh!"

"I warned you hahah!" he laughed, not able to hold back now. "Its good for people who need iron and protein but its not the best in looks or taste.....for some." he added on the end.
[2/14/2017 8:38:33 PM] Amber Mitchell : She put the rest of the small square back on the plate and shook her head. "That was horrible! Bleh!" She didn't really care if he laughed at her. He did warn her after all. "I'll just stick with the food that I know tastes good."
[2/14/2017 8:39:53 PM | Edited 8:43:31 PM] brooke barnes: He snickered, eating his blood cake without a worry, "Its not as good as the fresh stuff, but its a way to tide me over for a short while." he said.

[2/14/2017 8:50:26 PM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah made herself a plate and began to eat more than happy to get the horrible taste out of her mouth. "How often do you have to feed?"
[2/14/2017 8:52:54 PM] brooke barnes: "Depending if I drained a person or not." he said. "Once a week to once a month, depending."
[2/14/2017 8:55:05 PM] brooke barnes: "I fed off you a few days ago, I should be fine for a few more days." he said.

Delilah nodded and took a bite of meat. "Mm, this is delicious."

[2/14/2017 10:15:08 PM | Edited 10:18:44 PM] brooke barnes: "It did smell good, thought you would like it." he said, eating more of his food.
[2/14/2017 10:17:38 PM] Amber Mitchell : "Thank you for dinner. Any way I can pay you back?" She asked.
[2/14/2017 10:19:17 PM] brooke barnes: He chuckled, "Pay me back?" he leaned in and kissed her. "I know there's a local bath house here." he smirked.
[2/14/2017 10:27:22 PM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah blushed a bit and chuckled, "Oh there is?"
[2/14/2017 10:30:24 PM] brooke barnes: "Yes there is. But We'll head there in a little while, so we can relax." he said with a grin. "You're cute when you blush."
[2/14/2017 10:33:01 PM] Amber Mitchell : She chuckled and poked him with her fork, "Just shut up and eat."
[2/14/2017 10:36:24 PM] brooke barnes: "What? You are cute." he smirked and poked her with his spoon.
[2/14/2017 10:43:37 PM] Amber Mitchell : She just smiled and continued eating.
[2/14/2017 10:44:36 PM] brooke barnes: They finished up eating and he looked out, "Let's go." he smirked, "The night is perfect."
[2/14/2017 10:46:13 PM] Amber Mitchell : "Are you sure it is safe? I could repay you right here and now." She grinned biting her lip slightly.
[2/14/2017 10:46:59 PM] brooke barnes: "They will not come in here in their numbers and if they have been poisoned they will need to recover." he said
[2/14/2017 10:50:46 PM] Amber Mitchell : "Great, then let's go." She put her cloak on and headed for the door eager to repay him for his kindness.
[2/14/2017 10:52:53 PM] brooke barnes: He lead to the Bathhouse, made of stone and tall bamboo grass.
[2/14/2017 10:56:15 PM] Amber Mitchell : Once they arrived she was excited to see what the inside looked like. This bath house had private sections just for couples. Even though they weren't a 'real' couple it was still nice to have the privacy. The section they were in was fully stocked with a couples every desire. Rose petals scattered the floor and candles were everywhere. "Uhh..." Delilah was speechless. She wondered if he did this on purpose.
[2/14/2017 10:57:35 PM] brooke barnes: "Like it?" he asked, getting undress from his suit, the steam filling their bath area.
[2/14/2017 11:00:08 PM] Amber Mitchell : "It is a little much, but it's nice..." Delilah was partially stunned. No one had ever done anything like that for her. It made her feel a bit special. She entered and took off her cloak. She left Scout behind this time so he could rest.
[2/14/2017 11:01:14 PM] brooke barnes: "Bit much?" he chuckled, "Come on now." he was buck naked now, he dipped his hand into the water, "Perfect temperature." he looked at her, seeing her strip.
[2/14/2017 11:02:52 PM] Amber Mitchell : "Yes, you make it seem like we're a couple or something." She sat down and removed her weapons from her side and took off her boots slowly to make him wait.
[2/14/2017 11:04:16 PM | Edited 11:09:14 PM] brooke barnes: He leaned against the rocks, watching her. Grinning, unable to not crack a smile.

"You...are beautiful."
[2/14/2017 11:11:31 PM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah looked over her shoulder at him as she pulled off her leather armor revealing her naked back. She didn't say anything, just reached up to take her hair down. She did not want him to see her blush. He was charming her and she didn't want him to steal her heart. They were just fuck buddies and nothing more.
[2/14/2017 11:13:08 PM] brooke barnes: He walked over to her and wrapped his arms around her waist, Kissing her neck, "Teasing me." he nibbled her ear.
[2/14/2017 11:15:30 PM] Amber Mitchell : She gasped when he suddenly came up behind her and began teasing her. "N-no...I wasn't..."
[2/14/2017 11:16:50 PM] brooke barnes: He reached down her pants and turned her head to face him, kissing her. "Mmm Delilah." His hand rubbed at her clit.
[2/14/2017 11:19:54 PM] Amber Mitchell : "Mmm...ahh!!" He was wasting little time. She grabbed his arm trying to get him to slow down a bit. "Someone is eager for payback."
[2/14/2017 11:22:13 PM] brooke barnes: "Oh? So you were teasing me?" he smirked.
[2/14/2017 11:22:57 PM] Amber Mitchell : "No...I was just getting undressed. Th-that's all..."
[2/14/2017 11:23:29 PM] brooke barnes: "Naughty girl." he helped get her pants off. "You're hot already."
[2/14/2017 11:25:36 PM] Amber Mitchell : "It's a hot spring...of course I am hot already..." Her cheeks flushed red and she turned her head away to take her glasses off before they got all steamed up.
[2/14/2017 11:26:15 PM] brooke barnes: "And form another thing I think." he smirked, he got her clit between his finger and thumb, rolling it.
[2/14/2017 11:28:34 PM] Amber Mitchell : The sudden jolt caused her to drop her glasses and scream out. Her legs and knees began to shake. "K-Kaiden...please...ahh!"
[2/14/2017 11:29:00 PM] brooke barnes: "Please what my little ranger?" he got massaging one of her breasts.
[2/14/2017 11:30:49 PM] Amber Mitchell : "St-stop teasing're so rough...AHH!" She pressed her back firmly against him to keep herself from falling to her knees.
[2/14/2017 11:31:22 PM] brooke barnes: "Are you complaining or are you liking it?" he whispered in her ear.
[2/14/2017 11:33:09 PM] Amber Mitchell : "Mmmm!" She pursed her lips together to hold back a moan. She shook gently in his grasp and felt herself getting hotter.
[2/14/2017 11:34:38 PM] brooke barnes: "The latter?" he smirked and picked her up and got her standing in the water, leaning against the edge of the bath. He got in as well and knelt down, and got one of her legs on his shoulder and got licking and mouthing at her pussy.
[2/14/2017 11:36:55 PM] Amber Mitchell : She had flash backs of their first encounter as she watched his movements and actions. He did the exact same thing to her the first time, but it felt different this time. It felt so much better. She arched her back and moved into his mouth wanting to feel his tongue deep inside her. She moaned and bit her lip to keep quiet.
[2/14/2017 11:37:56 PM] brooke barnes: "Mm!" he groaned and held her thighs to keep her stable.

"MM!" he growled a little as his tongue slipped into her more.
[2/14/2017 11:40:11 PM] Amber Mitchell : "Ahhh....oh god...mmmm!" Her head fell back as he moved deeper and held her firmly in place. "K-Kaiden...!" She tangled her fingers in his dark hair trying to push him down a bit.
[2/14/2017 11:41:27 PM] brooke barnes: He flicked his tongue at her clit a little too, teasing within a an inch of her life.

"Mmm You' so wet and hot Deliliah." he groaned and got his mouth over her pussy.
[2/14/2017 11:43:12 PM] Amber Mitchell : "I-I can't help made me this way...!" Her body was hot and trembling.
[2/14/2017 11:44:56 PM] brooke barnes: He stood up and got her legs opened out. He flicked the tip of his cock at her entrance, "Aw drive me crazy." he pushed into her slowly.
[2/14/2017 11:49:11 PM] Amber Mitchell : His aggression was surprising to her. She fell back on her back against the stone floor. He parted her legs and teased her more before starting to enter her. "Ahhh! Oh my god!! She arched her back feeling ever fiber within her contort with pleasure as he pushed himself in deeper.
[2/14/2017 11:50:29 PM] brooke barnes: "Aw fuck me you're so tight!" he groaned and got thrusting slowly at first, holding her at the waist as he thrusted. "Delilah! MM fuck!"
[2/14/2017 11:52:48 PM] Amber Mitchell : "Kaiden! Ahhh!" She pushed off the edge of the hot spring with her tip toes to raise her hips so he would hit deep and in that sweet spot. Her back was arched and she clawed at the stone beneath her until her fingers bled.
[2/14/2017 11:54:15 PM] brooke barnes: "Oh god Delilah! You're squeezing me!" he smirked, "You want me to go faster my little ranger?"
[2/14/2017 11:57:36 PM] Amber Mitchell : "Y-yes...pound me hard!" His girth was enormous. She felt her insides stretching in a gratifying way to accomodate his vast size.
[2/14/2017 11:58:58 PM] brooke barnes: He smirked, "As you wish!" he got thrusting rapid firm strokes into her, "OOOOOOFFUUUCKK!" he groaned, seeing her breasts flounce to his thrusts.
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Kaidan & Delilah: Part 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Kaidan & Delilah: Part 2   Kaidan & Delilah: Part 2 I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 02, 2017 6:42 pm

[2/15/2017 12:01:27 AM] Amber Mitchell : "AHH! AHH! AHH!" She screamed out with each deep thrust. She swore she could feel him as deep as her stomach. Her body moved up and down across the soft wet stone floor as he pounded her. "Yes! YES!!!"
[2/15/2017 12:03:10 AM] brooke barnes: "Oh Fuck! This is what I wanted to do to you when we first met!" he groaned and reached to her breasts massaging them as he thrusted still.
[2/15/2017 12:04:04 AM] Amber Mitchell : "Ahhh...mmmha!! Y-You wanted to fuck me like a wild animal...?"
[2/15/2017 12:04:58 AM] brooke barnes: He chuckled, "MM fuck yes I did!" he rolled her nipples in his fingers.
[2/15/2017 12:07:41 AM] Amber Mitchell : "Ahhh!! I...I'm gonna cum!! I'm gonna cuuuuum!!" He was hitting so deep and so hard that her mind was starting to go blank. All she could see was his handsome form fucking her brains out.
[2/15/2017 12:08:26 AM] brooke barnes: "Cum for me sweetheart!" he groaned, "I'll cum right after yoU!" he growled in pleasure.
[2/15/2017 12:10:26 AM] Amber Mitchell : His words suddenly pierced her heart and made her lose control. She reared her head back as she screamed with her release. "AHHHHHH...ahh.." She trembled and moaned as her eyes rolled back into her head.
[2/15/2017 12:11:58 AM] brooke barnes: Her orgasm set him off and he groaned, "I'm cumming!!!" he thrusted deep and came inside her, shuddering physicaly.
[2/15/2017 12:14:31 AM] Amber Mitchell : She raised her hips again and met his final thrust. An explosion of heat invaded her insides. He filled her with his hot seed and it felt so good. She slowly lowered herself back down so she was lying flat on her back. Small tremors errupted making her body shake every so often as she came down from her intense orgasm.
[2/15/2017 12:16:30 AM] brooke barnes: He panted heavily, "My fucking god...." he groaned.

He leaned over and kissed her, "Mm You are still amazing." he smirked at her.

[3/7/2017 7:20:34 PM] Amber Mitchell : She breathed heavily and turned to look at him as he moved to kiss her, "Tell me...something I don't know." She smirked right back trying to catch her breath. She laid there motionless trying to muster up the strength to sit up.
[3/7/2017 7:23:44 PM | Edited 7:25:26 PM] brooke barnes: "That we're not done?" he smirked to her, helping her sit up. He got her into the swallows in doggy position. "Such lovely marble." he moved his hand up her back and between her shoulder blades, his talon like nails lightly skimming over her skin.
[3/7/2017 7:28:50 PM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah's eyes went wide at his declaration, but with excitement. She slid down in front of him and turned around as he directed. She began to shake, barely able to stay on her knees as he stroked her back. "St-stop...I'll cum again...please..."
[3/7/2017 7:32:01 PM] brooke barnes: "Just from my touch?" he chuckled a little, "I really do turn you on then?" he groaped her ass cheeks, squeezing and massaging them spreading them to tease her more.

"You're more naughty than I thought....You've got a slightly slutty side." his cock pressed against her pussy, moving length ways against her clit.
[3/7/2017 7:35:18 PM] Amber Mitchell : "D-Don't flatter yoursel-AHHH!" Her body betrayed her, shaking and her obvious arousal dripping down the inside of her legs. She gripped the side of the spring tightly trying to contain herself. "Y-yes...I do. I can't help it when you're around and you touch me this way...MmmmMMm!!"
[3/7/2017 7:38:01 PM | Edited 7:38:35 PM] brooke barnes: "Naughty girl." he said and smacked her asks cheek a little.

"Just the sight of our juices dripping out of you is hot." he pulled back a bit and prodded her entrance, Not entering yet, "You're such a beautiful sight." he smirked, still prodding and teasing her.
[3/7/2017 7:42:25 PM] Amber Mitchell : "AHH!" She was leaning over the spring fully supporting her wobbly body on her elbows. Her face was bright red from embarrassment. She dare not look back. His words were striking her heart over and over again making her arousal more obvious, dripping into the water below. "You're driving me crazy...I can't take it....!" Her body was quivering with ecstasy.
[3/7/2017 7:43:45 PM | Edited 7:44:08 PM] brooke barnes: "What do you want form my My Little Ranger?" he sniggered, he reached under and massaged one of her breasts, wanting an answer out of her.
[3/7/2017 7:47:49 PM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah bit her lip and shouted, "I WANT YOU TO FUCK ME...PLEASE FUCK ME!!!"
[3/7/2017 7:49:34 PM] brooke barnes: He smirked and pushed into her once more, thrusting into her an average pace first, he placed and hand on ass, thrusting his hips into her, "Aw gods!" he groaned, dirty noises were made from each thrust, "Your pussy is talking." he chuckled.

[3/7/2017 7:52:29 PM] Amber Mitchell : Her face grew redder as she could hear her pussy making vulgar noises. "Don't say that!" And yet, her hips began to move against him making the noises louder and more frequent.
[3/7/2017 7:53:28 PM | Edited 7:54:23 PM] brooke barnes: "Why not? You can hear it." he smacked her ass once more, "Look at that jiggle." he got a little faster with his thrusts, he held her at the hips.
[3/7/2017 7:55:30 PM] Amber Mitchell : "Ahhh!! It''s embarrassing...AHH!" She turned her head back to look at him as he fucked her. Her face was all red and her eyes looked gentle but full of lust.
[3/7/2017 7:57:37 PM] brooke barnes: "Aww that look!" he groaned, riling him up. "Aww fuck!!!" he got doing long hard strokes into her, "Aw Delilah! Aaaw fuck me!" he growled, "MMMMM!!"
[3/7/2017 8:00:29 PM] Amber Mitchell : " strong...AHHH!" She looked ahead again and braced herself against the edge for his powerful thrust. "So deep...MMAHHH!"
[3/7/2017 8:02:15 PM] brooke barnes: "Aw Fuck Delilah!" he groaned and got a good grip of her hips and got thrusting deeper, "FUck feel like I'm hitting your cervix!" he growled in pleasure.

He got a hold of her hair a bit, not pulling but enough to keep her in position and hitting balls deep into her.
[3/7/2017 8:04:43 PM] Amber Mitchell : "That's because you feels so fucking good!!" She arched her back and stayed in position as he continued to fuck her. "Yes!! YEEEEES!! So GOOD!! AHHHH!"
[3/7/2017 8:06:30 PM] brooke barnes: "AH! FUCKING HELL! SQUEEZING ME AGAIN!" he growled in pain.

"MMMM yes! YES!!" he had her look at him kissing her deep, still thrusting, moaning in her mouth.
[3/7/2017 8:10:25 PM] Amber Mitchell : She gladly turned around to face him and kissed him deeply pushing her tongue past his lips and mingling with his. She moaned also into his mouth feeling her insides locking down as her orgasm approached. "MMMMMM!!" Her body stiffened and began to tremble as she came again with full force from his deep penetration ravaging her insides.
[3/7/2017 8:12:14 PM] brooke barnes: "MMM!!" he felt her become more slick again and pulled back from the kiss, "Time to finish this huh?" he groaned a chuckle and got hold of her hips again, "AWW FUCK!" he was close as well.

[3/7/2017 9:06:19 PM] Amber Mitchell : She moaned and clawed at the edge of the spring, biting her lips to keep herself from screaming too loudly. "YES! YES!!! AHHHHHHHH!!" His thrusts helped prolong her glorious ecstasy. "CUMMMMMING!! NNNNGH!!"
[3/7/2017 9:07:22 PM | Edited 9:07:43 PM] brooke barnes: "SO AM I!!!!" he growled in Pleasure, "GONNA FILL yYOU UP SWEETHEART!!!" he groaned and thrusted once more deep inside her and released all he had inside her.
[3/7/2017 9:15:09 PM] Amber Mitchell : "YEEEEEEEESSSSSS!!! I feel it!! AHHHH! It's so hot!!" Her insides sucked him dry pulling all his cum deep into her. It was even stronger than the first one. She raised her hips to take him all in. " feels so good..."
[3/7/2017 9:16:27 PM] brooke barnes: His fangs popped form the rush and he growled in pleasure, bucking into her to make sure she got every drop of his seed. "Aw fucking hell!"
[3/7/2017 9:19:04 PM] Amber Mitchell : She could feel it inside her moving down and deep filling her up. "My god..." Her legs began to shake as well as her arms. She was so exhausted and could barely hold herself up.
[3/7/2017 9:19:51 PM] brooke barnes: He slowly pulled out of her and sat in the shallows and helped her sit up and had her lay on his shoulder, "Whoo..." he chuckled.
[3/7/2017 9:21:27 PM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah snuggled close and laid her head on his chest listening to him catch his breath. She covered her mouth and giggled at his exasperated sigh. "Did I exhaust you?"
[3/7/2017 9:30:31 PM] brooke barnes: He looked at her, ".........maybe a little." he smirked, "FUck you get me going though.....luckily human and vampire pregnancy is most unlikely." he kissed her.
[3/7/2017 9:32:43 PM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah smiled and kissed him back gently. She pulled back slightly, her eyes half-lidded. She moved her hand toward his face and touched his lips gently bumping into his fang. "Your fangs...they've elongated..." She blushed softly.
[3/7/2017 9:33:45 PM] brooke barnes: He didn't realise and unextended them, "Sorry, its a reflex with high pleasure points."
[3/7/2017 9:35:19 PM] Amber Mitchell : She shook her head, "It's ok. I think you look more attractive when they are elongated like that..." She said touching his lips again.
[3/7/2017 9:39:11 PM] brooke barnes: He chuckled, "You like a viscous look?"
[3/7/2017 9:43:10 PM] Amber Mitchell : "Of course." She giggled and laid her head down on his chest feeling very tired.
[3/7/2017 9:46:01 PM] brooke barnes: "Mmm the bath is good though." he said, enjoying it now.

"Yes, it is. Even with the romantic add-on's..." She hated to admit it, but the romantic vibe was a nice touch. She relaxed against him and let herself enjoy being so close to him for a little bit.

He smiled, "You getting soft on me?" he teased a little, moving her hair from her face.

[3/7/2017 10:39:48 PM] Amber Mitchell : She looked up at him with a smirk, "Never."
[3/7/2017 10:41:55 PM] brooke barnes: "Good." he got a wash cloth and got washing her back, "Might as well help wash up back here." he said, it was like a light massage as well as wash.
[3/7/2017 10:43:06 PM] Amber Mitchell : "You don't have to wash me..." She said instinctively pulling her hair over her shoulder so he could get her upper back.
[3/7/2017 10:43:47 PM] brooke barnes: "I know how mush of a pain it is to reach your back when washing." he said, "Just allow your lover to treat you."
[3/7/2017 10:44:40 PM] Amber Mitchell : She suddenly stiffened and gave him a sharp glare, "Since when did we become lovers?!?"
[3/7/2017 10:47:23 PM] brooke barnes: He pulled against his chest gently, "Travelling together, we've slept together MORE Than once now....and I go crazy just looking at you and just by my touch....what would you call that?" he asked.
[3/7/2017 10:49:13 PM] Amber Mitchell : "Umm...friends with benefits..? I don't know...I've never been in love before!" She blushed at her sudden confession. She didn't mean for that to slip out.
[3/7/2017 10:50:26 PM] brooke barnes: "I didn't say IN LOVE Delilah....I just said, 'Lovers'." he said.
[3/7/2017 10:51:39 PM] Amber Mitchell : "I think love is a big part of being lovers...I mean it is in the word for god's sake! Without love, it kinda just falls apart."
[3/7/2017 10:53:13 PM] brooke barnes: ".....And what do you feel then?" he questioned her.
[3/7/2017 10:57:21 PM] Amber Mitchell : She looked into his eyes feeling very conflicted and not sure what to say, "Honestly...I don't really know. I enjoy your company and you awaken feelings within me that I never knew existed...I just don't understand them yet..."
[3/7/2017 10:58:06 PM] brooke barnes: "I am not the pushy kind, take your time Del." he said, giving her a nickname.
[3/7/2017 10:58:37 PM] Amber Mitchell : "Del?" She looked at him with a raised eyebrow.
[3/7/2017 10:59:08 PM | Edited 11:05:47 PM] brooke barnes: "Or lilah" he smirked, poking her naked side.
[3/7/2017 11:02:57 PM | Edited 11:07:59 PM] Amber Mitchell : She jerked and moved closer to him by accident, "That's fine with me. My older brother called me that when I was little."

"Sounds cute to me." he kissed her cheek, "Don't make too much of a fuss about it." he said.

[3/7/2017 11:08:41 PM] Amber Mitchell : She laughed, "I won't. Though I am curious do you feel about me?"
[3/7/2017 11:09:24 PM] brooke barnes: "......You drive me wild....haven't met a girl like you in my you're cute and have a hot toosh." he smiled.
[3/7/2017 11:10:29 PM] Amber Mitchell : She smiled and shook her head, "Thank you...I think."
[3/7/2017 11:12:22 PM | Edited 11:12:26 PM] brooke barnes: He smiled, "Now, can I continue washing?" he asked, grabbing the wash cloth again.
[3/7/2017 11:13:23 PM] Amber Mitchell : She laughed and smiled at him, "Fine, go ahead."
[3/7/2017 11:14:30 PM] brooke barnes: He continued washing her back and shoulders.

A bit of time later, they were not dry and dressed, leaving the bathhouse and heading back to the safe house. "Fuck me that was good." he smile and stretched, "I could sleep for a hundred years."
[3/7/2017 11:16:22 PM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah chuckled and walked along beside him. "I could too actually, I am wiped out." She said with a yawn.
[3/7/2017 11:19:20 PM] brooke barnes: "Sleep then when we get there." he smiled. They walked throughout eh dark streets.

Watching from a rooftop, a shadowy figure, '........He's here....and the ranger....' he thought and crept back a bit staying out of sight.
[3/7/2017 11:22:19 PM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah was too tired to sense anyone around or anyone watching them. Scout was also still back at the hideout resting. "I plan on it." She stretched as well yawning again.
[3/7/2017 11:23:43 PM] brooke barnes: Once they got back they both got undressed for bed and got in bed and were both out like a light.
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Kaidan & Delilah: Part 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Kaidan & Delilah: Part 2   Kaidan & Delilah: Part 2 I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 02, 2017 7:07 pm

[3/7/2017 11:52:06 PM] brooke barnes: Early the next morning, Kaiden was up first to go and get a quick feed off someone in the streets before doing anything else, he didn't want to weaken Delilah at this time.

He got dressed quietly and made sure all was clear before leaving the safe house.
[3/7/2017 11:55:23 PM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah was sleeping deeply and soundly not even noticing Kaiden had left. She was still exhausted from the day before. A little while after Kaiden had left, she slowly began to wake up feeling refreshed and a little sore, but in a good way. She sat up and stretched whistling to Scout to see where he was and make sure all was clear.
[3/8/2017 12:01:02 AM] brooke barnes: But scout didn't come straight away, she heard screeching coming from the other room.
[3/8/2017 12:02:29 AM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah quickly got out of bed and grabbed one of her daggers before rushing into the next room. She knew immediately that something was wrong when Scout screeched like that. She held her dagger at the level or her eye and approached cautiously.
[3/8/2017 12:02:57 AM] brooke barnes: She found a small bag moving around on the floor, someone put him in the sack.
[3/8/2017 12:04:08 AM] Amber Mitchell : "Someone is here..." She whispered and instantly pinned her back to the closest wall. She whistled softly to try to calm Scout down so she could hear.
[3/8/2017 12:06:52 AM | Edited 12:07:18 AM] brooke barnes: Scout squeaked but panicked being in a confined and dark place.
[3/8/2017 12:08:19 AM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah knew that the intruder was probably counting on her to try to free Scout from that sac and then they would attack. She was not that naïve. She kept her back pinned to the wall and listened for any movement or anything out of the ordinary.
[3/8/2017 12:09:56 AM] Amber Mitchell : She moved slowly along the wall keeping her guard up.

[3/8/2017 12:11:11 AM] brooke barnes: The figure was in the rafters keeping quiet as she moved, following her movements. He then got a stone he had form outside and through it over the gap in the wall of the other side int he bed room.
[3/8/2017 12:16:35 AM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah immediately turned her attention to the sound coming from the bedroom. She slowly crept toward the room and held her dagger close. She rounded the corner and looked around standing in the open doorway. She couldn't see anything right away. "Come out! I know you're here! Stop hiding and show yourself!"
[3/8/2017 12:20:23 AM] brooke barnes: He climbed down the wall above her, keeping quiet still and he got a blow dart pipe out and aimed for her shoulder, "PHOOPH!" he shot on and hit his target.
[3/8/2017 12:23:30 AM] Amber Mitchell : "Ahh! What the?!?" She felt a sudden pain in her shoulder and reached around to see what it was. She pulled the dart out of her shoulder and threw it to the ground. "Very clever." She turned around and spotted the intruder behind her. "How did you get in here?! What do you want?"
[3/8/2017 12:23:54 AM] brooke barnes: He didn't speak but jumped the door to block her exit.
[3/8/2017 12:24:22 AM] brooke barnes: He got out a rope form behind him and slowly approached her, knowing the sleeping agent was a potent one.
[3/8/2017 12:25:12 AM] Amber Mitchell : She backed away toward the bedroom but immediately she felt the effect of whatever was on that dart. She got really wobbly and fell to her knees. "What did you do to me?!?"
[3/8/2017 12:26:38 AM | Edited 12:26:50 AM] brooke barnes: He followed her, still keeping his distance but a close eye on her, He got her hands behind her back and tied her wrists, then her ankles. He gagged then got a sack over her head as the poison was taking full effect.
[3/8/2017 12:27:28 AM] Amber Mitchell : She could barely put up a fight thanks to the serum. By the time he put the sac over her head, she was passed out.

[3/8/2017 12:30:49 AM] brooke barnes: He picked her up and carried her up onto the roof and raced over the wall that surrounded the city then jumped down, racing out towards the west.

About half an hour later, Kaiden came and couldn't sense Delilah's heartbeat, ".....LILAH!!" he when to the bedroom and it was empty, "LILAH!!!" He found scout int he sack, and let him out, "What happened Scout?" the bird screeched.

"....that's the danger sound.....fuck!" he then noticed a pieced of paper.

he picked it up and it read,

'If you wish to see your precious Ranger alive and in one piece....come back to the clan home.'
[3/8/2017 12:31:24 AM] brooke barnes: Kaiden growled and his teeth sharpened in rage, "GGRRRAAHH!" he got his hood on and raced out,Scout following right behind him.
[3/8/2017 12:36:03 AM] Amber Mitchell : A few hours later, Delilah woke up with a raging headache and she couldn't see. Whoever took her had taken her glasses and she was blind as a bat with a blindfold over her eyes. She was also still tied up. "Wh-where am I?"
[3/8/2017 12:36:41 AM | Edited 12:37:16 AM] brooke barnes: "Do not struggle." a stoic voice spoke. "It you do, you'll be injured."

"Why can't we have some fun with her?" one complained.

"NOT until Kaiden arrives." another growled.
[3/8/2017 12:37:37 AM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah did her best to stay calm and not move. Struggling and not obeying was not in her best interest at the moment. "I see. You are using me as bait to get to him."
[3/8/2017 12:47:17 AM] brooke barnes: "He needs to come and take the punishment for not completing his mission on the one go." the stoic voice said.
[3/8/2017 12:49:01 AM] Amber Mitchell : "You're wasting your time. He is not going to drop everything and come save me. I am not that important to him. I am just hanging around to settle a debt. That is it." Delilah really hoped that he wouldn't come to save her. These guys were extremely pissed off at him. She wasn't worth the trouble. If he were smart, he would get as far away as he could.
[3/8/2017 12:50:05 AM] brooke barnes: "I don't think so....You were WALKING back together in a close fashion form the bathhouse." he spoke matter of factly.

"I'm not without my own spying."
[3/8/2017 12:51:04 AM] Amber Mitchell : She rolled her eyes behind he blindfold, "That doesn't really prove anything..."
[3/8/2017 12:52:09 AM] brooke barnes: "You can deny it as you like....but I know body-language better than false words." he said.

"Oh come on let me bang her....she's got such a nice ass form here." you could FEEL the staring and grins.
[3/8/2017 12:55:15 AM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah could feel the eyes of whoever else was in the room on her. It did little to dissuade her focus. "That still doesn't really prove anything. We were just casually walking beside each other. I'm telling you. This is pointless. He is not coming." She tried to maneuver her hands free behind her back without being noticed which was difficult since she couldn't see what was going on around her.
[3/8/2017 12:55:59 AM] brooke barnes: "QUIT trying to get loose." one pinched her ass.
[3/8/2017 12:57:17 AM] brooke barnes: "NO touching her!" the stoic voice growled.

"He's gonna have to get through first before he could reach the dungeon area." said the other.

"NO touching!" he growled once more.
[3/8/2017 12:59:53 AM] Amber Mitchell : "Ahh! Hey knock it off!" She moved her legs blindly trying to kick whoever it was that pinched her. "What do you plan to do with me when he doesn't show up?" She tried to keep them talking just in case they had any ideas of killing her. She hoped Scout would find her and give her a fighting chance to escape.
[3/8/2017 1:01:41 AM] brooke barnes: "If he doesn't then as my college says we can do what we wish with you." he said.

"I don't think so." an authoritative voice came in and everyone went quiet. "So this is the Ranger?"

"Yes My lord." the stoic spoke.

"........" looked Delilah over, "......cute....but I still don't see what Kaiden sees."
[3/8/2017 1:06:05 AM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah felt a hand lift her hand and turn her face from left to right. Eyes were all over her body. She gave a scowl to whoever mocked her beauty. "I am just another notch in his belt. He is not coming to save me. How many times do I have to say it?!" She wriggled around again trying to break the ropes. In her heart, she hoped that he would come to save her, but she wouldn't be surprised if he didn't actually show up.

[3/12/2017 11:37:37 PM] brooke barnes: Just outside the Base, Kaiden was sneaking around the guards, he knew the back ways an slipped through the sewers, "Idiots still haven't blocked this." he said as he snuck on through the stinking tunnels.
[3/12/2017 11:41:45 PM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah moved around uncomfortably on the stone floor trying to keep her backside safe against the wall from anymore unwanted touching or pinching. It had been at least a few hours since she had been kidnapped and taken by Kaiden's former clansmen. She hoped that meant he had forgotten about her and didn't fall for their trap.
[3/12/2017 11:43:36 PM] brooke barnes: Kaiden snuck through looking for her heartbeat, he could faintly hear it, he followed her.

"You keep thinking he won't come to save vampire would hang around someone for JUST sex." the leader said.
[3/12/2017 11:44:46 PM] Amber Mitchell : "Of course he would. He is a man after all." Those words stung her heart deeply. She hated to say such things about Kaiden, but she couldn't relinquish that possibility either.
[3/12/2017 11:47:10 PM] brooke barnes: Kaiden could hear talking, 'Fuck, they are interrogating her.' he thought, he peaked through a hidden area, listening in.

"He's no MAN he would have come back after failing if he was a real man!" growled one vampire.

"Yeah, he's nothing but a coward." another added.
[3/12/2017 11:49:08 PM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah laughed, "The only cowards present here are the ones in front of me. You kidnapped me as a pawn to lure him here instead of facing him yourselves head to head. If that isn't the definition of cowardice then I don't know what is."
[3/12/2017 11:51:23 PM] brooke barnes: "Its the ONLY way to bring the rat home, is to set some cheese." one smirked.

"You are all idiots" Kaiden came out, with his blades in hand.

"SO you've come back." said their leader.

"Yes Lord Fallon, Let he go, she's got nothing to do with this."
[3/12/2017 11:53:41 PM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah turned her head when she heard a familiar voice coming from the corner. She was beaming with happiness on the inside. He came to save her! "You idiot! What are you doing here?!?" She yelled at him.
[3/12/2017 11:55:18 PM] brooke barnes: Kaiden ignored her shooting for the moment, "LET her out of this, she's innocent in this."

"NO she is not. She INTERRUPTED your mission and you didn't do it in one strike." Said Lord Fallon.

"I know, but that was me! Not her." glared kaiden.
[3/12/2017 11:57:43 PM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah squirmed and wriggled around trying to free herself from the rope around her wrists. It was no use. It was just too tight and they stripped her of all her hidden weapons. "Damn it!" She cursed getting frustrated. She also couldn't see what was going on. All she saw was a bunch of talking blobs.
[3/12/2017 11:59:42 PM] brooke barnes: "SHE and you will pay the price for Failure Kaiden Bale." glared Fallon, "....But I don't wish to lose my best I have a CHOICE for you BOTH."

Kaiden glared on at him.

"You either die here and now, or you MAKE her into an assassin and kill the target we have planned for you." he siad.
[3/13/2017 12:03:24 AM] Amber Mitchell : She stops struggling when she hears the ultimatum Kaiden is given. "Turn me into an assassin? But I am human. What use will I be as an assassin to a vampire clan?"
[3/13/2017 12:04:29 AM] brooke barnes: "If you've stopped a vampire in his mission AT night, then you will do fine." said Fallon.

"She's a ranger not killer." growled Kaiden.
[3/13/2017 12:05:33 AM] Amber Mitchell : "Fine. I'll do it." Delilah gave Kaiden no time to think or to decline. "I'll become an assassin if that means you will spare our lives."
[3/13/2017 12:06:04 AM] brooke barnes: "NO! Its too dangerous Delilah!" he said arguing the issue.
[3/13/2017 12:07:23 AM] Amber Mitchell : "I can take care of myself! I have done it most of my life! Don't worry about me, it is better than both of us being killed..."
[3/13/2017 12:08:32 AM] brooke barnes: "I'de rather I'de die than you!" he said to her.

"My Lord is nothing else you can offer?"

"No Kaiden, its either that or DEATH." he crossed his arms, "Now CHOOSE."
[3/13/2017 12:09:34 AM] Amber Mitchell : "I am NOT going to die! But if you make the wrong choice, then both of us WILL die! Just let me do this! Trust me..."
[3/13/2017 12:10:41 AM] brooke barnes: ".........................................Fine." he sighed.

"Untie her." Fallon order his men and they untied her.

Kaiden growled, hating being backed into a corner.
[3/13/2017 12:12:26 AM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah leaned back against the wall and braced against it to help her stand. She was still a bit dizzy from the sleeping toxin. "Kindly return my glasses so I can see." She said with agitation and annoyance in her voice.
[3/13/2017 12:13:58 AM] brooke barnes: The stoic one handed her the glasses without a problem.

"Kaiden show her to your room and get her some proper clothes." ordered Fallon.

"...Yes my lord." he nodded and they headed down a tunnel.
[3/13/2017 12:16:45 AM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah put her glasses back on and could finally see. The vampires that kidnapped her wore similar outfits like Kaiden's. She moved to Kaiden's side shakily and followed him to his room. She stayed silent, she was fuming on the inside. Once they were out of earshot, she spoke up. "What were you thinking?! Why did you come back for me?!"
[3/13/2017 12:22:48 AM] brooke barnes: He blinked and frowned "YOU WERE KIDNAPPED CAUSE OF ME!"
[3/13/2017 12:23:35 AM] brooke barnes: "So i could let you be withe drained or worse done to you because of MAY failings!" he grumbled rubbed his temples.
[3/13/2017 12:25:48 AM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah looked at him and let her head hang low, "I'm sorry...I didn't realize you cared so much about me..."
[3/13/2017 12:27:23 AM] brooke barnes: "....I told you I cared. Come on, best gt you proper attire." he said.
[3/13/2017 12:27:59 AM] brooke barnes: A Squeak came form his cloak, "Oh, Sorry Scout." he let him out.
[3/13/2017 12:29:55 AM] Amber Mitchell : "I'm sorry..." She perked up when she heard a familiar squeak come from Kaiden's cloak. "Scout! Thank goodness!" She held out her arm for him to land on.
[3/13/2017 12:33:22 AM] brooke barnes: " I found him and he followed me all the way." he said.

"Come on Lilah...I need to show you around the place. Did they blind fold you on the way here or knock you out?" he asked her.
[3/13/2017 12:35:31 AM] Amber Mitchell : She nuzzled Scout's head with her cheek and pet him. "I'm so glad you're ok." She gave him a loving whistle and put him back on her shoulder.

"One of them hit me with a dart that had a sleeping toxin on it and it knocked me out. When I came to, I was here tied up with a blindfold over my eyes."
[3/13/2017 12:36:10 AM] brooke barnes: "......That would have been Striker." he growled, "Drug loving bastard."
[3/13/2017 12:37:29 AM] brooke barnes: He got showing her the base, well as much as possible until he got to his room, "I'll need to get an order for your new suit, plus Scout might not be allowed to come on all missions." he added.
[3/13/2017 12:39:24 AM] Amber Mitchell : "I understand, as long as I know he is safe and won't be harassed by those behemoths."
[3/13/2017 12:41:25 AM] brooke barnes: "Behemoths?" he chuckled, "What about me?" he teased her.

"I think the outfit will look good on you, in my personal opinion. And I'll need to see what this mission is about." he sighed remembering the conditions.
[3/13/2017 12:49:18 AM] Amber Mitchell : Once they were in his room, she laid down on his bed glad to finally be free from her ropes. "Do you have any healing salve? They took the small bit I kept hidden in my cloak."
[3/13/2017 12:51:19 AM] brooke barnes: "Yes, should have something here." eh looked in his drawers. He then got out a salve for her rope burn. He got gently rubbing it into her wrists, "I'm gonna beat down whoever tied you up."
[3/13/2017 12:53:32 AM] Amber Mitchell : She winced a little bit from the pain. "Ow ow!" She watched him closely and couldn't stop staring at him. "It was that Striker guy you mentioned. He broke into the hideout and shot me with that dart. That is all I really remember..."
[3/13/2017 12:55:11 AM | Edited 12:57:00 AM] brooke barnes: "Striker is the next best Assassin after me....but he's got no sense of humour." he said. ".....I'm going to slit his throat when he's sleeping." he growled seeing her bruises.
[3/13/2017 12:58:05 AM] Amber Mitchell : "Yeah I noticed. He seemed like the no nonsense type." She continued to watch him quietly as he tended to her burns and scrapes. "Don't get yourself into anymore trouble on my account. These are just minor burns. They will be fine."
[3/13/2017 1:01:13 AM] brooke barnes: "No one touches you like this..." he growled at the meer thought of it.

"Sit down and rest your feet, I'll go and see to that attire." he said, He removed his cloak and hung it up. "Be right back." he left the room.

The room was simple, a good sized bed, a wardrobe and drawers, a small desk and a simple furr rug on the stone floor. With the only light source being from a fire torch.
[3/13/2017 1:03:35 AM] Amber Mitchell : When he left, she fell back on the bed with a heavy sigh, "What in the world have I gotten myself into?" She stared at the ceiling and nuzzled the warm fur blanket beneath her taking in Kaiden's scent. It was oddly comforting.
[3/13/2017 1:05:22 AM] brooke barnes: Scout perched on top of the wardrobe and watched over her and the door.

About half an hour later, Kaiden returned to his room, seeing she was laying down relaxing. Thinking she was sleeping, he didn't disturb her and placed the clothes next to her. He had also retrieved her gear as well.
[3/13/2017 1:14:12 AM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah was still awake when he came back. It was hard to sleep because of the burning sensation in her wrists and ankles. She sat up when he placed her clothes beside her. "Thanks..." She said in a somewhat sleepy voice.
[3/13/2017 1:17:06 AM] brooke barnes: He looked over, "Sorry thought you were sleeping." he said.

"You alright?" he hadn't asked her that yet, now that he'd calm down a bit.
[3/13/2017 1:20:37 AM] Amber Mitchell : "Yeah I'm fine. Just really tired and sore from being restrained for so long. And my head is killing me from that sleeping toxin. But I can manage." She looked at the clothes beside her and saw they were a more feminine version of Kaiden's attire. She smiled and took her glasses off her face. "I won't be able to wear these anymore. They will just get in my way."
[3/13/2017 1:21:29 AM] brooke barnes: "I'll find something to help with that... you can't kill if you can't see." he said
[3/13/2017 1:23:10 AM] Amber Mitchell : "No worries. There is a special potion I can make that will allow me to see without them. It is rare, but I managed to get my hands on some a while back and figured out the ingredients to make it. In addition to being a ranger, I am also skilled with potions and toxins."
[3/13/2017 1:33:18 AM] brooke barnes: "....they won't be enough, pin pointing pressure points and quick kill points with a blade is vital to know, not just potions and poison." he said
[3/13/2017 1:37:08 AM] Amber Mitchell : "Yeah, I know. It just comes in handy in tight spots some times..." She rolled onto her opposite side and winced a bit. "Ow...I must have a bruise on my hip too...damn it."
[3/13/2017 1:38:24 AM] brooke barnes: "Do you need more salve?" he asked
[3/13/2017 1:40:25 AM] Amber Mitchell : "Please." She stood up and pushed her pants down a bit to reveal a huge black and purple bruise on her hip and a scratch with dried up blood on it. "Damn, he really did a number on me. I'm not a fucking rag doll."
[3/13/2017 1:42:54 AM] brooke barnes: He growled, "....someone is going to fucking die." he sighed, "Lay on your side." he got carefully rubbing in on her bruises and cuts.
[3/13/2017 1:44:35 AM] Amber Mitchell : She laid down on her side as he instructed and left her hip exposed. She clenched the fur blanket with her hands, feeling the painful sting. "Ow ow ow!! Easy that one really hurts..."
[3/13/2017 1:49:09 AM] brooke barnes: "Sorry Leliah." he said, "Almost done." he said, getting her ankles as well.
[3/13/2017 1:52:59 AM] Amber Mitchell : When he touched a sore spot on her ankle, she reacted and pulled her leg back toward her. " ankles are weak and sensitive..."
[3/13/2017 1:53:52 AM | Edited 1:55:20 AM] brooke barnes: "You need to rest, just stay still and let the salve do its job." he instructed.
[3/13/2017 1:55:26 AM] Amber Mitchell : She nodded and put her leg back down so he could finish. "Sorry. I am a terrible patient."
[3/13/2017 1:56:36 AM] brooke barnes: He smirked, "That you are." he teased.

"You feeling hungry?" he asked.
[3/13/2017 1:58:04 AM] Amber Mitchell : She blushed a little and nodded. She completely forgot about food and how hungry she was during the whole kidnapping endeavor.
[3/13/2017 1:59:25 AM] brooke barnes: "i'll see to that too, you just rest and relax. I'll give you a better tour later and you can look over outfit as well."
[3/13/2017 2:01:32 AM] Amber Mitchell : "Ok, thank you." She nodded and stood up to lay out her clothes and change.

[3/14/2017 5:42:12 PM] brooke barnes: The next day, after letting Delilah rest up form her bruisings, Kaiden suggested in her trying on the new outfit for size and for any needed changes.

Kaiden looked her over, "Looks good, nothing too tight or chafing?"
[3/14/2017 5:46:01 PM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah spun around looking at her new outfit. It was indeed a big change. "No, it fits fine. I am just not use to the mesh or how skin tight it is..." She walked over to a mirror and looked at herself.

She reached up and took her hair our of its usual bun and fastened it into a high pony tail. "That's better."
[3/14/2017 5:47:37 PM] brooke barnes: He smirked, "True, but it looks good on you." he checked over the suit connects and any light armour that was part of the outfit, "Nah, you're all good."

"Nice." he liked loose hair, "Is it just me or do you look SEXIER with loose hair?" he chuckled, teasing her.
[3/14/2017 5:50:34 PM] Amber Mitchell : She chuckled and turned around to face him, "Sexier maybe, but definitely less rigid." She turned her body around stretching and reaching up high to test the stretchiness of the material. "Wow, it is so light and it breathes a lot. I feel like I am not wearing anything at all."
[3/14/2017 5:52:25 PM] brooke barnes: "An Assassin NEEDS to be flexible and be able to move quickly. These outfit were made over YEARS of trial an error and this material is made of specialised fibres, which i won't mention what they are yet." he smirked.

[3/14/2017 5:56:09 PM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah removed one of her gloves to feel the material with her bare hands. "It's definitely not a material I have ever seen, but I could definitely grow accustomed to this new look. What do you think, Scout?" She asked looking up at him on top of the wardrobe.
[3/14/2017 5:58:12 PM] brooke barnes: He tilted his head at her, giving a little squeak.

"I think he likes it." he said with a chuckle. KNOCK! KNOCK!

"Yeah?" Kaiden asked grumpily, in came Striker, "Lord Fallon wishes you both to be in the throne room in 10 minutes." he said.

"Yeah yeah, we're coming." Kaiden said, then he left.
[3/14/2017 5:59:48 PM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah's skin prickled when she heard a knock at the door. She was still well on her guard. She gave Striker a sour look when he entered remaining close to Kaiden.

"I guess we will find out about that mission he wants to send us on?" She asked looking at Kaiden.
[3/14/2017 6:00:57 PM] brooke barnes: "Yeah. I can guess its a big one if they are sending BOTH of use." he sighed, getting his balck scarf on as well, kaiden was already dressed and what not.

"Scout will need to stay." he reminded.
[3/14/2017 6:03:48 PM] Amber Mitchell : "Alright..." She was a little weary of leaving Scout alone in an unfamiliar place, but he would be safe in Kaiden's room. She got her hooded cape and put if over her shoulders and attaching it to her armor. She whistled to Scout telling him to stay behind.
[3/14/2017 6:06:31 PM] brooke barnes: He did as he was told and they both headed out of the room, Kaiden leading her to the throne room.

Not long after they reached their destination, pushing the heavy doors to enter. The large hall was full of other vampires and assassins, "Keep calm and don't look at anyone else." Whispered said to her, "Keep close." he said, walking towards the throne, where Lord Fallon was sat and waiting.

[3/14/2017 6:09:43 PM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah was quick to obey his orders. She remained close and looked straight ahead at Lord Fallon sitting in his oversized throne. She could easily tell all eyes were on her and Kaiden. It was odd and utterly terrifying being the only human in the room.
[3/14/2017 6:10:31 PM] brooke barnes: He stopped just short of the step that led to the throne, "You know why you were called?" asked Fallon.
[3/14/2017 6:13:02 PM] brooke barnes: "Yes my lord...for failure of the last mission and for interference." Kaiden sighed a little.

"And you both know this is you last chance for redemption?" he asked again.

"Yes my lord." Kaiden replied.

"You mission is a duo mission, and you target is the Wealthy Lord and land owner of the region of Glass." he said.

Kaiden was ever surprised, "He's a big name sir."

"That he is."

"That is your mission. See with Striker for the rest of the information....dismissed." they were allowed to leave.

Outsdie the throne room, Striker met with them in the missions room. "There are certain dangers at this ball."

"Oh really, like what?" Kaiden crossed his arms.

"They have the best trained guards of the StoneKnights." he said.

"Stoneknights from Stoneton?" he perked an eyebrow.

"One in the same." said Striker.
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PostSubject: Re: Kaidan & Delilah: Part 2   Kaidan & Delilah: Part 2 I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 02, 2017 7:10 pm

[3/16/2017 12:32:49 AM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah chimed in and made a suggestion. "I have been to this land a few times and I have seen the palace. It is very large and about 95% percent of it is made of glass, so it is hard to sneak around without being seen." She pointed to a few places on the makeshift map that was laid out on the table in front of them. "These would be the best access points."
[3/16/2017 12:35:14 AM] brooke barnes: They looked over her pointed areas and Striker nodded, "Looks like the most logical. But I'm concerned there will be Stone Knights present at this gala." he said.

"Striker we've death with Stone Knights before." said Kaiden.

"Yes and usually BARELY make it out.....they are tough warriors." Striker sighed

[3/16/2017 12:38:58 AM] Amber Mitchell : If these so called Stone Knights were as tough as they say, then it was going to be difficult to get past them. "What if we tried getting in a different way?"
[3/16/2017 12:40:03 AM] brooke barnes: "We've tried disguising like them, but if your not the right height or even WALK the wrong why they'll know." Kaiden said, "They're the best in the country."
[3/16/2017 12:42:29 AM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah thought hard to try and figure out an alternate plan. She snapped her fingers suddenly, "I've got it! What if two of us disguise ourselves as guests at the gala and get close to the lord that way? It would be easier to blend in and we could lure him away easier without compromising our identities."
[3/16/2017 12:48:10 AM] brooke barnes: "We would need to make identities for you, so you two will need to wait a day or two. The Gala begins in a fortnight." Said striker.

"I can use the Shadow Gate to get get there. Don't worry about rushing it." said Kaiden. "Get the Scholars on the job right away and we'll be set. As for attire and styling I'm sure the ladies here can assist with that."

"I'm sure." Striker said simply.

[3/16/2017 12:55:00 AM] Amber Mitchell : "You want us to be the ones to infiltrate the gala?" Delilah asked. "Wouldn't Kaiden be better off with someone more...experienced than me?" Delilah was more than capable, but this was a big task to take on especially for her first run.
[3/16/2017 12:55:38 AM] Amber Mitchell : (Hmm, maybe a brain fart on my part. I could have sworn he mentioned a nickname when he introduced her to the two wolves.
[3/16/2017 12:56:45 AM] brooke barnes: "Its your mission remember?" Striker reminded, "It HAS to be you two."

"You'll do for now. But you've got appeal in physical appearance, you might end up chatting to him while I deal with certain things or viceaversa." Kaiden said.

"But I'll show you some tips in stealth." he added.
[3/16/2017 12:58:46 AM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah nodded, "Alright. I'm pretty sure I can handle it. I am guessing I will have to leave Scout behind then?"
[3/16/2017 12:59:21 AM] brooke barnes: "Yes you'll have to. It would make you stand out too much, Again, the Stone Knights." said Kaiden.
[3/16/2017 1:03:50 AM] Amber Mitchell : "Understood." She then turned her attention to Striker. "Do you have some of that sleeping toxin you used on me? I would like to analyze it. I use toxins and potions as well."
[3/16/2017 1:06:06 AM] brooke barnes: Striker nodded, "I can bring some."

"Striker is a Toxin maker." said Kaiden stated.
[3/16/2017 1:09:04 AM] Amber Mitchell : "Thank you. Also, is there a lab here? I would love to mix some potions and make some healing ointments before the mission just in case."
[3/16/2017 1:11:04 AM] brooke barnes: "I'll show you after this meeting." Striker said.

"Delilah....jsut so you poison the target, there may be a chance you'll need to seduce him and pull him AWAY from the party to kill him." Kaiden sighed, "I would rather not go that way, but I wanted you to know that MIGHT be a possible turn."
[3/16/2017 1:14:10 AM] Amber Mitchell : She nodded to Striker, "Thank you." She then turned her attention back to Kaiden, "You make it sound like this is my first rodeo. I have not told you everything about my line of work you know..."
[3/16/2017 1:15:29 AM] brooke barnes: "I'm worried because this guy is KNOWN to be a bit of a sleaze....he's not as romantic as I am." he half joked.

" Romantic?" Striker gave a dry expression.

"Go fuck yourself." Kaiden said simply.
[3/16/2017 1:17:41 AM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah covered her mouth to hide her snickering. "I am perfectly capable of taking this task on. But like you said, you would rather not use that tactic, so let's focus on making a plan and going from there."
[3/16/2017 1:20:53 AM] brooke barnes: "I said if we can avoid i would prefer it. But if you have to use it, then do so." Kaiden said.

"Well I'll get the identities set up and get them on the guest list." said Striker, "Go talk with Vashti...she'll be the best bet for your disguises." he said to Kaiden.

"Agree." said kaiden.
[3/16/2017 1:24:35 AM] Amber Mitchell : Once the plans were solidified, Delilah followed after Kaiden to go see Vashti for their clothes. "This will be my first time dressing like a real lady. I usually wear combat attire all the time."
[3/16/2017 1:26:02 AM | Edited 1:26:26 AM] brooke barnes: "Well Vashti will make sure you look lady like and i wouldn't be surprised if she's the one who will give you some training in etiquette." said Kaiden.
[3/16/2017 1:27:18 AM] Amber Mitchell : "Are you saying I don't look like a lady?!" She said partially joking.
[3/16/2017 1:29:45 AM | Edited 1:29:59 AM] brooke barnes: "No, you're all woman that for fucking sure. But a LADY?" he snickered at her.

They arrived to a room FULL of clothe and already made clothes and outfits.

"Who's in?!" called out a voice.

"Its Kaiden." he called back.

"Oh so you decide to come back anyway?" a blonde vampiress came out with a couple pins in her mouth and a small lot of clothes in arm.

"So, what's the deal?" she asked.

"We're here about disguises, for the Gala Mission." said Kaiden.

"I see. No problem." Vashti said simply.
[3/16/2017 1:33:27 AM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah crossed her arms and rolled her eyes. "I'll show you just how lady-like I can be." She said elbowing him in the shoulder.

Kaiden brought her to a room full of clothes and materials. It looked like a professional shop. Inside was a beautiful blonde vampires who made even Delilah blush from her beauty. "Wow, these dresses are beautiful. You made all of these?" She looked at a dark blue dress adorned with lace and long peasant sleeves.
[3/16/2017 1:35:35 AM] brooke barnes: "Yes everyone was made by these hands and a few assistants...." she said with the pins her her mouth still, she got the on a pin cushion nearby.

"No no, you need something that will draw the eye but not make you too noticeable." she said.

"I agree." said kaiden. "How about pink?" he smirked.
[3/16/2017 1:35:52 AM] brooke barnes: "NO, even I'll say that." said vashti
[3/16/2017 1:38:08 AM] Amber Mitchell : "I agree with Vashti. I hate pink. I like blue or purple." Delilah looked around the room trying to find something she liked but that also wouldn't draw too much attention to herself.
[3/16/2017 1:40:05 AM] brooke barnes: "I was leaning towards Fuchsia-purple." she said, "Its bright but not too IN YOUR FACE and I think you'll be able to work it."

[3/16/2017 1:43:31 AM] Amber Mitchell : "I think so too. You are the expert, so you can choose something for me." She smiled and looked around some more just for fun.
[3/16/2017 1:49:38 AM] brooke barnes: "I just need to get your measurements." he said for her bit of string.

"Go undress behind there. YOU out." she said to kaiden, kicking him out.

"HUH OW! HEY!" the door closed.

"Party pooper." Kaiden said.
[3/16/2017 1:51:41 AM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah laughed and stepped behind a screen to get undressed. She kept her undergarments on. "That is the first time I have ever seen someone handle Kaiden like that." She giggled.
[3/16/2017 1:54:29 AM] brooke barnes: "One thing that ALL male vampires learn is NOT to get a Vampiress angry." she said, measuring her bust, waist and hips.
[3/16/2017 1:56:22 AM] Amber Mitchell : "I will remember that." Delilah stood still and followed Vashti's instructions. "You have known Kaiden for a long time I take it?"
[3/16/2017 1:58:02 AM] brooke barnes: "I'm older than him." she said, "But I knew his mother...he's a bit of a wild child by vampire standards."
[3/16/2017 1:59:55 AM] Amber Mitchell : "I see...that explains a lot actually." She sighed.
[3/16/2017 2:04:10 AM] brooke barnes: "But he's intelligent and a quick study. Which is how he's become the assassin that he is now..." she said.

"But I'll say you're the first young lady that he's brought back, that I like." she said.
[3/16/2017 2:06:25 AM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah smiled at her compliment, "Well, thank you. I don't want to cause any trouble...I just didn't want them to kill Kaiden like that..."
[3/16/2017 2:08:35 AM] brooke barnes: "He came for you and that means something." she said, writing down the measurements, "I'll find accessories to match your attire as well." she said.

"....and take these." she handed her a small lot of clothes, "You've no spare clothes and wear sandals while in the caves, don't want your feet dirty."
[3/16/2017 2:12:21 AM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah grew silent at her remark. Her heart began to pound in her chest. She touched it lightly. She looked up when Vashti gave her some extra clothes. "Thank you. You are very kind."
[3/16/2017 2:13:22 AM] brooke barnes: She gave a small smile, "You two will pass. Kaiden hates he'll be sure you two will succeed."
[3/16/2017 2:14:49 AM] Amber Mitchell : "Yes, I don't want to let him down..." She stood up and started putting her gear back on in silence.
[3/16/2017 2:15:15 AM] brooke barnes: "You're nervous." she said in a matter of fact tone.
[3/16/2017 2:16:03 AM] Amber Mitchell : "A little bit..." Her cheeks turned red a little bit.
[3/16/2017 2:18:41 AM | Edited 2:18:58 AM] brooke barnes: "Don't be. You'll be well. Keep listening to what Kaiden has to say and any advice he has to give."
[3/16/2017 2:20:15 AM] Amber Mitchell : Once she was fully dressed, she stepped out from behind the screen. "I will, thank you. If you could, don't let Kaiden see what I am going to wear. I want to surprise him and see his reaction..." She winked.
[3/16/2017 2:23:14 AM | Edited 2:23:27 AM] brooke barnes: "Viceaversa with his outfit." she said
[3/16/2017 2:24:23 AM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah giggled and nodded. "Is there anything else you need from me?"
[3/16/2017 2:25:22 AM] brooke barnes: "Nope, for now." she sisaid.
[3/16/2017 2:26:58 AM] Amber Mitchell : "Would you like me to send Kaiden in?" She asked as she walked toward the door.
[3/16/2017 2:27:31 AM] brooke barnes: "I know his size and I know his style. No need." she smirked, "Head on now."
[3/16/2017 2:27:50 AM] brooke barnes: Kaiden heard that last part, "OI!
[3/16/2017 2:29:42 AM] Amber Mitchell : "We're done here." She turned and waved to Vashti, "Thank you. It was nice to meet you."
[3/16/2017 2:30:24 AM] brooke barnes: "And you as well Delilah." she said.

Kaiden got off the wall, "What embarrassing secrets was she telling you?" he had his arms crossed.
[3/16/2017 2:33:07 AM] Amber Mitchell : She left the room and shut the door behind her, "Nothing really. She just told me that she knew your mother. That's about it."
[3/16/2017 2:34:38 AM] brooke barnes: ".......Yeah...she did." he said, Not saying anything further.
[3/16/2017 2:36:15 AM] Amber Mitchell : She could tell that he didn't want to elaborate on it anymore, so she changed the subject. "Other than that, she told me things I already knew about you."
[3/16/2017 2:38:10 AM] brooke barnes: "Like what?" he asked.
[3/16/2017 2:39:54 AM] Amber Mitchell : "That you are quite the wild one, but you are smart and a fast learner. I learned that over the short time I have known you."
[3/16/2017 2:41:59 AM] brooke barnes: He smirked, "Ohhh just the small things on me?"
[3/16/2017 2:43:29 AM] Amber Mitchell : "Pretty much. So, where are we going next?"
[3/16/2017 2:44:08 AM] brooke barnes: "We're meeting Striker in the Lab." he said.
[3/16/2017 2:45:38 AM] Amber Mitchell : "Great! Let's go." she said feeling a bit excited to see what kind of herbs and ingredients they had.
[3/16/2017 2:47:40 AM] brooke barnes: They arrived to the lab and from under the door from next-door came a humid breeze, an underground greenhouse.

Striker came into view, "I've the samples you need and the greenhouse is open to you." he added.
[3/16/2017 2:51:21 AM] Amber Mitchell : "Wow! This is amazing! I know where I will be spending most of my free time." She took the samples from Striker and thanked him before looking in the greenhouse. "Amazing. There are so many different plants here. Even a few rare ones."
[3/16/2017 2:52:29 AM] brooke barnes: "They all have something in common." said Kaiden leaning in the doorway.
[3/16/2017 2:53:30 AM] Amber Mitchell : "What is that?" She walked up and down each row looking at all the different herbs and plants and taking note of what she could use.
[3/16/2017 2:54:33 AM] brooke barnes: "Well, except that bed of herbs. 90% of these plants are toxic and/or poisonous." said Striker.
[3/16/2017 2:58:25 AM] Amber Mitchell : "Fascinating! Right now I need a few ingredients for a vision restoring remedy. I can't wear my glasses during missions anymore. They will get in the way. And they clash with my new attire..."
[3/16/2017 2:59:01 AM] brooke barnes: Kaiden tried not the snigger at her, last comment of the style.
[3/16/2017 3:00:16 AM] Amber Mitchell : She gathered a few herbs she needed and walked by Kaiden giving him a punch on the shoulder. "I should think you would be pleased, since you always say I look so much better without my glasses."
[3/16/2017 3:03:16 AM] brooke barnes: He chuckled and followed her, "You do, but the glasses are cute too." he said.
[3/16/2017 3:06:02 AM] Amber Mitchell : She placed all the ingredients on a table and gathered what else she needed around the lab. "This won't take too long."
[3/16/2017 3:08:26 AM] brooke barnes: Striker watched over as she harvested the herbs, "Use only what you need."
[3/16/2017 3:14:22 AM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah nodded and ground up the fresh herbs mixing them with a few natural potions. Once the mixture was complete, it turned a baby blue. "Finished. This should do the trick." She took of her glasses and dropped 3 drops in each eye.
[3/16/2017 3:15:14 AM] brooke barnes: kaiden watched carefully to make sure no backfires happen.
[3/16/2017 3:17:15 AM] Amber Mitchell : She kept her eyes closed for about 30 seconds then blinked them open. Her vision was slowly coming into focus. "It is working, but it looks like it will take a little bit of time before I can see completely."
[3/16/2017 3:17:54 AM] brooke barnes: "we've got time but don't get too heavy handed with it." he said.
[3/16/2017 3:19:15 AM] Amber Mitchell : "I will keep working with it until I get the ratio just right." She put her glasses in her pouch and started to clean up. She could see close up just fine.
[3/16/2017 3:21:04 AM] brooke barnes: "How do I look?" he smirked, teasing her and testing it.

[3/16/2017 3:22:18 AM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah turned around and looked at him. "I can make out your outline, but the details are still fuzzy."
[3/16/2017 3:22:44 AM] brooke barnes: "You can't see me clearly?" he asked.
[3/16/2017 3:23:49 AM] Amber Mitchell : "Not quite yet. I will probably be able to see clearly in 10 minutes or so. I need to make the accelerator a little bit stronger next time so it will work faster."
[3/16/2017 3:26:37 AM] brooke barnes: "You'll get it." he said.

"Anything else we need to know Striker?" Kaiden asked him.

"Not right now, I'm making the back up poison for Delilah to carry on her person. In this." he showed a large stoned ring.

"A poison ring. Of course." Kaiden wasn't surprised.
[3/16/2017 3:28:18 AM] Amber Mitchell : "I'll make a few as well to keep in my pouch. I will also make some poison grenades. I can make some for you as well if you like." She said as she ground some more herbs.
[3/16/2017 3:28:56 AM] brooke barnes: "The strongest dose will be in the ring." said Striker.
[3/16/2017 3:29:43 AM] Amber Mitchell : "Yes, I will use that if I run into trouble."
[3/16/2017 3:33:22 AM] Amber Mitchell : Once she was finished making the toxin, she left some in a jar for others to use if they wished. "Alright, that should do it. I have plenty of supplies and healing remedies."
[3/16/2017 3:35:11 AM] brooke barnes: "Good. We'll need everything for this mission." Kaiden said, "It will be good to be prepared."
[3/16/2017 3:36:05 AM] Amber Mitchell : "Mhm. Mind taking me back to your room? I need to check on Scout and feed him."
[3/16/2017 3:36:45 AM] brooke barnes: "Not a problem. I'll need to get some for again anyway." he said. "I should show you the mess hall."
[3/16/2017 3:37:32 AM] Amber Mitchell : "Ok." Just as she said that, her stomach growled very loudly. "Umm...I'm hungry too."
[3/16/2017 3:44:01 AM] brooke barnes: "I'll bring something good." he smiled.
[3/16/2017 3:48:36 AM] Amber Mitchell : "Ok thank you. I'll go back to your room and wait for you there." She smiled back.
[3/16/2017 3:49:06 AM] brooke barnes: "Okay. I'll make sure to get raw meat for the feather-brain." he said.
[3/16/2017 3:51:21 AM] Amber Mitchell : "Ok, but be sure to get some for Scout too." She teased.
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Kaidan & Delilah: Part 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Kaidan & Delilah: Part 2   Kaidan & Delilah: Part 2 I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 02, 2017 7:30 pm

Kaiden came back with some bowls of spit roast boar, boiled potatoes and green beans. His bowl had some congealed blood cake as well. And he had some raw beef for Scout.

[3/16/2017 4:09:06 AM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah was sitting on the bed with Scout absentmindedly talking to him. She did that every so often. "I'm kinda nervous, boy. I have never been to a fancy gala before or have worn a fancy dress..."
[3/16/2017 4:09:57 AM] brooke barnes: The bird was sitting on her shoulder listening to her and playing with a bit of her hair.

Kaiden listened in then pushed the door open, "Hey, hungry?" he asked.

Delilah panicked when she heard Kaiden come in. She quickly turned around and saw him with a bunch of food. "Y-yes..." She really hoped he didn't hear her talking to Scout.

He smiled, "The one with NO blood cake is yours." he said.

"Thank you. I haven't eaten since yesterday..." She took the small bowl of meat and put it on top of the wardrobe for Scout to eat.

He greedily took it and got gorging on the meat.

"Poor thing must have been hungry. He hates being couped up like this. He needs to stretch his wings or else he gets very unhappy..."

"You can bring him when you travel, just not WHEN you're going to kill someone." Kaiden said as he ate a potato.

[3/16/2017 4:39:03 AM] Amber Mitchell : "I'll take him outside when the sun rises so he can stretch his wings." She sat back down on the bed and poked her meat with her fork suddenly not wanting to eat. Her nerves began to get the better of her.
[3/16/2017 4:40:02 AM] brooke barnes: ".......You alright?" he asked, noticing her change of emotion.

"...You're nervous?"
[3/16/2017 4:40:57 AM] Amber Mitchell : "You can tell?" She smirked forcing herself to take a bite of her meat.
[3/16/2017 4:41:58 AM] brooke barnes: "Yeah I can. You started thinking about it. You will be fine. I'll be keeping close by and an close eye." he said.
[3/16/2017 4:43:36 AM] Amber Mitchell : "I know...but I still have doubts. I have never done a mission this big before." She looked up at him, her vision finally clear. "I can see you clearly now."
[3/16/2017 4:44:44 AM] brooke barnes: He smiled, "Good to 'SEE' you able too." he teased.

"I believe you'll do good. Once this mission a success...I'll show you ALL the rope of this organisation." he said.
[3/16/2017 4:46:32 AM] Amber Mitchell : "Ha ha." She poked a potato and shoved it in her mouth. "I just don't want to cause you anymore trouble...I want to do my best."
[3/16/2017 4:48:42 AM] brooke barnes: "You haven't cause much trouble for organisation just takes things REALLY seriously." he said.
[3/16/2017 4:50:02 AM] Amber Mitchell : "You were almost killed because of me..." She stopped eating and pushed her plate aside.
[3/16/2017 4:50:40 AM] brooke barnes: ".....Its part of the risks." he said.

"Don't worry about me." he sat next to her.
[3/16/2017 4:51:55 AM | Edited 4:52:28 AM] Amber Mitchell : She nodded and took a deep breath, "So at this gala, we are expected to pose as a couple that was invited, right?"
[3/16/2017 4:53:10 AM] brooke barnes: "Yes. I would believe it to be a married couple i would presume." he said.

[3/16/2017 4:55:48 AM] Amber Mitchell : "Yes, so does that mean we will have to dance together to make the act more convincing?" Her face began to turn red and she fidgeted nervously with her hands.
[3/16/2017 4:56:13 AM] brooke barnes: "There's members here to help with EVERYTHING we need to know or do."
[3/16/2017 4:56:28 AM] brooke barnes: ".....WHy are you blushing?" he asked her.
[3/16/2017 4:57:15 AM] Amber Mitchell : "I...umm...don't know dance..." She turned her face away even more embarrassed.
[3/16/2017 4:58:42 AM] brooke barnes: "....Well there we'll some time to get you to learn." he said, getting an arm around her shoulder.
[3/16/2017 5:00:02 AM] Amber Mitchell : She turned to face him, "What about you?"
[3/16/2017 5:00:20 AM] brooke barnes: "....Honestly....I can't dance either." he chuckled.
[3/16/2017 5:01:06 AM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah laughed and relaxed a little bit feeling less embarrassed. "Well then it looks like we both have a lot to learn for this mission."
[3/16/2017 5:02:04 AM] brooke barnes: "Its the life of an assassin." he smiled, he undid her ponytail, "I think your hair out would look nice the party." he said.
[3/16/2017 5:05:09 AM] Amber Mitchell : She felt her heart pounding in her chest and was sure he could hear it since he was so close to her. Her hair fell down around her, cascading over her shoulders. "You think so?" She met his eyes and could see his face a lot clearer now thanks to the remedy.
[3/16/2017 5:05:54 AM] brooke barnes: "I know so." he leaned his forehead to hers, "'re really warm." he sired, he knew why this time.
[3/16/2017 5:08:49 AM] Amber Mitchell : "Y-yeah...and you're very close...your eyes look so clear now." She stared back at him admiring his handsome features.
[3/16/2017 5:14:29 AM] brooke barnes: He chuckled, "What else?" purposely getting closer to her, his showing his white toothy grin.
[3/16/2017 5:17:27 AM] Amber Mitchell : She put her hands agaisnt his chest to try to keep some distance between them. "I can feel your hot breath on my face..."
[3/16/2017 5:23:04 AM] brooke barnes: "Oh? How hot is it?" he smirked, his eyes flashed green with strong intense stare on her eyes.
[3/16/2017 5:25:54 AM] Amber Mitchell : "Very..." She bit her lip wondering why he was so close. "What are you trying to do?"
[3/16/2017 5:26:33 AM] brooke barnes: he gave a dry expression, ".....You don't recognise seduction?"
[3/16/2017 5:28:18 AM] Amber Mitchell : She chuckled, "Remind me again how it works..." She said as she moved a bit closer as well, her heart still racing.
[3/16/2017 5:30:34 AM] brooke barnes: He smirked and pulled he into his lap with him sitting. Kissing her neck and tugging on her suit, undoing the belt first.
[3/16/2017 5:34:46 AM] Amber Mitchell : She pressed herself against him and leaned into his kisses. "Yes...your breath is so hot against my neck..."
[3/16/2017 5:37:08 AM] brooke barnes: "mm your skin is smooth and soft." he said to her in husky tone. He got her belt off, then undid the connection of her suit to get it off her.
[3/16/2017 5:39:02 AM] Amber Mitchell : "W-Wait a minute...won't someone hear us?"
[3/16/2017 5:41:11 AM | Edited 5:41:29 AM] brooke barnes: He sighed and laid on his back with still straddling, "If you're worried we won't do it."
[3/16/2017 5:43:11 AM] Amber Mitchell : She looked at him with hungry eyes as he laid back. "I think I can be quiet for a quickie." She smirked and sat on top of hims straddling his waist.
[3/16/2017 5:45:16 AM | Edited 5:45:32 AM] brooke barnes: He chuckled, "Is that possible? Each time I've made you squeal." he smiked at her.
[3/16/2017 5:46:57 AM] Amber Mitchell : "You'll just have to get creative then, won't you?" She tugged at his belt and got it off quickly. "Besides, I owe you for saving me today..."
[3/16/2017 5:49:14 AM] brooke barnes: He smirked, "Get creative aye?" he chuckled.

"Hold on first." he got her off and he locked the door so NO ONE would open it by accident. "I've an idea to MUFFLE those ADDICTING squeals of yours." he got some cloth strips.
[3/16/2017 5:51:03 AM] Amber Mitchell : She peeled her suit off to reveal her almost naked body. "Mm, I like where this is going..."
[3/16/2017 5:55:37 AM] brooke barnes: He got his suit off too and first tied her hands behind her back, "First let's see how LONG you can hold off without being muffled, he smirked.
[3/16/2017 5:56:23 AM | Edited 5:56:48 AM] brooke barnes: He licked up between her shoulder blades and moved her hair out of the way, kissing her neck and where he bit her when he first fed on her.
[3/16/2017 5:59:32 AM] Amber Mitchell : She got on the bed on her knees letting him tie her hands behind her back, "I can't promise anything, but- mmmm!" She let out a soft moan when he started to kiss her neck again. Goosebumps rose on her skin and she could feel the heat from him.
[3/16/2017 6:00:46 AM] brooke barnes: He smirked and reached under her and got rolling her nipples between his fingers, seeing just how long and how MUCH it would take her to crack.
[3/16/2017 6:03:38 AM] Amber Mitchell : She bit her lip to keep from screaming out too loud. Her nipples had been rubbing against the suit so they were very sensitive. " have to do better than that..." Her arousal began to become more obvious dripping down the inside of her thighs.
[3/16/2017 6:06:26 AM] brooke barnes: "Ohhh really?" his tone sounded liked he wanted the challenge. He got her against the wall side of the bed and got her facing him. leaning to her breasts massaging on breast while he got mouthing on the other.
[3/16/2017 6:09:14 AM] Amber Mitchell : She remained on her knees facing Kaiden now. He continued to tease her breasts this time with his hands and his mouth. "Mmmm! It feels so gooood. I can feel your fangs..." She moaned a little bit louder, but nothing to alert anyone.
[3/16/2017 6:11:11 AM] brooke barnes: He lightly traced his fangs over her skin, but gentle to not making her bleed, "Mmm...I could taste these breasts all day." he smirked and he used his teeth to tug on one nipple.
[3/16/2017 6:17:14 AM] Amber Mitchell : "Eeee!" She squealed a little louder than she anticipated. She couldn't hold it in anymore it just felt too good. "Mmm...Kaiden your mouth feels so good..."
[3/16/2017 6:19:45 AM] brooke barnes: He stood on his bed in front of her, at crotch level, getting his small pants off, showing how hard he was already from just teasing her. His cock in her face.

"See me clearly still? Or am I making your eyes water?" he teased.
[3/16/2017 6:23:00 AM] Amber Mitchell : She chuckled and stared at his erect cock so close to her face. "Yes...I still see you..." She leaned forward unable to resist and licked the tip of his cock.
[3/16/2017 6:25:10 AM | Edited 6:25:35 AM] brooke barnes: "Ah...." he groaned from just a lick, "Keep doing that.." he had lust raging in his eyes. His cock twitching before her, wanting more attention from her.
[3/16/2017 6:29:45 AM] Amber Mitchell : She moved closer to him and took the tip of his cock into her mouth and began to suckle him gently. " good..." She took him deeper into her mouth.
[3/16/2017 6:32:00 AM] brooke barnes: "Mmm fuck...." he growled biting his lip as well to not make too much noise.

"Ah mmmrrrr ffuuucckkK!" he groaned as she took more of him into her mouth, "You are so bad!" he groaned, getting hand behind her head, just holding for now.
[3/16/2017 6:35:16 AM] Amber Mitchell : She began to move faster, tucking her lips over her teeth as she moved up and down his cock. She moved her arms wanting to touch herself so badly.
[3/16/2017 6:36:50 AM | Edited 6:38:31 AM] brooke barnes: He could smell her arousal, "Mmm fuck, After this I'm gonna fuck you till you faint." he smirked, "Ahh..." he looked to the ceiling, his hand still on her head.
[3/16/2017 6:39:16 AM] Amber Mitchell : She moved faster wanting so badly to be touched by him. "Mmm, cum for me Kaiden. I want you to touch me...please!"
[3/16/2017 6:42:16 AM] brooke barnes: "Ahh....fffuuckk! I'm close!" he clenched his teeth, he growled lightly, bucking into her mouth a bit.
[3/16/2017 6:45:43 AM] Amber Mitchell : She kept her pace the same, fast and deep so he could finish. She felt him throbbing inside her mouth. He was indeed close.
[3/16/2017 6:47:25 AM] brooke barnes: He clenched his teeth a bit tighter, "NNGGH ah!!!!" he groaned, his eyes rolling back into his head a bit, releasing in her mouth.
[3/16/2017 6:51:12 AM] Amber Mitchell : She made sure he was deep in her mouth when he released inside her mouth so she could get it all. She consumed it all then released him. "Please...I can't take it anymore I want you so badly please!!"
[3/16/2017 6:54:34 AM] brooke barnes: He panted and smirked, he got the other cloth strip and gagged her, "You're about to get it." he got her on her in doggy pose but supported her by holding her up by her bound hands.

He pushed his cock into her already drenched pussy. "Mmm fuck me you're tight!" he groaned.
[3/16/2017 6:56:26 AM] Amber Mitchell : "MMMMM!!!" She screamed into the cloth gag as he entered her with ease. Finally getting what she wanted, she moved her hips against him making him connect deeper inside.
[3/16/2017 6:57:18 AM] brooke barnes: He smirked seeing her trying to move to get him deeper, "You want it deep don't you?" he smacked her ass cheek once.
[3/16/2017 6:58:17 AM] Amber Mitchell : She nodded her head saying yes over and over again through the gag. "MMMM!"
[3/16/2017 7:00:58 AM] brooke barnes: He chuckled, "Brace yourself!" he growls a bit and got thrusting fast and deep into her, with her so wet from before it made it easy to go crazy off the bat.

"MMMMFFFuuck!" he growled trying not to be too loud, "Aw fuck Lilah!!"
[3/16/2017 7:03:55 AM] Amber Mitchell : "MMMMAIDEN!!" She yelled out his name feeling him slide so deep to the point that he was pushing past her cervix. "MMM! MMM! MMMMMM!!"
[3/16/2017 7:05:22 AM] brooke barnes: "Aww ffuuckkk mmm fuck!" he groaned, the sound of flesh slapping against flesh echoing in their ears. "Yes! Fuck yes!" he groaned.
[3/16/2017 7:07:19 AM] Amber Mitchell : She was so close. Her insides began to constrict around him. "Mmmm!!" She cried out loud into the gag and clenched all around him.
[3/16/2017 7:08:09 AM] brooke barnes: "Aww fuck I feel you squeezing me! Make me cum too quick!" he smirked and spanked her again.
[3/16/2017 7:12:00 AM] Amber Mitchell : Finally, she felt her orgasm taking over. "MMMMMM! MMMM!!" She froze in place as her eyes rolled back into her head. Ecstasy consumed her and made her cum with force drenching Kaiden.
[3/16/2017 7:13:56 AM] brooke barnes: "Aww fuck you're squirting all over my cock and me!" he groaned, "I'm bonn cum in you!" he got thrusting crazy fast into her to get him over the edge and with one final DEEP thrust he released inside her.

"Awww ffffuuucckkkk.." eh groaned, his fangs popped again from the rush.
[3/16/2017 7:17:18 AM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah dropped onto the bed with satisfied exhaustion.
[3/16/2017 7:18:02 AM] brooke barnes: He untied her wrists and her gag, Flopping next to her, "Aw fuck me that was good." he smiled, moving her hair from her face.'
[3/16/2017 7:20:00 AM] Amber Mitchell : She smiled up at him, her cheeks stained with tears. "Mm, yes it was. Deeply satisfying."
[3/16/2017 7:22:29 AM] brooke barnes: He pulled her to him, holding her close, "Lets....just lay here a minute." he said.
[3/16/2017 7:25:21 AM] Amber Mitchell : "Mhm..." She rested her head on his chest and closed her eyes. She snuggled close to keep warm.
[3/16/2017 7:29:55 AM] brooke barnes: After a week and a half of preparation they were set and ready, outfits were set, but neither had been seen due to Vashti not allowing any word to get out about them.

Striker kept them up to date with any information they needed for the mission as well.

[3/17/2017 9:04:40 PM] brooke barnes: They were almost ready to get the show on the road, they had to go and check for their outfits for the ball.
[3/17/2017 9:06:10 PM] brooke barnes: Vashti was in her sewing room with her assistants, finishing the final touches to both suits and accessories.
[3/17/2017 9:08:00 PM | Edited 9:08:48 PM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah went in first to get ready. Her dress was behind a large screen and all the accessories to match were on a small vanity beside it. She eyed the dress with sparkles in her eyes. "Wow...this dress is beautiful. I can't believe I get to wear something so lovely."
[3/17/2017 9:11:38 PM] brooke barnes: "Well it was tailored to you, no one else can wear it." said Vashti. "And you better believe it. I usually need more time to make a dress of this calibre....but with three assistants We were able to do so." she said.

She showed the accessory and choice of them, "You can choose which pieces you want." she said
[3/17/2017 9:16:01 PM] Amber Mitchell : "You all did a wonderful job. Thank you." She looked at the accessories on the table and chose a simple teardrop necklace along with a jeweled baret for her hair. Once she had the dress on, she took her hair down keeping Kaiden's request in mind and used the baret to pin back her hair away from her face.
[3/17/2017 9:17:26 PM] brooke barnes: "So what shall we do with this hair?" asked Vashti looking it over and thinking of some hairstyle.

"Maybe a lovely curled bun?"
[3/17/2017 9:19:37 PM] Amber Mitchell : "I was thinking ok leaving it down and just adding a light curl. Kaiden...really likes my hair down." She said with a pale blush.
[3/17/2017 9:20:26 PM] brooke barnes: "You've a lot of hair too....maybe a full curl so it can all bounce up and not get caught on anything." he suggested.
[3/17/2017 9:20:58 PM] Amber Mitchell : "Yes! Let's do that!"
[3/17/2017 9:22:07 PM] brooke barnes: She nodded, "Very well, I'll be sure to that the needed items on the day....but I'me going to make sure you SMELL like an aristocratic lady." she said with a smirk.
[3/17/2017 9:22:14 PM] brooke barnes: (Pamper day!)
[3/17/2017 9:23:34 PM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah snickered, "You're spoiling me."
[3/17/2017 9:25:40 PM] brooke barnes: "Well its also part of preparing you for the night and so you don't stick out like a sore thumb." she said having her looked at her face on, looking over her eyebrows. "We've three days, and these THREE days are going to be PHYSICALLY making you like them, elegant like the fuchsia flower....but with a deadly secret like a fuchsia flower as well." he said.
[3/17/2017 9:28:42 PM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah snickered again, "I like that comparison. I hope it won't be too hard for you..."
[3/17/2017 9:29:40 PM] brooke barnes: "Ohhh no, i like a challenge." she said, "And the FIRST thing we're doing it plucking and WAXING."

[3/19/2017 8:34:00 PM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah's face turned to a look of pure horror, "Plucking?! Waxing?! Oh my goodness...I wasn't expecting this to be painful..."
[3/19/2017 8:35:47 PM] brooke barnes: "Beauty requires some pain my dear." she said. Vashti looked at her nails too, "Yep you need a FULL clean up." she said.

[3/19/2017 8:38:19 PM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah sighed and shook her head, "This better be worth it..."
[3/19/2017 8:40:39 PM] brooke barnes: "It will, the pain has pleasure with it too." she assured her, "We'll begin right after we have done the fitting." she said
[3/19/2017 8:42:16 PM] Amber Mitchell : "The only thing that concerns me is the waxing...I hear it hurts A LOT!" She shivered slightly at the thought of that stuff anywhere near any of her sensitive spots.
[3/19/2017 8:47:11 PM] brooke barnes: "If done the wrong way." she said, "You need to relax as its done, being tense makes it hurt more." She got the dress off the mannikin top and got fitting it onto Lilah.

"Excellent its fitting well." smirked Vashti
[3/19/2017 8:49:08 PM] Amber Mitchell : "It's beautiful! But also quite heavy." She resisted the urge to spin around and oogle over herself in the mirror.
[3/19/2017 8:51:29 PM] brooke barnes: "I'll show you how to walk with it and with nice shoes on too." she said.
[3/19/2017 8:54:01 PM] Amber Mitchell : "You are too kind, thank you." Delilah held her arms out as Vashti measured her waist and chest to make sure everything fit correctly.
[3/19/2017 8:56:49 PM] brooke barnes: "Good, everything is sitting on your nicely, the corset will be tired up tighter for the gala though, just to give you a warning." she said.
[3/19/2017 8:59:27 PM] Amber Mitchell : "Really? Geez I can barely breathe now..." She said as she took in a deep breath.
[3/19/2017 9:00:41 PM] brooke barnes: "Once again i'll show you some tips." she said.
[3/19/2017 9:01:51 PM] Amber Mitchell : "Ok. I just hope I can pull this off and not mess up." She sighed feeling a bit discouraged
[3/19/2017 9:03:05 PM] brooke barnes: "You will." she said, "Kaiden will be your partner remember, and they are to assist each other in missions." Vashti helped her out of the dress.
[3/19/2017 9:05:27 PM | Edited 9:05:56 PM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah nodded and put her stretchy body suit back on leaving the armor. "Ok, what's next?"
[3/19/2017 9:08:31 PM | Edited 9:10:44 PM] brooke barnes: "We're going to get you and Kaiden in on your pampering to make you look and smell the part." she said.
[3/19/2017 9:10:50 PM] Amber Mitchell : "Ok." She said getting a little nervous to have Kaiden involved in her transformation.
[3/19/2017 9:13:15 PM | Edited 9:13:56 PM] brooke barnes: Kaiden came around, but the dress was out of sight still so he wouldn't see it.

"You called me Vashti?" he asked.

"Yes, you two are to head to the Steam room, and then attend to the Scarlet room." she instructed.

"Aw for fuck sake, why am I getting the treatment?" he asked shrugging.

"You WILL or I'll drag you int here myself, now GO and take her to the Steam room, i'll meet you in the Scarlet room after you come out." she glared at him.

"........Let's go Lilah."
[3/19/2017 9:15:27 PM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah chuckled when Vashti gave him a firm scolding. She followed him still giggling.
[3/19/2017 9:16:05 PM] brooke barnes: They left the Sewing room, "On to the steam room then." he sighed
[3/19/2017 9:17:11 PM] Amber Mitchell : "Why the long face? You get to be alone with me in a secluded place wearing nothing but a towel. I would think you would be thrilled." She teased.
[3/19/2017 9:18:51 PM] brooke barnes: He smirked, "Oh THAT part i don't have an issue with, its all the pampering I don't like.....its thing." he said
[3/19/2017 9:19:52 PM] Amber Mitchell : "I'm not too excited about a few things either, but unfortunately we have to look like we belong..."
[3/19/2017 9:20:19 PM] brooke barnes: "Hey you'll look great afterwards,.....not that you already are." he winked.
[3/19/2017 9:24:35 PM] Amber Mitchell : She smiled, "Thanks. I'm sure you will look quite handsome when all this is over."

"I won't be able to have my hair in its usually style." meaning his short mohawk.

"I hate perfume on MYSELF and its too strong." he made a gagging sound.

[3/19/2017 10:23:01 PM] Amber Mitchell : "Aww, but I like your short Mohawk. It suites you." She said as she ran her hand over top of it.
[3/19/2017 10:23:40 PM | Edited 10:24:16 PM] brooke barnes: he chuckled, "It will be greased down is all, I just hate having FLAT hair." he said.
[3/19/2017 10:24:43 PM] Amber Mitchell : "That's boring." She said as she grabbed his head and gave him a noogie.
[3/19/2017 10:24:53 PM] brooke barnes: "AHH! HEY! HEY!"" he yelped.
[3/19/2017 10:25:11 PM] brooke barnes: "Why you!!" he got her and got tickling her sides.
[3/19/2017 10:27:39 PM] Amber Mitchell : "AHHH!! NO!! HEHEHEHEHAHAHAHA!!! STOP!! HAHAHA!!" She tried to shield herself from his tickle attacks by hugging herself with her arms.
[3/19/2017 10:28:31 PM] brooke barnes: he smirked, "You give up!?" he asked still tickling.
[3/19/2017 10:34:01 PM] Amber Mitchell : "NOOO!!" She laughed until she could barely breathe. Her hysterical laughing and squirming caused her to lose her footing and she crashed into Kaiden's chest pushing him toward the wall. "Ooof!"
[3/19/2017 10:34:30 PM] brooke barnes: "OOF!" he grunted as well and chuckled, "Well that was fun."
[3/19/2017 10:35:54 PM] Amber Mitchell : She lifted her face out of his chest and stared at him, her cheeks all red from laughing and embarrassment from being so clumsy. "Sorry...I didn't mean to be so clumsy and fall on you like that..."
[3/19/2017 10:38:30 PM] brooke barnes: "First time I've seen you clumsy." he chuckled.

"Flirting are we?" a voice spoke, Lord Fallon.

Kaiden stood straight right away.
[3/19/2017 10:40:16 PM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah gave him a sour face when she heard a familiar voice behind her. She immediately moved to stand beside Kaiden. "N-no...I just tripped and Kaiden caught me..."
[3/19/2017 10:42:15 PM] brooke barnes: "Don't bother girl, I knew this already from the spies who collected you." he said.

Kaiden looked to the ground as he spoke. "I wish to inform you Kaiden that You will be reporting to the High Council IF you are successful in this mission."

Kaiden glared, "Like Hell I am."
[3/19/2017 10:43:52 PM] brooke barnes: "Like HELL you ARE." he warned.
[3/19/2017 10:44:28 PM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah kept her rebuttal to herself and just looked down without saying a word. She didn't want to get in any trouble. At the mention of the high council she raised her head and looked between the two. "The High Council?"
[3/19/2017 10:46:52 PM | Edited 10:47:27 PM] brooke barnes: "The High Council is our the Ring that hold the most honourable and powerful Vampires from the oldest clans. And they have the last say on important matters and gatherings." said Fallon.

"Its also where I DON'T wish to be!" said Kaiden.

"I KNOW That kaiden, but YOU are being called my High Lord Bale." said Fallon.

".....what's that Fuckwit want?" he had venom in his tone.
[3/19/2017 10:51:43 PM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah wasn't sure what was going on. "Kaiden..." She could see the venom in his eyes and hear it in his voice. She turned her attention to Fallon. "Please excuse me my Lord, but we are in the middle of something very important and Vashti will scold us severely if we don't get moving immediately." She said trying to get them away from Fallon.
[3/19/2017 10:54:05 PM] brooke barnes: "YOU will go when I m finished speaking." he warned Delilah.

"Well? What does he want?!" he growled.

"Watch your tongue! Its HIS business not mine, I'm just informing you. Show me some respect as your Uncle." he said, "NOW! You two can go." he said Walking off.

Kaiden clenched his fists in anger.
[3/19/2017 10:56:41 PM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah put her hand on his shoulder to try to calm him down, "Are you alright?"
[3/19/2017 10:58:13 PM] brooke barnes: "Let's go to the steam room." he growled lightly, feeling irritated now.
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PostSubject: Re: Kaidan & Delilah: Part 2   Kaidan & Delilah: Part 2 I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 02, 2017 7:33 pm

[3/19/2017 11:00:41 PM] Amber Mitchell : "Ok. Lead the way..." She followed behind him slowly putting the pieces together in her mind about Kaiden and his clan. She didn't say anything more until the came to the steam room.
[3/19/2017 11:02:50 PM] brooke barnes: They undressed and got a towel each, a second towel for Lilah's hair. He got a cup of water and dropped it in the centre of the room filling it with more steam. "mm...." he sat back, ".......Fuck my life."
[3/19/2017 11:06:45 PM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah leaned against the wall sitting opposite him, "I would ask you what's wrong, but it's really none of my business."
[3/19/2017 11:07:43 PM] brooke barnes: "..........Lord Fallon is my Maternal Uncle." he said, "Took me into the clan when i left my father's clan." he sighed.
[3/19/2017 11:10:39 PM] Amber Mitchell : She looked over at him, "Mhm. Keep venting. I would say you could blow off some steam, but that would be incredibly cliché."
[3/19/2017 11:12:56 PM] brooke barnes: he smirked then sighed, "......My mother died giving birth to father and her had me out of wedlock and in our culture, its....not really taken well, since pure vampires are to come from good bloodlines." he said.

"We reproduce through a ritual."
[3/19/2017 11:14:55 PM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah rested her head in her hands as she listened to his story, "I see...go on."
[3/19/2017 11:17:38 PM] brooke barnes: " 'father' didn't come to see my uncle after my mother died, he didn't care. Never saw him much. Last I saw him I gave him a scar on his face." he said.
[3/19/2017 11:20:04 PM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah nodded, "I'm sorry you had such a rough upbringing..."
[3/19/2017 11:20:34 PM] brooke barnes: "Nah...its part of life sometimes." he shrugged, "I don't worry about it."
[3/19/2017 11:22:13 PM] brooke barnes: "...Only when they show up." he said dryly.
[3/19/2017 11:23:06 PM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah stroked her arms uneasily, "Can't say that I really sympathize...both my parents are dead. I was raised by my paternal grandfather until he died."
[3/19/2017 11:25:16 PM] brooke barnes: "Was he a Ranger?" he asked.
[3/19/2017 11:27:47 PM] Amber Mitchell : "No. He was just a poor farmer. He worked day and night just to able to put food on the table. But he was the one that gave me Scout. He was a gifted animal trainer. I stayed with him until I was 10. He entrusted me to a family he was close with. They taught me all I know about being a ranger."
[3/19/2017 11:32:00 PM] Amber Mitchell : She smiled slightly remembering the time she spent with her grandfather. "My grandfather taught me about plants and animals. He is the reason I know so much about herbal potions. He died when I was 10 and I was too young to take care of the land and the house, so it was sold..."
[3/19/2017 11:42:21 PM] brooke barnes: "Pretty sad......But you've been left many good traits and talents by your family, And you've not put them to waste." he smiled, "Would have been interesting meeting your grandfather."
[3/19/2017 11:47:08 PM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah laughed, "He would have put you to work. He was a very no nonsense man and believed in hard work. He was rigid but he was a good man..."
[3/19/2017 11:47:50 PM] brooke barnes: "I would have obliged." he chuckled. "Sounds like you." he smirked.
[3/19/2017 11:53:55 PM] Amber Mitchell : "Thanks. I have a deep respect for my grandfather. I miss him every day..." She smiled and sighed, So yeah, I am just a poor farm girl. Nothing special." She laughed.
[3/19/2017 11:55:54 PM] brooke barnes: "You're not JUST a poor farm girl, You're a ranger...and NOW part an assassins Clan." he chuckled, "I wouldn't call you JUST anything." he smiled, dropping more water on the rocks.
[3/20/2017 12:02:32 AM] Amber Mitchell : She looked at him and smiled, "Thanks, Kaiden." She said sincerely.
[3/20/2017 12:03:30 AM | Edited 12:04:02 AM] brooke barnes: he pulled her to him, kissing her. "As tempting it is to do something in here, Best we just relaxed here."
[3/20/2017 12:06:36 AM] Amber Mitchell : She relaxed and let him kiss her. She leaned in closer to him and closed her eyes, "Being like this is just fine..."
[3/20/2017 12:10:15 AM] brooke barnes: He smiled laying against the wall of the steam room and closed his eyes, relaxing with her company. After staying in their for a little while, they came out and went on to the Scarlet room.

[3/20/2017 12:16:22 AM] Amber Mitchell : "Feel a little better?" She asked as they were walking to the Scarlet room.
[3/20/2017 12:17:25 AM] brooke barnes: He smiled, "Yeah....I haven't been able to talk about it ever." he said.
[3/20/2017 12:19:04 AM] Amber Mitchell : "Whenever you want to talk, I am willing to listen. It was good for me as well. From now on, we should talk to each other if something is bothering us..." She said.
[3/20/2017 12:19:57 AM] brooke barnes: ".....Agreed." he said.

Vashti came out, "Ah there you two are. NOW Let's begin." she gave a grin.

Kaiden sighed, "Aw fuck my life...."

[3/20/2017 12:21:11 AM] Amber Mitchell : "Come on it won't be so bad. The sooner we go in, the sooner it will be over." She took his hand and pulled him inside.
[3/20/2017 12:23:22 AM] brooke barnes: Vashti pulled Lilah over and got her down to her underclothes.

"We're beginning with these." she traced her fingers over her eyebrows.
[3/20/2017 12:25:12 AM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah took a deep breath, "Ok...let's just get it over with..."
[3/20/2017 12:27:16 AM] brooke barnes: They spent a long time poke priming and waxing on them both, squeaks and squeals of pain coming from the Scarlet room. Once all the PAINFUL bits were done, they bot got a massage to loosen their bodies and soften the skin, especially for Delilah.
[3/20/2017 12:29:25 AM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah sighed contently as a strong handed woman massaged her back. "Mm, if I knew I was going to be treated this well, I would have become an assassin ages ago." She chuckled.
[3/20/2017 12:30:42 AM] brooke barnes: "This is not an everyday situation." chuckled Kaiden, "Only to make sure the assassin get into somewhere with ease."

"You've hated this part all the time Kaiden." smirked Vashti.

"Be quiet." he grumbled.
[3/20/2017 12:31:49 AM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah laughed, "Apparently taking care of oneself is not very manly."
[3/20/2017 12:32:28 AM] brooke barnes: He squinted at her, "It is, i just don't like the fancy stuff."
[3/20/2017 12:33:13 AM] Amber Mitchell : She stuck her tongue out at him and laid her head back down to enjoy her massage.
[3/20/2017 12:34:06 AM] brooke barnes: They then were taken to a spot to clean the nails and toe nails. Delilah's hands were rubbed with ointment and her nails painted with a royal purple.
[3/20/2017 12:37:55 AM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah was thoroughly enjoying herself. It felt so nice to be pampered. It was a wonderful new experience for a poor farm girl. "This is amazing!"
[3/20/2017 12:39:19 AM] brooke barnes: "This is what it would be if you married Kaiden." Vashti smirked with a wink. Kaiden was in another part of the room and was distracted not hearing this.
[3/20/2017 12:48:29 AM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah blushed, "That won't ever happen. No way!!"
[3/20/2017 12:49:20 AM] brooke barnes: "How do you know?" he chuckled, "Kaiden is ABSOLUTELY smitten with you."
[3/20/2017 12:51:13 AM] Amber Mitchell : "It's not like that. We are just friends...kinda...ugh I don't know!"
[3/20/2017 12:53:56 AM] brooke barnes: "Kinda?" she chuckled, "You like him don't you?" Vashti could see right through her.
[3/20/2017 12:55:46 AM] Amber Mitchell : "...I do like him...a lot. I just don't know anything beyond that." She sighed and looked over to where Kaiden was.
[3/20/2017 12:57:51 AM] brooke barnes: "Well after this mission when your lives are not in trouble, you'll see." he said
[3/20/2017 12:59:38 AM] Amber Mitchell : "I doubt it...I don't think he has room for me in his heart..." She sighed looking back to Vashti.
[3/20/2017 1:01:27 AM] brooke barnes: "How do you know?" she blew on the nails to get them dry.
[3/20/2017 1:03:59 AM] Amber Mitchell : "I just...I don't know. This is all so confusing to me...I don't even know how I feel."
[3/20/2017 1:04:45 AM] brooke barnes: "Well no rush honestly." she said. "Its up to you, but I'm just're not the only girl who WANTS Kaiden." she said.
[3/20/2017 1:06:00 AM] Amber Mitchell : Her chest hurt slightly when she said that, "What do you mean? Are there other girls that like him too here?"
[3/20/2017 1:11:21 AM] brooke barnes: "Oh yes." she said, "It comes with him being a High Lord's son."
[3/20/2017 1:13:16 AM] Amber Mitchell : "I see..." She sighed, "I am not suitable for him. There are a lot of other worthy female vampires for him. I'm just a human."
[3/20/2017 1:15:16 AM] brooke barnes: "If Kaiden wanted one of the girls he would have done so by now." she said, "This is all good." she smiled.
[3/20/2017 1:17:57 AM] Amber Mitchell : She looked over at Kaiden again, "It wouldn't hurt to hope a little bit, right?" She smiled back.
[3/20/2017 1:20:31 AM] brooke barnes: "Not at all." she said, "Now, keep them clean and out of water for a little while."

Kaiden came out, smelling of sandalwood and cinnamon.
[3/20/2017 1:22:42 AM] Amber Mitchell : She nodded and stood up to meet Kaiden when he came out. "Mmm, you smell tasty." She teased.
[3/20/2017 1:23:27 AM] brooke barnes: He sniffed her neck, "You're smelling like lavender and Lilacs." he smiled, "Just as tasty."

"Easy you two." said Vashti.
[3/20/2017 1:26:37 AM] Amber Mitchell : She giggled, "Don't worry Vashti, we'll be on our best behavior. Right, Kaiden?"
[3/20/2017 1:29:15 AM] brooke barnes: "Ohhh yes." he chuckled.

"I'm serious now.. We'll keep you the perfume bathes until the night you head out and use the shadow door. Understood?"
[3/20/2017 1:29:22 AM] brooke barnes: "Yes Vashti." said Kaiden
[3/20/2017 1:31:58 AM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah yawned and stretched, "After all that pampering, I am ready for a nice long nap."
[3/20/2017 1:32:55 AM] brooke barnes: "Go on then you two." she said.

They left the room and headed to Kaiden's cabin to take some time to reflect.
[3/20/2017 1:35:07 AM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah flopped down on the bed and yawned again, "This lavender scent is making me so sleepy..."
[3/20/2017 1:35:55 AM] brooke barnes: He smiled, "Take a nap then. I'll get some food for Scout."
[3/20/2017 1:36:49 AM] Amber Mitchell : "Are you sure? I can go with you if you want."
[3/20/2017 1:37:33 AM] brooke barnes: "No, I'm happy to go. I need to check on some things with Striker anyway."
[3/20/2017 1:38:40 AM] Amber Mitchell : "Alright. I'll just stay here with Scout." She smiled and then whistled to Scout to come join her.
[3/20/2017 1:39:05 AM] brooke barnes: He came down happily squeaking to her.
[3/20/2017 1:39:19 AM] brooke barnes: "I'll be back shortly." Kaiden smiled, heading out of the room.
[3/20/2017 1:40:04 AM] Amber Mitchell : "Kaiden...wait a second!" She called out to him before he left the room.
[3/20/2017 1:40:15 AM | Edited 1:40:49 AM] brooke barnes: He paused, "Hmm, yeah what?" he asked.
[3/20/2017 1:41:18 AM] Amber Mitchell : She paused for a moment, "Never can wait." She smiled reassuringly and laid down on the bed.
[3/20/2017 1:42:30 AM] brooke barnes: ".....alright, I'll be back soon." he smiled, but noticed she wanted to say something but didn't push it.
[3/20/2017 1:43:52 AM] Amber Mitchell : Once he was gone she grabbed the pillow and plopped it over her face, frustrated. "Why can't I just ask him?!?!? This is so frustrating!" She sighed into the pillow and threw it at her feet. "What should I do Scout?"
[3/20/2017 1:45:57 AM | Edited 1:46:30 AM] brooke barnes: He tilted his head at her.

[3/20/2017 1:48:26 AM] brooke barnes: The day came and they spent most the day preparing them, when sunset came they were dressed and hair was done, and make up finished.

"You look beautiful." smiled Vashti to Lilah.
[3/20/2017 1:49:53 AM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah looked at herself in the mirror and didn't recognize the beautiful made up woman that was looking back at her. "Thank you, Vashti. I wouldn't look this good without all your help and hard work. I don't even recognize myself."
[3/20/2017 1:51:13 AM] brooke barnes: "You're welcome Delilah, now. Kaiden will be waiting for you." she got a coat on her, it will be a little cold tonight." she said, taking her to the shadow gate.
[3/20/2017 1:53:30 AM] Amber Mitchell : She put the small coat over her shoulders and followed Vashti to the shadow gate. She had butterflies in her stomach fluttering like crazy. She was so nervous for Kaiden to see her. Her heart was racing in hopes that she could impress him. Once they came to the shadow gate, she saw a familiar figure standing there waiting for her.
[3/20/2017 1:55:59 AM | Edited 1:56:59 AM] brooke barnes: Kaiden was dressed in the fine attire with a matching fuchsia flower on his jacket. He blinked seeing Delilah come down the hall and smiled, "You look beautiful."

He didn't expect her to look so different, "Stunning."
[3/20/2017 2:00:17 AM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah had the biggest and most confident smile on her face that lit up her eyes. "Thank you...and you look so handsome. Just amazing."
[3/20/2017 2:01:41 AM] brooke barnes: Kaiden had his hair slicked back and looked clean cut, VERY different for his usually style.

"Thanks, well...better get moving then. Shall we?"
[3/20/2017 2:04:08 AM] Amber Mitchell : "Yes, let's get going. Wouldn't want to be late." She just couldn't stop looking at him. He looked so handsome. Every few minutes, she would steal a glance at him trying to be sneaky about it.
[3/20/2017 2:05:56 AM] brooke barnes: He looked at her, "What?" he chuckled. "Getting naughty ideas?" he teased her a little. "We can do that AFTER the mission." he joked.
[3/20/2017 2:07:13 AM] Amber Mitchell : She quickly looked away when she go caught, "I wasn't!! I just...couldn't help myself." She blushed hard trying to hide it with an angry face.
[3/20/2017 2:08:42 AM] brooke barnes: He chuckled, "I tease I tease." he smirked, he got her hand and kissed it, "You look stunning." the gate activated and he lead her through the black portal and they arrived outside in a hidden area by their destination. Where a carriage for the mission was waiting for them.
[3/20/2017 2:12:22 AM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah chuckled back, "Good save." The carriage door was open for them. Delilah stepped in first. In her seat was a beautiful fuchsia lace mask lined with golden jewels to match her jeweled beret. "Wow, it's beautiful." She picked it up and touched it gently.
[3/20/2017 2:17:21 AM] brooke barnes: Kaiden got a black mask with gold accents as well and slipped his mask on, "They went all out for this." he said

"Let's go." he said to the driver.

[3/20/2017 11:41:12 PM] brooke barnes: The driver made a short drive into the Estate of the Regent of the Glass Region, the fine gardens and fountains centre at the front of the property.

"Nice." said Kaiden looking out the window.
[3/20/2017 11:46:45 PM] Amber Mitchell : "Nice indeed." Delilah looked out her side of the carriage and admired the gardens. She put her mask on and waited anxiously until it was their turn to get out of the carriage.
[3/20/2017 11:48:08 PM] brooke barnes: They pulled up and a footman came to open the door for them. Kaiden stepped out first and helped Delilah out of the carriage, "Shall we?" he asked her.
[3/20/2017 11:54:53 PM] Amber Mitchell : She smiled up at him and took his hand as she stepped out. "Of course." She looked at the huge manor in front of them. It was heavily guarded but beautiful.
[3/20/2017 11:58:52 PM | Edited 3/21/2017 12:10:59 AM] brooke barnes: They gave their 'invitation' to the list man and wee allowed entrance.

He smiled at her, "Let's mingle and fit in first before anything else." he whispered to her as they entered.

Then the announcer called, "Lord Custus and Lady Daliah Black of Satin Estate." calling their 'names'.

"Well...they know we're here now." he chuckled lightly.
[3/21/2017 12:10:04 AM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah nodded and linked her arm with his as he guided her into the manor. Once at the top of the grand staircase, they were announced to the entire party. "Y-yes they do." She felt so overwhelmed that her hands began to shake a bit.
[3/21/2017 12:13:22 AM | Edited 12:13:48 AM] brooke barnes: They got down the steps and onto the main floor of the ballroom, servant offered wine or red or white for them, a real spread of the finest and even exotic dishes were on long and I mean LONG table with flowers decorating and the scent of sweet perfumes filling the room.

Even jesters were dotted around, entering and performing tricks.

Kaiden was wary of them, Jesters were sometimes guises for assassins known as Harlequins, quick and deadly, even for humans.
[3/21/2017 12:30:29 AM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah socialized as needed but made sure to stay by Kaiden's side. She felt like a princess, a true Cinderella. She was a little wary of the Jesters as well. They creeped her out and Kaiden had warned her about them. She took his hand when the music began to slow down. "Dance with me, Lord Custus?" She asked with a smile.
[3/21/2017 12:32:42 AM] brooke barnes: "Of course my Dear.' he got her hand and they went to the dance floor, with the other couples and they began to waltz with the others. He smiled, "You've been busy." he said.
[3/21/2017 12:35:40 AM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah swayed in time with the music letting Kaiden lead. "Yes I have. I practiced while you were hunting."
[3/21/2017 12:40:22 AM] brooke barnes: "Oh? I can tell." he smiled. "I haven't danced in a long while." he spun her then dipped her low, in sync with the other dancers.

"Don't drink any wine or spirits, we need to be sober, alright?" he whispered to her.
[3/21/2017 12:46:31 AM] Amber Mitchell : "As you wish, a proper lady always listens to her husbands commands." She smiled in a teasing manner.
[3/21/2017 12:49:51 AM] brooke barnes: He smirked, "Such a dutiful wife I've married." he teased lightly as well.

After the dance was done and they bowed, "Shall we go and mingle separately?" he asked, the que to go and scout around and FIND the target.
[3/21/2017 12:53:25 AM] Amber Mitchell : "Yes, of course. And thank you for the lovely dance." She bowed her head to him before she turned to leave to mingle among the crowd.
[3/21/2017 12:55:02 AM] brooke barnes: "A pleasure my love." he smiled, winking at her before he went towards the banquet table. To chat and look where the guard sat and see if there was an opening somewhere to sneak away.
[3/21/2017 12:55:58 AM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah went off in a different direction toward their target. He was surrounded by lovely ladies swooning all over him. Delilah rolled her eyes and observed from afar.
[3/21/2017 12:58:20 AM] brooke barnes: A couple of the handsome men came to chat to her as well, then a man in blue attire approached, "Lady Black?" he asked.
[3/21/2017 12:59:52 AM] Amber Mitchell : She looked at the man in blue with a smile, "Yes?"
[3/21/2017 1:02:11 AM] brooke barnes: He gave a bow, "I am Felis Glin, I noticed you and your husband out on the floor dancing, impressive." he held his hand to her to kiss her hand. This was the Regent, the target.
[3/21/2017 1:09:58 AM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah bowed to him in turn and allowed him to kiss her hand. "Well thank you kind sir. My husband is a wonderful dancer indeed. How can I help you?"
[3/21/2017 1:11:02 AM | Edited 1:12:45 AM] brooke barnes: He kissed her hand, "I came over to mingle." he smirked, "I must say you have the most fetching gown here tonight." he complimented.
[3/21/2017 1:17:36 AM] Amber Mitchell : "Thank you. A very dear friend made it for me. She is a brilliant seamstress." She smiled and looked around to see if she could spot Kaiden to que him in.
[3/21/2017 1:20:16 AM] brooke barnes: "That she is....looks like the Fuchsia flower." he smirked, looking her over.

"And the name are all about the flowers?" he smiled.
[3/21/2017 1:24:58 AM] Amber Mitchell : "Yes. It was my mothers favorite flower. And Fuchsia is my favorite color. But enough about me, tell me about yourself, Mr. Glin."
[3/21/2017 1:26:42 AM] brooke barnes: "Felis Please, this is party for be relaxed and enjoyable." he smiled, a servant came by with drinks, "A refreshment?" he offered.
[3/21/2017 1:30:04 AM] Amber Mitchell : "No thank you. I've had enough this evening." She politely declined.
[3/21/2017 1:34:09 AM] brooke barnes: "Would the lady like juice or nectar then?" he offered, "I would be a terrible host without offering."
[3/21/2017 1:38:51 AM] Amber Mitchell : "I will have some juice. That dance left me parched." She took a cup of juice and drank it slowly. "Thank you. You are such a gracious host. This gala is wonderful."
[3/21/2017 1:42:33 AM] brooke barnes: "Thank you, it appreciated." he smiled. "Where you looking for something to eat? I can show you to the Banquet table?" he motioned to the table.
[3/21/2017 1:46:35 AM] Amber Mitchell : "Yes, and I was looking for my husband. I would love for you to meet him." She walked with him toward the table looking at all the delicious food.
[3/21/2017 1:47:22 AM] brooke barnes: "Of course. I would like to talk to him about his satin trading." he smirked.
[3/21/2017 1:50:32 AM] Amber Mitchell : "Yes of course. He would be delighted. Follow me. I am sure he is close by." Delilah made sure to locate Kaiden and signal to him that she got the Regent's attention.
[3/21/2017 1:51:20 AM] brooke barnes: Kaiden was talking to a couple ladies, keeping in character well and he noticed his 'wife' approaching.
[3/21/2017 1:55:08 AM | Edited 1:56:24 AM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah brought him over and introduced him, "My dear, this is the Regent and our host this evening, Felis Glin. Felis, this is my husband, Lord Custus Black."
[3/21/2017 1:56:40 AM] brooke barnes: They shook hand and nodded, "A pleasure to meet you Lord Black, I wash just chatting with your lovely wife and i really would like to discuss your satin business." he smirked.

"Of course, I would be please to chat with you." said Kaiden
[3/21/2017 2:02:17 AM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah stood beside Kaiden and casually moved the fuschia ring from her right hand to her left hand signaling to Kaiden that she was going to continue with her part of the mission now that they had the Regent. She would excuse herself to the outer halls and wait for Kaiden to bring him along so they could talk business privately.
[3/21/2017 2:06:38 AM] brooke barnes: He smiled at her, "Shall we go somewhere away from the noise and chatter?" he asked The Regent.

"Of course, it would be less distracting." he said, as they headed to a sitting area , where the servants brought more drinks and some canapés as well.
[3/21/2017 2:09:18 AM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah excused herself, "I'll be right back, my love. I must say hello to a friend. Pleasure meeting you, Regent." She kissed Kaiden's cheek and headed toward the outer hall to let the other clan members in.
[3/21/2017 2:10:15 AM] brooke barnes: They came in dressed as servants, which they had tied the real servants out in a garden shed. "Where is the target?" Striker was one of the others.
[3/21/2017 2:12:35 AM] Amber Mitchell : "It is the fellow dressed in blue sitting with Kaiden in the sitting area. I will go join them." Once she briefed them on the situation, she rejoined the two.
[3/21/2017 2:14:44 AM | Edited 2:15:31 AM] brooke barnes: "See if you can get the poison in his drink." he said.

They went on to collect the papers form his office, begin in servant guises they could enter, fooling the Stone Knight guards.

Kaiden and The Regent were talking about satin and possible trading with each other.

[3/21/2017 2:23:29 AM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah took the poison and hid it under her silk glove before she joined them. She made eye contact with Kaiden and nodded to make sure he kept him distracted.
[3/21/2017 2:28:16 AM] brooke barnes: "I say we can very much become trading partners Regent." he smiled, "It will be very beneficial for us both."
[3/21/2017 2:28:45 AM] brooke barnes: "Agreed, I look forward to a good partnership." he said.
[3/21/2017 2:32:13 AM] Amber Mitchell : While Kaiden kept him distracted, Delilah removed the poison from her glove and quickly slipped it into his drink.

[3/21/2017 10:04:45 PM] brooke barnes: "Then we'll cheers to a new partnership." smiled Kaiden, the regent nodded and held his cup up and they clinked glasses and they drank their wine, the regent drinking a big swig of the tainted beverage.
[3/21/2017 10:05:40 PM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah raised her glass of juice with a smile and winked at Kaiden.

He winked back, "Regent, I look froward to contracting with you." he stood, "Until later." he bowed.

The poison would work quickly so they walked on casually to make to notice to them.

[3/21/2017 10:49:16 PM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah linked her arm with Kaiden's as they walked away from the Regent. Any moment now, his airways would clamp shut and his heart would stop then he would collapse to the floor. "Job well done, my darling." She said with a smile.
[3/21/2017 10:52:09 PM] brooke barnes: "As with you my dear wife." he smirked as they went on to mingle, no one really saw them go off. They stayed another hour before leaving, not making it rushed or too quick.

Once in the carriage they were back off to the shadow gate.

"AHHHHH finally!" Said kaiden.
[3/21/2017 10:55:35 PM] Amber Mitchell : She blushed under her mask when he called her that. This whole charade was so fun. Her heart was full pretending to be Kaiden's wife. Every time he flashed a smile her way, it made her insides go crazy. He was beginning to take over her heart.

Once they were in the carriage, she removed her mask and leaned back against the comfy seat with a sigh, "I'm relieved it's over. I am glad it went smoothly too."
[3/21/2017 10:57:02 PM] brooke barnes: "That's not easy to pull off, the fool was too trusting and greedy." said Kaiden, messing his hair up to its more comfortable style, but looking rather messy.
[3/21/2017 10:58:24 PM] Amber Mitchell : "You just made it worse. Here, let me help." She moved over to sit next to him and helped him get his hair back to its usual look. She combed her fingers gently through his hair trying to get the gel out.
[3/21/2017 10:59:21 PM] brooke barnes: "Ugh...there's too much product in it." he said with a sigh, "i'm having a shower when I get back and I mean a NORMAL one!" without all the perfumes.
[3/21/2017 11:02:19 PM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah chuckled, "Relax and sit still. I almost got it back to normal." She combed out as much of it as she could and leaned in slightly to take in his scent.
[3/21/2017 11:02:47 PM | Edited 11:03:23 PM] brooke barnes: "............You did well tonight." he said to her.
[3/21/2017 11:05:56 PM] Amber Mitchell : "I'm glad you think so. I was very nervous. I didn't want to mess this up and cause you anymore trouble..." Once she was finished, she ran her hand over his Mohawk to smooth it out. "There. Much better."
[3/21/2017 11:07:11 PM] brooke barnes: He chuckled, "It went swimmingly. And Lord Fallon will let us live." he said, "....But now i'll need to report to the High Council." he grumbled.
[3/21/2017 11:08:22 PM] Amber Mitchell : "What do you think they want?" She asked.
[3/21/2017 11:09:13 PM] brooke barnes: "I don't know....if my 'father' is involved its either something about him or something important." he slumped.
[3/21/2017 11:14:54 PM] Amber Mitchell : "I hope it's nothing too serious..." She leaned back and looked out the carriage window at the night sky. "So do you think Lord Fallon will force me to leave now that the mission is over?"
[3/21/2017 11:18:04 PM] brooke barnes: "....." he sighed, "I really don't want to bother with him."

"No, you're stuck with us now. Since you have seen too much of us now." he smirked.
[3/21/2017 11:21:15 PM] Amber Mitchell : "I'm relieved. I actually like living with you and your is nice to kind of have a family again." She sighed. "I'm sorry...I don't mean to be all sentimental." She suddenly laughed to try to lift the mood a bit.
[3/21/2017 11:22:50 PM] brooke barnes: "No not at all. It may be a clan of vampiric assassins, but we are a family as well. We look out for each other." he said.
[3/21/2017 11:23:41 PM] Amber Mitchell : "I can tell. So many of them welcomed me even though I was a human and an outsider. It wasn't what I expected at all."
[3/21/2017 11:25:11 PM] brooke barnes: "Well if Vashti and I trust you, they will follow suit." he said. "I'll find out what my father is after before headed out."
[3/21/2017 11:29:41 PM] Amber Mitchell : She nodded and leaned against him feeling a little sleepy from the hype of their mission.
[3/21/2017 11:33:06 PM] brooke barnes: "We're almost to the shadow gate, just stay awake a little longer." he said to her.
[3/21/2017 11:35:33 PM] Amber Mitchell : "I will..." Truthfully, she just wanted to be closer to him for some reason. She smiled and enjoyed her small deception. He smelled so good and was so warm.
[3/21/2017 11:39:40 PM] brooke barnes: He smiled liking her closeness.

They arrived to the shadow gate, "Let's go and then We'll be able to rest up." he said to her.
[3/21/2017 11:40:21 PM] Amber Mitchell : "Yeah. I want to get out of this dress so I can breathe normally again." She said as she walked out of the carriage.
[3/21/2017 11:43:26 PM] brooke barnes: They got through the gate and they got to Kaiden's cabin and helped her out of the corset.
[3/21/2017 11:46:30 PM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah let out a huge sigh when the strings on the corset were finally loose and the dress was not hugging her so tightly. "Ahhh, thank you..."
[3/21/2017 11:51:58 PM | Edited 11:52:51 PM] brooke barnes: "Able to Breathe now?" he asked with a chuckle as He got out of his jacket and other clothes. "Ugh too many layers." he groaned, hating dressing so fancy and stiff.
[3/21/2017 11:57:33 PM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah chuckled watching him toss off several pieces of clothing one at a time. "You're just like a child. It's so cute." She took off her heels and began to slip out of the dress.
[3/22/2017 12:14:37 AM] brooke barnes: He looked at her, "Oh really?" he asked, "How so?" he watched her removing the dress.
[3/22/2017 12:18:24 AM] Amber Mitchell : "Oh, when you complain about having to wear so many clothes and tossing them off carelessly all over the room. Very childlike." She stepped out of the dress and laid it nicely over the back of a chair. She took the jeweled baret out of her hair and let the loose curls fall.
[3/22/2017 12:19:07 AM] brooke barnes: He gave a dry expression, "I hate undercover missions because you have to dress out of folk are the worst." he said.
[3/22/2017 12:22:48 AM] Amber Mitchell : "I can agree with that. So many people I talked to were such snobs. I felt sorry for them." She put her stretchy suit back on went to hang up her dress. She spotted Scout sleeping on top of the wardrobe and smiled.
[3/22/2017 12:23:54 AM] brooke barnes: "........" he handed her a cloth to wipe off the make up.

"Its pathetic how oblivious they are of the how the REAL world actually goes outside their little glass and gold boxes." he said.
[3/22/2017 12:25:12 AM] Amber Mitchell : She took the cloth and gently wiped away the make up from her face. "Ugh, I need a bath. This stuff refuses to come off..."
[3/22/2017 12:25:54 AM] brooke barnes: "Let's head to the bath spring then." he smirked.
[3/22/2017 12:29:41 AM] Amber Mitchell : "Right behind you!" She smirked back.
[3/22/2017 12:30:28 AM] brooke barnes: They headed on with some drying cloths to the bathing room, not wanting ANY smelling oils or perfumes for a LONG while. They reached the spring and they had it to themselves.
[3/22/2017 12:33:18 AM] Amber Mitchell : "Excellent there is no one else here." In no time, she stripped out of her clothes and sat in the spring washing away all the perfume oils and make up.
[3/22/2017 12:34:06 AM] brooke barnes: He did the same and stepped in and ducked under to get the product out of his hair. He resurfaced all soak and sighed, "Ahhh fuck that's the best feeling."
[3/22/2017 12:40:38 AM] Amber Mitchell : "Yes it is. I feel like myself again." She ducked under the warm water to wet her hair and get the product out. When she resurfaced, it was long and straight again.
[3/22/2017 12:41:26 AM] brooke barnes: He smiled, at the sight of her wet and surrounded by steam.

"You look good like this." he smirked at her crossing his arms.
[3/22/2017 12:42:34 AM] Amber Mitchell : "Like what?" She asked while rubbing warm water up and down her arms.
[3/22/2017 12:43:36 AM | Edited 12:44:13 AM] brooke barnes: "Surrounded by steam and all wet and hair sticking to you." he said to her.
[3/22/2017 12:46:48 AM] Amber Mitchell : She chuckled, "Thank you. You look quite enticing as well."
[3/22/2017 12:47:45 AM] brooke barnes: He chuckled, wading over to her and sat next to her, "Mmmm we needed this." he said.
[3/22/2017 12:49:41 AM] Amber Mitchell : "Yes we do..." She pulled her hair over her shoulder and sat down. She played with it quietly not knowing what to say to him. Her talk with Vashti made being intimate with him a little awkward.
[3/22/2017 12:50:33 AM] brooke barnes: " okay? You seem....embarrassed?" he asked.
[3/22/2017 12:54:31 AM] Amber Mitchell : "Yeah, Im fine. I'm just tired is all..." She leaned back against the edge of the spring and lowered herself down more into the water.
[3/22/2017 12:56:17 AM] brooke barnes: "Yeah same.....on edge...stressed a bit. A good night sleep will be wanted tonight." he said.
[3/22/2017 12:58:25 AM] Amber Mitchell : "Yeah, all the above." She wrapped her arms around her chest and thought about what Vashti said to her.
[3/22/2017 12:58:48 AM | Edited 12:59:25 AM] brooke barnes: "...........You're acting odd. What's going on?" he asked.
[3/22/2017 12:59:22 AM] Amber Mitchell : "I am? I'm sorry...I guess I am more tired than I realized."
[3/22/2017 12:59:51 AM] brooke barnes: " you're deep in thought about something when you usually are not.....what's going on?" he said.
[3/22/2017 1:00:48 AM] Amber Mitchell : "It's nothing really. I'm fine, I promise." She said trying to get him to drop it.
[3/22/2017 1:03:00 AM | Edited 1:03:37 AM] brooke barnes: "............." he decided to leave it be for now, but he planned to ask later. "If you're feeling faint or something tell me please."
[3/22/2017 1:06:04 AM | Edited 1:07:26 AM] Amber Mitchell : "I will..." She didn't like keeping things from Kaiden, but she just wasn't ready to talk about her feelings just yet or confront him about what Vashti told her. Her heart was pounding in her chest from her feelings and partially the heat.
[3/22/2017 1:09:07 AM] brooke barnes: "Mmmm" he got rubbing the product out of his hair, "I need to smell like me again." he said.

".....did you want to come with me to the High Council?" he asked.
[3/22/2017 1:10:01 AM] Amber Mitchell : She said nothing still lost in thought.
[3/22/2017 1:10:17 AM] brooke barnes: "....." he sighed, "Delilah!" he said.
[3/22/2017 1:10:58 AM] Amber Mitchell : "Eeek! What?!" She said suddenly startled.
[3/22/2017 1:11:47 AM] brooke barnes: "I asked you if you want to come with me when I go to see the Council?" he asked her again.
[3/22/2017 1:13:11 AM] Amber Mitchell : "Sure I'll go with you." She stood up and walked out of the water. "It's getting a little too hot for me. I'm going to bed..." She wrapped a towel around her chest and used another to dry her hair.
[3/22/2017 1:13:46 AM] brooke barnes: "........." he blinked at her sudden exit.

The next morning.
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PostSubject: Re: Kaidan & Delilah: Part 2   Kaidan & Delilah: Part 2 I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 02, 2017 7:49 pm

[3/26/2017 8:48:34 PM] brooke barnes: After a night of rest, Kaiden was up and getting ready to head out to the High Council. ".....You ready?" he asked Lilah.
[3/26/2017 8:50:54 PM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah pulled her hair up into a ponytail and smiled, "Yeah, I'm ready. Are you?"
[3/26/2017 8:51:16 PM | Edited 8:51:34 PM] brooke barnes: ".....I never am with this situation."  he sighed, wrapping his scarf around his neck.
[3/26/2017 8:52:32 PM] Amber Mitchell : "It'll be okay. I don't know what I can really do for you, but I will stay by your side." She said with a gentle reassuring smile.
[3/26/2017 8:53:38 PM] brooke barnes: He smiled, "Thank you." he said.

Striker came by, "The Shadow Gate is ready. Do you know what its about?" he asked kaiden.

"Not a fucking clue." Kaiden said.
[3/26/2017 8:56:01 PM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah was nervous for him. She wondered what his father could possibly want with him. "I'm curious. What is your father like?"
[3/26/2017 8:56:37 PM] brooke barnes: "................He puts his Rank before anything." he said.
[3/26/2017 8:57:54 PM] Amber Mitchell : "Oh...I see." Delilah walked alongside him until they stopped in front of the Shadow Gate. "Anything I should know before we go?"
[3/26/2017 8:59:09 PM] brooke barnes: "Let me do that talking and if you're asked a question, answer simply and remember to call them my lord." he said.
[3/26/2017 9:01:46 PM] Amber Mitchell : "Ok." She said and took a step forward. She held out her hand to him. "Ready?"
[3/26/2017 9:02:46 PM] brooke barnes: He sighed, "As I'll ever be." he said.

They headed to the gate. He took a deep breath and they stepped through.
[3/26/2017 9:03:56 PM] Amber Mitchell : Once through the gate, she looked around not recognizing where the gate had let them out at. "Where are we exactly?"
[3/26/2017 9:05:58 PM | Edited 9:06:22 PM] brooke barnes: IT was a HUGE black stone castle surround by a red water moat and black iron gates. Soldiers in black shiny armour stood at the gates.

"......Sanguin Castle." Kaiden answered her, "This is the palace of plots and positions. Where the High Council sit and debate and cast judgment on the HIGHEST of crimes." he said.
[3/26/2017 9:10:07 PM] Amber Mitchell : " is both amazing and terrifying." She said as she looked at the castle and its ominous surroundings. "And your father is the head of the council, right?"
[3/26/2017 9:12:24 PM] brooke barnes: "No, he's the High Lord of this region. The Head of Council is not least last i was here." he said, They approached the gate guards.

"Your name!" they asked.

"Master Kaiden Amadeus Bale." he spoke his full name, "Here to answer the summons of High lord Bale."
[3/26/2017 9:13:29 PM | Edited 9:13:48 PM] brooke barnes: "And the other?" they asked again.

"She's a trainee Assassin. My second hand."

"You may pass." they gate creaked opened and the bridge was descended.
[3/26/2017 9:17:28 PM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah became nervous when the guard noticed her and asked who she was. She really wished she could have brought Scout with her. He really helped her relax at times like these. She stayed quiet and let Kaiden do the majority of the talking. He led her over the bridge and up a tall staircase to the large doors that led into the castle.

Guards at the doors opened and they entered the castle, the floors and stairs were made of black marble and statues of nude gods and goddesses, a fountain of the same red water spouting out of them.

[3/26/2017 9:25:20 PM] Amber Mitchell : The architecture of this castle was amazing. Everything was so sleek and perfect. But it had an overwhelming sense of dread and it was so cold. She remained close to Kaiden as he led her through the castle.
[3/26/2017 9:27:26 PM] brooke barnes: Then other vampires dressing in their best finery were showing up and looking at them as they walked through the halls.

Kaiden got her hand, as to show he was still aware of her concern.
[3/26/2017 9:29:58 PM] Amber Mitchell : She squeezed his hand back. Seeing all these vampires around her made her very anxious. Being a human made her stick out like a sore thumb. Still, she held her composure and kept walking as if nothing was bothering her.

They reached to a set of carved patterned doors, "Okay...deep breath and keep calm." he said to her, "We'll be alright." he smiled at her.

[3/26/2017 10:00:45 PM] Amber Mitchell : She looked over at him, "As long as you're with me, I know I'm safe." She returned his smile and squeezed his hand again.
[3/26/2017 10:06:47 PM] brooke barnes: He nodded and they entered on in.

It was a tall roofed room with painting on the ceiling and five barristers with a finely dressed vampire in each except the tallest one with a throne behind it, stood empty.

"Ah "Master Bale you've come at last." a blonde vampire smiled.

Kaiden bowed, "Lord Hexus."
[3/26/2017 10:07:36 PM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah bowed as well to show her respect.
[3/26/2017 10:09:51 PM] brooke barnes: "Who is this?" the only female asked, "Lord-Lady Laith, This is Delilah Dawson...she's just been accepted into out assassins clan."

Then one who stood out amgonst the lords spoke, "I instructed YOU to come, no one else." his tone irritated.
[3/26/2017 10:16:06 PM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah assumed the one that just addressed Kaiden was his father. He resembled him greatly. "It's a pleasure to meet you all, my lords and ladies." She bowed her head again.
[3/26/2017 10:19:26 PM] brooke barnes: "..........." Lord Bale just glared.

"WHO I bring My Lord is of MY choice and you didn't specify to me to come alone." Kaiden said frowning at him.

"Lord Bale, he is entitled to bring guests if he wishes." said Lord-Lady Leith.

"......She's a human still?" asked a white haired lord.

"Yes Lord Ulf. I....wasn't planning on turning her." Kaiden said
[3/26/2017 10:21:21 PM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah held her hands in front of her body and remained still. One of the lords commented on the fact that she was human. That made her very nervous.
[3/26/2017 10:26:20 PM] brooke barnes: "WHY is she part of the clan if she is NOT turned?" asked Lord Bale.

".......She interrupted me on a mission and she has seen to much, we've made up for it by a mission last night." he said.

"......Anyway....I've called you here to offer you a position in the Council Castle." said Lord Bale.

"..................Seriously?" he sounded unimpressed.
[3/26/2017 10:32:28 PM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah gasped softly when she heard the lords proposal. She looked at Kaiden when he responded seeming rather unimpressed by his offer. Does this mean he was going to leave her?
[3/26/2017 10:36:12 PM] brooke barnes: "................Over a century of not being around and you DARE to offer that?" Kaiden glared.

"Master Bale we all believe you are suited tot he role of the the next Lord of this Region." said Lord bale.

"................With all due respect to the Lords, EXCEPT you." he glared at his father, "I'm FINE being as I am and the other part is you can go FUCK yourself." he said, "Come on Delilah." he got leaving.
[3/26/2017 10:44:04 PM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah didn't argue and followed Kaiden. She looked over her shoulder at the council members, his father seemed furious.
[3/26/2017 10:45:16 PM] brooke barnes: Once they left they went to a different part of the castle, He growled and punched the wall, making a crack. "That fucker thinks he can OFFER that bullshit and things will be fine?! I fucking think not!!!"
[3/26/2017 10:49:24 PM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah understood why he was so upset. She wasn't sure how she could really comfort him. "Your father seemed very angry...I hope this doesn't mean the worst for you..."
[3/26/2017 10:50:08 PM] brooke barnes: "I can go suck a cock for all I care! He's not my father, he's just a sperm donor." he frowned.
[3/26/2017 10:52:14 PM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah took a chance and gently wrapped her arms around him hugging him from behind. "I know you don't care about him or what he says...I am just worried something will happen to you...I don't want that to happen..."
[3/26/2017 10:57:13 PM] brooke barnes: ".......I'm worried they might do something to you. Because you're human it makes it harder." he sighed
[3/26/2017 10:59:59 PM] Amber Mitchell : She squeezed his scarf in her hands as she gripped him tighter, "I'll be fine as long as you are with me..."
[3/26/2017 11:00:39 PM] brooke barnes: "..........................If there was a time you were offered Vampirism........would you take it?" he asked.
[3/26/2017 11:01:43 PM] Amber Mitchell : She became silent and thought about it for a moment, "Of course I wouldn't want to change who I am...but it depends on the situation..."
[3/26/2017 11:02:45 PM] brooke barnes: ".......If you don't I won't be upset, I would rather you didn't have it." he said.
[3/26/2017 11:05:44 PM] Amber Mitchell : "If it came down to me living or dying...then yes I would chose to become a vampire." She said.
[3/26/2017 11:07:24 PM] brooke barnes: ".........Then it will be ONLY in that situation." he said.

"Kaiden." a voice spoke and his father was standing there.

"My Study NOW." he said.

Kaiden glared, "And If I say NO."

"Your CLAN will know the consequences." he warned.

".........." he growled ad followed him, "YOU as well." he growled at Delilah.
[3/26/2017 11:10:05 PM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah swallowed hard when he asked for both of them to come to his study. She followed the two of them starting to feel nervous again. She wondered what he was up to.
[3/26/2017 11:26:23 PM] brooke barnes: They entered the study and Lord Bale removed his cloak and hung it up. he was a well groomed and tall man. He then sat behind his desk.

Kaiden crossed his arms, "If You're about to lecture me I'm leaving." Kaiden said.
[3/26/2017 11:44:31 PM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah stood at the back of the room near the door so the two of them could talk.
[3/27/2017 12:01:28 AM] brooke barnes: "I called you here because what they spoke in there is true. You're my son, and I want you to be the next High Lord for our region." he said.

"NO. I told you in there was TRUE as well." glared Kaiden.
[3/27/2017 12:04:29 AM] Amber Mitchell : She rubbed her arm nervously as she watched them go back and forth with each other. She approached Kaiden and held his hand to try and keep him calm.
[3/27/2017 12:08:39 AM] brooke barnes: "....ANd you brought a HUMAN here...." he glared, "DO you KNOW how dangerous that is?!"

"SHE is worthy of knowing. She's NOT a blabber mouth!" growled Kaiden.
[3/27/2017 12:10:19 AM] Amber Mitchell : "I have sworn my allegiance to the clan. I have no intention of betraying Kaiden or anyone." She finally spoke up tired of him treating her in such a manner.
[3/27/2017 12:11:55 AM] brooke barnes: "..............You've some nerve speaking when i've not LOOKED at you." glared Lord bale.

"YOU will show her respect!" Growled Kaiden.

He noticed his son's reaction, " pathetic." he said.
[3/27/2017 12:14:24 AM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah finally had enough, "You're the pathetic one in my eyes. Never being around for your son and then suddenly showing up when you need something of him!"
[3/27/2017 12:14:51 AM] brooke barnes: "I'm calling him pathetic since he's FALLEN for a human." he glared.

Kaiden growled.
[3/27/2017 12:23:05 AM] Amber Mitchell : She blushed slightly, but stood her ground. "So what? At least he wouldn't abandon me. Something you know nothing about."
[3/27/2017 12:24:22 AM] brooke barnes: "YOU KNOW NOTHING YOU WALKING BLOOD BAG!!" his eyes flashed and growled.

Kaiden got Delilah behind him, "We're leaving. DON'T contact me again." he glared as they left.
[3/27/2017 12:26:11 AM] Amber Mitchell : "I'm sorry...I shouldn't have said such things to make him angry like that...but he just made me so angry. I had to say something.." She hung her head low as they walked away from the study.
[3/27/2017 12:28:18 AM] brooke barnes: "No, You showed him you're not a push over or a coward." he smiled, "SO don't apologise.......its kind of hot seeing you angry." he teased.

"But he's asked me this before. Which is why i'm angry already."
[3/27/2017 12:31:49 AM] Amber Mitchell : "Let's just get out of here before something else happens." She said.
[3/27/2017 12:31:57 AM] brooke barnes: "Agreed." he said.
[3/27/2017 12:34:15 AM] Amber Mitchell : She could see the Shadow Gate from the top of the stairs. "Finally. Let's go home."
[3/27/2017 12:36:46 AM] brooke barnes: "Kaiden is that you?" a voice asked.

"........Fuck my life." he froze looking behind him, seeing a beautiful blonde vampiress approach wearing a red, rather revealing mermaid dress.

Delilah turned around and saw the beautiful woman standin behind them, "Kaiden, do you know this woman?"

"...........Unfortunately I do." he sighed.

"Unfortunetaly?" she smirked walking up to him, "Last time I saw you We have a great time." she said, pushing Delilah away.

"Roseline! I told you I am NOT MARRYING you." he glared.

[3/27/2017 12:44:12 AM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah was disgusted by this woman's snarky attitude. She crossed her arms and looked at her crossly. "Excuse you." She said moving back to her spot beside Kaiden pushing her her away this time.
[3/27/2017 12:45:46 AM] brooke barnes: She looked at Delilah with disgust as well, "Who's the fly?" she asked Kaiden.

"Her NAME is Delilah, and you will STEP BACK." he said, pushing her off with not rough force but to tell he was annoyed.

"You're going with a HUMAN?" she looked down on Lilah.
[3/27/2017 12:49:42 AM] Amber Mitchell : "Pety insults. How cute." Delilah laughed, mocking her. "Now if you will excuse us, we were on our way out."
[3/27/2017 12:51:43 AM] brooke barnes: "The only thing petty here is YOU blood bag." she said to her.

"Kaiden, you PROMISED me you would marry me!" she pouted.

"I promised NOTHING!!" he said to her, "We're were having SEX that was it!" he said.
[3/27/2017 12:54:07 AM | Edited 12:54:34 AM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah rolled her eyes at her not playing into her hands. She just stood there watching her put on her little show. "You don't have to explain yourself to her. We can just leave." She said starting to get a bit irritated by her presence.
[3/27/2017 12:55:45 AM] brooke barnes: "YOU can go little fly. I need to talk to my fiancé." she said to her.

"WHICH I AM NOT!" said Kaiden, he was not using hard force with her for some reason.
[3/27/2017 12:57:47 AM] Amber Mitchell : "This so called fly will buzz in your tiny obviously inoperative ears until you can take a hint!" She got between Kaiden and Roseline. "You may be a vampire, but I am not scared of your prissy ass." Why in the world was she getting so jealous?!?!
[3/27/2017 1:01:25 AM] brooke barnes: "And this Prissy ASS will DRAIN you into a husk!" she hissed and her fangs extended.

Kaiden got Delilah away from Roseline and he hissed back, "NO. You will NOT touch her or I WILL hurt you." he warned.

"Hurt me Kaiden Love and You'll my FATHER to deal with." she smirked.

He glared, "Go on Delilah, And WE are not getting married." he glared as they left through the gate.

"........We'll see my love." she smirked.
[3/27/2017 1:03:21 AM] Amber Mitchell : Once through the gate Delilah exhaled and shook her head. "Geez, just how many people are you going to piss off today?!"
[3/27/2017 1:04:33 AM] brooke barnes: "Many." he sighed, knowing he'll need to explain about Roseline.

"I was hoping not to see her though."
[3/27/2017 1:05:58 AM] Amber Mitchell : "A little warning might have been nice. I hate entitled prissy bitches like her that think they can get whatever they want."
[3/27/2017 1:07:01 AM] brooke barnes: ".....She's entitled prissy bitch who is also High Lord Hexus' daughter." he sighed.
[3/27/2017 1:08:40 AM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah sighed and shook her head wondering just what she got herself into. Vashti was right to warn her about his many persuers. "I am surprised your father isn't making you marry her."

[4/3/2017 9:01:59 PM] brooke barnes: Kaiden sighed, "I wouldn't put it past my father to arrange it to keep me in the Politics of his clan." He shuddered, "I am NOT a leader. I don't wish for it don't want it."
[4/3/2017 9:06:31 PM] Amber Mitchell : "It seems like a pretty hefty job. I wouldn't really want it either." She sat down and started to remove her leg armor.
[4/3/2017 9:11:17 PM] brooke barnes: He helped her undo the armour, "Its worst with vampires than humans."
[4/3/2017 9:13:00 PM] Amber Mitchell : "And more dangerous..." She sat back against her chair and let Kaiden take off her leg armor.
[4/3/2017 9:25:34 PM] brooke barnes: He pulled them off with a bit of a tug, "That it is."

"If you have any more questions I'm willing to answer for you." he said
[4/3/2017 9:27:30 PM] Amber Mitchell : "What will you do if your father does put you in an arranged marriage with her?" She asked to satisfy her curiosity.
[4/3/2017 9:31:17 PM | Edited 9:31:52 PM] brooke barnes: "I'll be RUNNING off the other side of the country." he said.
[4/3/2017 9:32:16 PM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah laughed, "I have a feeling she would follow you to the ends of the earth."
[4/3/2017 9:36:26 PM] brooke barnes: "If she does I'll be beating it out of her." he said.

"She hasn't pursued me physically But I know Roseline will stop at nothing to have what she wants." he said.
[4/3/2017 9:38:33 PM] Amber Mitchell : "I guess that means we should both be on our toes. It seems like she won't rest until she has your heart and my head on spit." She somewhat joked.
[4/3/2017 9:41:12 PM] brooke barnes: "Figuratively AND literally." he said
[4/3/2017 9:43:53 PM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah stood and took of her shoulder pads. "Are there any other scorned women from your past I should be warned about?"
[4/3/2017 9:46:07 PM] brooke barnes: "No one as DANGEROUS as Roseline, no." he said, "I make it clear when i get in bed with a woman. At the time I wasn't looking for anything serious."
[4/3/2017 9:47:17 PM] Amber Mitchell : "I see... Not that I really care how many other women you have slept with. I just want to know about the dangerous ones."
[4/3/2017 9:48:00 PM] brooke barnes: "All vampiresses are dangerous, but the only one of real concern is Roseline." he sighed.
[4/3/2017 9:50:10 PM] Amber Mitchell : "Bad judge of character on that one." She said taking her hair down. "She may be beautiful on the outside, but inside is a whole other story..."
[4/3/2017 9:52:00 PM] brooke barnes: "She's the more dangerous version of a fact our women are more dangerous." he said.
[4/3/2017 9:55:17 PM] Amber Mitchell : "ALL women are dangerous." She said falling back on the bed. "But I digress, I don't doubt she is dangerous. If I keep training, I think I can eventually take her if it comes to that."
[4/3/2017 9:57:26 PM] brooke barnes: "i don't want you taking her on at ALL." he said in a serious tone.
[4/3/2017 9:58:59 PM] Amber Mitchell : She sat up and looked at him, "I hope it doesn't come to that, but like it or not, I am involved now unfortunately."
[4/3/2017 9:59:40 PM] brooke barnes: "You would need to be a vampire yourself to stand against her." he said.
[4/3/2017 10:00:39 PM] Amber Mitchell : "She didn't seem all that tough to me." she said.
[4/3/2017 10:01:04 PM] brooke barnes: "She was trained as a Shadowclaw." he said.
[4/3/2017 10:01:33 PM] brooke barnes: "More dangerous than an assassin." he added
[4/3/2017 10:02:40 PM] Amber Mitchell : "Is she stronger than you?"
[4/3/2017 10:03:50 PM] brooke barnes: "She's faster and more cunning." he said, "Which is a dangerous mix. but I can hold my ground against her physically."
[4/3/2017 10:05:32 PM] Amber Mitchell : "Wow...I didn't realize. But I'm not scared of her. It takes a lot to rattle me, so don't worry."
[4/3/2017 10:08:29 PM] brooke barnes: "Just don't let her get into your head." he said. He got undressed as well, "But enough about that. I need a nap." he said.
[4/3/2017 10:10:15 PM] Amber Mitchell : She nodded in agreement. "Yeah, I'm beat." She laid down on her side resting her head on her arm.
[4/3/2017 10:13:26 PM] brooke barnes: He laid next to her and relaxed, kissing her cheek, "Rest well lilah."
[4/3/2017 10:15:42 PM] Amber Mitchell : She smiled while her eyes remained closed, "You too, Kaiden..."
[4/3/2017 10:18:26 PM] brooke barnes: A while later, Kaiden groaned awake and stretched, "......ugh..." he hated waking up.
[4/3/2017 10:19:59 PM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah had turned over in her sleep and was now facing towards Kaiden snuggled closer to him invading his side a bit in a peaceful sleep.
[4/3/2017 10:22:27 PM] brooke barnes: "I don't know HOW you do it." he sighed, moving her hair from her face.
[4/3/2017 10:24:55 PM] Amber Mitchell : "Mm.." She moved her head slightly from the tickle of her hair moving away from her face but remained asleep.
[4/3/2017 10:30:03 PM] brooke barnes: He sighed and stood, quietly got dressed and left the room.

Striker found him leaving his room, "Oh you're back early...."

"I've been back for a couple hours, just been resting up." said Kaiden.

"And Miss Dawson?

"She's asleep still." Kaiden replied.
[4/3/2017 10:32:59 PM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah slowly woke up when she heard the door shut. She sat up and looked around as she stretched. "Mmm...I needed that power nap!" She put her hair up and left her heavy armor behind. She whistled for Scout to come with her as she went to pay a visit to the greenhouse.
[4/3/2017 10:33:25 PM] brooke barnes: Scout flew down to her, squeaking happily.
[4/3/2017 10:35:32 PM] brooke barnes: Kaiden meanwhile went on to get something to eat for Delilah and some more raw meat for scout, Striker walked with him.. ".....I'm thinking I'll be going on an outside mission again. It was more......invigorating."

"You need to speak with Lord Fallon first." shrugged Striker.

"Of course." he grumbled.
[4/3/2017 10:36:32 PM] Amber Mitchell : "I think we know this place well enough to go off on our own for a bit. Don't you think so boy?" She opened the door and shut it behind her heading toward the direction of the greenhouse.
[4/3/2017 10:40:12 PM] brooke barnes: Lord Fallon was waling down the hall with a book in hand and talking to himself.

He paused looking up, "......You're back already? I do hope you two actually went."
[4/3/2017 10:42:46 PM] Amber Mitchell : She resisted the urge to roll her eyes and spoke, "We did. And the mission went well..."
[4/3/2017 10:43:19 PM] brooke barnes: ".........I meant for the Sanguine Palace." he said dryly.
[4/3/2017 10:46:11 PM] Amber Mitchell : "Yes, of course. We went, but Kaiden can tell you the rest." She said and started to continue in the direction she was going walking away from him.
[4/3/2017 10:46:52 PM] brooke barnes: "............Weird girl."  he said.
[4/3/2017 10:48:18 PM] brooke barnes: Kaiden was heading back to the bedroom and met her in the hall way, "Hey, you're up." he said.
[4/3/2017 10:49:52 PM] Amber Mitchell : "Oh, hey. Lord Fallon was asking about the visit to the palace. You should let him know what happened." She noticed the food in his hands. "Need help taking that back to the room?"
[4/3/2017 10:56:24 PM] brooke barnes: "......I'll talk to him soon, I brought some food for you two." he said.
[4/3/2017 10:59:33 PM] Amber Mitchell : "Thanks a lot. I was headed into the greenhouse if you want to come with me. I was going to make some more potions and ointments."
[4/3/2017 11:01:30 PM] brooke barnes: "Sure, I need to talk to you anyway." he said.
[4/3/2017 11:02:11 PM] Amber Mitchell : "Ok. So talk." She pet Scout's head as she started walking.
[4/3/2017 11:05:58 PM] brooke barnes: They walked on to the greenhouse, "I'm thinking strongly in travelling again...maybe heading back to the base with my wolves." he said.
[4/3/2017 11:07:14 PM] Amber Mitchell : "Oh? What made you decide this?" She asked.
[4/3/2017 11:08:11 PM | Edited 11:10:47 PM] brooke barnes: "I don't like staying here for an unnecessary amount of time." he sighed, "I want my own space again, away from the eyes of the clan."
[4/3/2017 11:11:12 PM] Amber Mitchell : "You want to go alone...?" She asked him feeling her heart suddenly drop.
[4/3/2017 11:11:39 PM] brooke barnes: "No no no! You're coming with me, No way I'de leave you here." he said.
[4/3/2017 11:13:12 PM] Amber Mitchell : "Good. Don't scare me like that. You looked so glum like you had bad news or something." She said punching him in the shoulder.
[4/3/2017 11:13:54 PM] brooke barnes: he chuckled, "Not my intentions i promise." he said, "I just need to speak with Lord Fallon about it and we should be good."
[4/3/2017 11:15:27 PM] Amber Mitchell : She laughed, "You really think he is going to let you leave again so soon? I somehow doubt that."
[4/3/2017 11:18:20 PM] brooke barnes: "I've completed the task he asked of me and I've gone to see my father, He's no real reason to keep me here against my will." he said, "Nor for you."
[4/3/2017 11:20:25 PM] Amber Mitchell : "It would be nice to leave this place. I miss the outside world and so does Scout."
[4/3/2017 11:22:13 PM | Edited 11:22:52 PM] brooke barnes: "I prefer to roam where i please and I want more tme to ourselves honestly." he said
[4/3/2017 11:23:01 PM] Amber Mitchell : She chuckled, "You also want to get away from Roseline don't you?"
[4/3/2017 11:24:28 PM] brooke barnes: "Yes....i do." he said.
[4/3/2017 11:30:34 PM] Amber Mitchell : "I'm all for it. I'll go wherever you want to go." She said.
[4/3/2017 11:31:43 PM] brooke barnes: They reached the green house and placed her food down, "I'll peaked with lord Fallow then, I'll be back later."
[4/3/2017 11:32:40 PM] Amber Mitchell : "Ok. When I'm done here, I'll meet you back in your room." She smiled.
[4/3/2017 11:40:34 PM] brooke barnes: "Sure thing." he left and went to see his uncle.
[4/3/2017 11:42:18 PM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah saved her food for later but set the bowl of raw meat up high for Scout while she worked. Once she was done, she headed back to Kaiden's room a while later.
[4/3/2017 11:56:23 PM] brooke barnes: Kaiden arrived to Fallon's study, "Well, you don't usually come something on your mind?" he asked.

"I wish to be allowed to venture out again. I've completed your task and so has Delilah." he said.

"SO you wish to leave the clan again?" he asked.

"Yes." Kaiden said.

".........I wish you would stay longer Kaiden." he said.

"I know...but Roseline is back and saw me at the palace....I'm NOT sticking around." he said.

"You know it would be unwise to anger her." said Fallon.

"I don't give 2 fucks worth about her." Kaiden said simply.
[4/4/2017 12:07:15 AM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah entered the room and put the few things she made away in her pack and started to eat. She wondered how things were going with Kaiden and Lord Fallon and hoped he would be back soon with good news.
[4/4/2017 12:10:08 AM] brooke barnes: "...." Fallon sighed, "Very well....You may leave when you are read."

Kaiden bowed, "Thank you....uncle." he said as he left.

He rushed back to the room with a big grin, "We're heading out."
[4/4/2017 12:17:47 AM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah was so happy and smiled happily, "You mean he said yes? We can leave now?"
[4/4/2017 12:18:25 AM] brooke barnes: "He said we can leave whenever we're ready." he smirked, "And I'm packing now." he said.
[4/4/2017 12:19:45 AM] Amber Mitchell : "That's great! I can't wait to get out of here and see the sun again and get some fresh air." She hopped off the bed and started packing as well.
[4/4/2017 12:21:31 AM] brooke barnes: They packed their needed items and some rations. Checking his weapons and stock of any medicine he would need.

He got dressed in his assassin attire and his scarf around his neck.
[4/4/2017 12:23:52 AM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah was happy that she made some extra ointments and such for the trip. She put her armor back on and put her hood over her head. She even tied a little black bandana around Scout's neck so they matched. "I'm ready if you are."
[4/4/2017 12:25:14 AM] brooke barnes: "Fuck yes." he smirked and got his hood on as they left.
[4/4/2017 12:26:12 AM] Amber Mitchell : "I am sure you will want to celebrate once we get back to the hideout." She teased sticking her tongue out at him playfully.
[4/4/2017 12:28:18 AM | Edited 12:29:41 AM] brooke barnes: He winked at her, "Only if you're up to it." he snickered.

"But I'm thinking we go to a town to eat first as part ONE of the celebration and then then part two we find palace to camp and we 'play around' in the moonlight."
[4/4/2017 12:28:50 AM] brooke barnes: ".....Then part three we go again in the hideout." he chuckled.
[4/4/2017 12:31:13 AM] Amber Mitchell : She snickered, "You are such a hopeless romantic. But that plan sounds great. Let's get moving then!"
[4/4/2017 12:33:19 AM] brooke barnes: He smirked, "I try." he got running, feeling energised with his freedom again.
[4/4/2017 12:34:45 AM] Amber Mitchell : She ran along with him and whistled to Scout to fly over head and stretch his wings. "It's nice to see you smiling again."
[4/4/2017 12:37:53 AM] brooke barnes: He smirked, "One thing I've always valued...and its freedom!" he said, keeping his running to a speed that Delilah and keep up with. Scout let out a screech of excitement, happy to stretch his wings.
[4/4/2017 12:40:40 AM] Amber Mitchell : She smiled at him and couldn't help but stare at him a bit. She took in the fresh air and smiled as well happy to be back outside in nature and not underground. "How about we have a moonlight picnic? We have spent enough time inside. Let's spend as much time outside as we can."
[4/4/2017 12:41:57 AM] brooke barnes: "Agreed." he said, "Once we get to the town we'll get some items and look for a good spot for camping."
[4/4/2017 12:43:28 AM] Amber Mitchell : She nodded and looked up to check on Scout. He was so happy to be free as well. "Scout is happy as well. It has been several weeks since he was able to fly freely like this."
[4/4/2017 12:46:12 AM] brooke barnes: "The little fellow needed to be out here." he said.
[4/4/2017 12:46:33 AM] Amber Mitchell : "Yes, it's where he belongs." She replied.
[4/4/2017 12:48:34 AM] brooke barnes: They travelled on for a day, when sunset came, Kaiden used his vampire abilities to appeared just outside the city, "Let's go to the night markets and then out to our camping area."
[4/4/2017 12:53:21 AM] Amber Mitchell : "Ok. Let's go. I hope they have lots of fresh fruit and some meat for Scout." She could smell all the food from outside the city. It was making her even more hungry.
[4/4/2017 12:54:29 AM] brooke barnes: "I'll see if there some bread and cheese."
[4/4/2017 12:55:04 AM] Amber Mitchell : "Ok. I'll go this way and we'll meet in the middle."
[4/4/2017 12:56:33 AM] brooke barnes: "sounds good, see you in a bit." he said, heading off.
[4/4/2017 12:58:35 AM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah found plenty of fresh fruits and some veggies too. She filled up a bag and made her way to the middle to meet Kaiden and pay for their food.
[4/4/2017 12:59:41 AM] brooke barnes: He came back within a short time with a small wheel of a good cheese and a round loaf of bread. "How'd you go?"
[4/4/2017 1:00:46 AM] Amber Mitchell : "I got lots of fruit and vegetables and was about to look at the meat selection. How about you?"
[4/4/2017 1:02:34 AM] brooke barnes: "Got a good cheese and some bread, Let's go for our picnic." he smirked.
[4/4/2017 1:04:19 AM] Amber Mitchell : She smiled feeling very excited and hungry! Once at the campsite, she submerged some of the fruit and veggies in a basket in the stream to make them nice and cold. "They should be cold enough to eat soon." She said as she put her bag down by a big tree.
[4/4/2017 1:08:44 AM] brooke barnes: Kaiden was setting up the tent and had already made a fire. "And we'll be set for tonight." he winked at her.
[4/4/2017 1:10:32 AM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah chuckled and laid out a big blanket in front of the fire. "We can share that bread and cheese first. I'll leave some meat out for Scout."
[4/4/2017 1:11:59 AM | Edited 1:12:46 AM] brooke barnes: "That was the plan." he said, "I'm going to melt a portion of that cheese though." he said

He did the same eating his piece of dipped bread, "mmm aw fuck i love cheese."

He noticed the melted cheese on her mouth and he leaned forward and licke fit off her face.

She giggled and smiled at him, "Thanks." She dipped another piece of bread in the cheese and was more careful this time.

[4/4/2017 1:51:57 AM | Edited 1:52:43 AM] brooke barnes: "Aww no drippage?" he pouted playfully.
[4/4/2017 1:54:09 AM] Amber Mitchell : She laughed and drank a little bit more wine. "Not this time..." She stood up and went to see if the fruits and veggies were cold enough to eat. "Perfect." She brought them back and dried off some grapes for them to share.
[4/4/2017 1:57:01 AM] brooke barnes: "Grapes too?" he asked, "You were splurging." he smirke.
[4/4/2017 1:59:26 AM] Amber Mitchell : "Maybe a little." She smiled and ate a grape. "They're perfect. Try one."
[4/4/2017 2:04:53 AM | Edited 2:06:45 AM] brooke barnes: He took one from her fingers, "mm sweet, but i've tasted sweeter." he winked at her.
[4/4/2017 2:08:16 AM] Amber Mitchell : She smiled at his teasing, "Well, you can taste it again whenever you like."
[4/4/2017 2:09:14 AM] brooke barnes: "I plan to soon." he kissed her.
[4/4/2017 2:14:33 AM] Amber Mitchell : She kissed him back feeling needy, "How soon?"
[4/4/2017 2:16:45 AM] brooke barnes: "...." he took the cheese pot off the heat and pulled her to him, "Now." he kissed her more passionately."
[4/4/2017 2:19:55 AM] Amber Mitchell : "Mmm!" He took her by surprise, but she welcomed him. She wrapped her arms around his neck and savoured his passionate and greedy kiss. She pushed her tongue past his lips and mingled with his.
[4/4/2017 2:21:02 AM] brooke barnes: "Mm" he laid back pulling her on top of him., still holding her close to him as they got more heated.
[4/4/2017 2:27:52 AM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah moved against him feeling his muscular body which made her even more heated. Her tongue played with his fangs, gliding across them over and over again. Her hands moved to caress his chest
[4/4/2017 2:31:20 AM] brooke barnes: He groaned and got undoing her suit at the back and pulled his scarf off and tossed it to the tent. He sat up holding her close as he got undressed.
[4/4/2017 2:34:34 AM] Amber Mitchell : "Shall we take this to the tent?" She smirked and nipped at his neck.
[4/4/2017 2:37:13 AM] brooke barnes: He smirked and they slipped into the tent. He closed it up and got fully undressed. Laying down behind her, he got kissing her neck and began massing one of her breasts.
[4/4/2017 2:40:39 AM] Amber Mitchell : Her suit wasn't fully off, just at her waist. She laid on her side and moaned lovingly. "Ahh...I feel your fangs against my neck..." Her face and ears were red from the heat and the wine.
[4/4/2017 2:44:01 AM] brooke barnes: "Mmm you like the danger don't you?" he chuckled and he reached between her legs and rubbed at her pussy, continuing to kiss her neck and tease her.
[4/4/2017 2:46:10 AM] Amber Mitchell : "Oh God yes!" She exclaimed. His touch was making her melt. She pushed her suit farther down off her hips.
[4/4/2017 2:47:00 AM] brooke barnes: He smirked at her reaction and got rolling her clit between his fingers.
[4/4/2017 2:48:47 AM] Amber Mitchell : She was already drenched from wanting him so badly. She moved into his touch wanting more. "Yes...more!!"
[4/4/2017 2:50:14 AM] brooke barnes: He got nibbling on her earlobe, he loved hearing her squeaks and little moans. He slipped a finger into her slick pussy, "You're soaked, you've been wanting it for a bit now." he whispered in her ear.

"Best part too you can be as loud as you want."
[4/4/2017 2:54:10 AM] Amber Mitchell : "Y-yes...I've wanted you so badly for so long...AHHH!" She moaned out loud when he easily slipped his finger into her. "Mmmm!! You make me so wet I can barely stand it!"
[4/4/2017 2:56:21 AM] brooke barnes: He nibbled at her neck, "Mmmm, you like that?" he smirked pumping his finger into her slowly to make her want it more. "I can SMELL your arousal my sweet."
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Kaidan & Delilah: Part 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Kaidan & Delilah: Part 2   Kaidan & Delilah: Part 2 I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 02, 2017 8:23 pm

[4/15/2017 7:28:56 PM] Amber Mitchell : She squirmed against him, trembling from his talented fingers and mouth. "D-Don't say that...Ahhhhaa!"
[4/15/2017 7:32:08 PM] brooke barnes: "Why not?" he smirked, pumping his fingers a little faster. "You're such a naughty little woman." he got massaging one of her breasts with his free hand, "You'll be seeing stars in more than one way tonight." he whispered in her ear.

[4/24/2017 10:37:54 PM] Amber Mitchell : She could not protest him. His touch was making her go crazy. "Haa haa mmmm!!" Her body betrayed her, convulsing and shaking. "Y-yes...please...I want you...!
[4/24/2017 10:38:48 PM] brooke barnes: "How badly?" he smirked, and got rolled her nipple with his other hand, his fingers still pumping into her wet pussy.
[4/24/2017 10:43:31 PM] Amber Mitchell : "AhhhhmmMM!" Her arousal began to drip down the inside of her thigh and drip down Kaiden's fingers. She could barely speak so was so entranced by his talented fingers. "So..ha...bad..."
[4/24/2017 10:49:54 PM] brooke barnes: He smirked again, lifted her legs up, still laying behind her pressing his body against hers, his cock stiff and erect. He rubbed his shaft along her pussy a little bit, "Mm fuck you're soaked." he whispered huskily in her ear.

He then guided his cock into her, pushing into her. "Ahhhfffuuckk...." he groaned.
[4/24/2017 10:54:53 PM] Amber Mitchell : "Mmm...don't tease me like that!" She bit her lip aching for him desperately. Finally, she got what she wanted and felt him push deeply into her. "Ahhhhyes!!" Her insides pulsated around him as she welcomed him in.
[4/24/2017 10:57:44 PM] brooke barnes: "You really are naughty tonight." he grunted and got thrusting into her with an average pace at first, his one hand still groping one breasts and his other hand keeping her leg up as he thrusted into her, he nibbled her neck.
[4/24/2017 11:04:27 PM] Amber Mitchell : "I can't help it...your touch makes me crazy..." His body heat penetrated her, melting her from the inside out. "Kaiden...ahhh I want to cum already..."
[4/24/2017 11:05:26 PM] brooke barnes: "Even if you do my little Ranger, I'll keep going." he sniggered in her ear. He got thrusting a bit faster.
[4/24/2017 11:12:40 PM] Amber Mitchell : He was such a tease whispering such things into her ear. " feels too good!" She willed herself to keep from giving in too quickly.
[4/24/2017 11:13:47 PM] brooke barnes: He groaned, "MMMmfffucck!" he groaned, feeling her squeeze around his cock, really edging him on as well, he pushed a bit deeper into her, still keeping his fast pace into her.
[4/24/2017 11:22:59 PM] Amber Mitchell : "AHHHH! You're going so deep...! No...I'll...AHHH!" He increased his speed making her nearly go crazy. "So close...I feel it!! Mmmmm!!"
[4/24/2017 11:24:48 PM] brooke barnes: "Ahhh! Fuck! FUCK!" he groaned, "You're fucking squeezing me!" he had her look at him and his deeply kissed her as he thrusted harder now.
[4/24/2017 11:32:25 PM] Amber Mitchell : Feeling the warmth of his lips against her own made her squeeze him even more. She glided her tongue in his mouth and tasted him deeply. She wanted so badly to cum along with him. "Cum with me, Kaiden..." She whispered between kisses.
[4/24/2017 11:33:49 PM] brooke barnes: "MMMMm! Ahh..!" he groaned and was not going balls deep, eager to make her cum. And he was close himself.
[4/24/2017 11:37:01 PM] Amber Mitchell : She kissed him again, becoming slightly addicted to his taste. "MmMmMMM! So close...I'm gonna cuuuum!!"
[4/24/2017 11:37:33 PM | Edited 11:37:51 PM] brooke barnes: "MMMMm!!! LILAH!!!" he growled a bit and he came inside her, his hot seed filling her.
[4/24/2017 11:41:52 PM] Amber Mitchell : "KAIDEN!!" She could feel him pulsating inside her as he thrust deep and filled her with heat. The sudden rush sent her over the edge into a spiraling orgasm. Her body trembled against him.
[4/24/2017 11:43:15 PM] brooke barnes: He held inside her still as not to waste a drop. He panted and kissed her again, "Mmmm fuck you're driving me crazy." he grinned at her.
[4/24/2017 11:47:05 PM] Amber Mitchell : She relaxed and smiled back at him, "I could say the same for you..."
[4/24/2017 11:51:08 PM] brooke barnes: He pulled out of her, his cum oozing a little from her pussy, "What a sight." he smirked.

He got her in doggy position, holding her by the hips, caressing her smooth ass, "Such a beautiful body." he smacked one of her ass cheeks.
[4/24/2017 11:57:07 PM] Amber Mitchell : She winced a bit when he pulled out of her feeling very sensitive. "Haven't had enough have you?" She looked back at him with a smirk.
[4/25/2017 12:00:05 AM | Edited 12:03:27 AM] brooke barnes: "I don't think i could get enough of you sweetheart." he smirked massaging her ass cheeks a little, to tease her. He then pushed back into her, making a dirty wet noise, "Aw fuck your pussy is making dirty sounds." he smirked.
[4/25/2017 12:05:14 AM] Amber Mitchell : "MMMMAHHH!" She was so sensitive inside and began to shake. "N-No don't say that..."
[4/25/2017 12:06:40 AM] brooke barnes: "And why not?" he gave a toothy grin and got thrusting into her fast off the bat, "Aww fuck yes!!" he groaned, holding her by the hips still.
[4/25/2017 12:11:54 AM] Amber Mitchell : "AHHHH!" He started moving so fast so quickly. She leaned her weight on her arms and stuck her ass out for him. "Mmmm...your cock is going even deeper this time!!" She moved her hips to meet him with each thrust.
[4/25/2017 12:32:54 AM] brooke barnes: He smirked, "Good girl!" his thrusts meeting her movements, "MMMM YES!" he grinned and smacked her ass again.

[4/29/2017 6:50:24 PM] Amber Mitchell : Delilah reached out to grab onto something to keep herself stable. His thrusts and smacks were making her slide across the blankets. She could feel the stinging heat in her ass cheeks from his smacks. "AHHH! So goooood! Keep going!!"
[4/29/2017 6:52:34 PM] brooke barnes: He smirked and got hold of her hips again to make sure she didn't slide too far away, then he got making rapid thrusts into her for short intervals then slowed down, then went rapid again, "AW FUCK ME YOU'RE SO TIGHT!!!" he growled in pleasure.
[4/29/2017 6:55:28 PM] Amber Mitchell : Hearing that, she tightened her core muscles even tighter to make the sensation that much better for him. "YES!! FUCK ME LIKE A WILD ANIMAL!! AHHHHH! FILL ME UP WITH YOUR HOT CUM!! I WANT IT SO BAD!!!" She still gripped the blankets tight and held on for the thrilling ride.
[4/29/2017 6:57:20 PM] brooke barnes: "AW FUCK!!" he smirked at her squeezing around him, "Trying to make me cum you naughty girl!" he reached over and got her arms and held her upper body up, thrusting into her relentlessly.

"MMMM FUCK LILAH!!" he groaned.
[4/29/2017 7:00:43 PM] Amber Mitchell : She melted when she made contact with his hot sweaty torso, still fucking her wildly. The sudden shift made him able to go that was even possible at this point. She screamed out feeling him deep in her belly. "I-I'm going to split in two...but it just feels too good!!!"
[4/29/2017 7:02:03 PM | Edited 7:02:11 PM] brooke barnes: He grinned at her response, "I'm getting close baby!" he whispered in her ear, "Still want that cream pie?" he asked nibbling on her ear and tugging her earlobe with his fangs lightly.
[4/29/2017 7:05:41 PM] Amber Mitchell : "Y-yes...I want to feel that warmth shoot into me and fill me...please!!" She squirmed slightly trying to hold off from cumming right then and there. The feeling of him pressed against her plus his gentle teasing was enough to make her cum over and over again.
[4/29/2017 7:08:12 PM] brooke barnes: He smirked and got thrusting crazy fast again, "AhhH! NNNGGH!!" he groaned and then with one final deep thrust, he came deep inside her, "Awwwffffuuuuccckkkk!!!" he growled and his fangs extended from the rush of pleasure running through his body.
[4/29/2017 7:11:07 PM] Amber Mitchell : "Ah! Ah! AHH! AHHHHH!" She couldn't hold back anymore. A few seconds before she felt him release, her insides clamped down and she screamed out, "CUUUUUMMMMMMING NNNNGH!! He continued to thrust prolonging her orgasm and making it that much stronger. Her eyes rolling back in her head as she let her head fall back.
[4/29/2017 7:12:48 PM] brooke barnes: He panted heavily himself and retracted his fangs before kissing her, holding her close to him as he did. He pulled out of her and laid her down, then laid next to her. Letting her rest up.

"Wooooo." he chuckled, "Fuck that was good." he siad.
[4/29/2017 7:13:53 PM] Amber Mitchell : She wrapped her arms around herself trying to steady her shaking limbs and torso. "Yes...I definitely saw stars..."
[4/29/2017 7:14:59 PM] brooke barnes: "ohh I knew you would." he chuckled. "And would you be surprised that not the roughest I can go. But I don't want to injure you either." he said.

[4/30/2017 8:56:58 PM] Amber Mitchell : Her eyes went wide, "You can be rougher than that?! Damn..." She let out of heavy sigh.
[4/30/2017 8:58:07 PM | Edited 8:58:13 PM] brooke barnes: "What? I'm not about to injure you." he said. He kissed her again.
[4/30/2017 9:00:38 PM] Amber Mitchell : "I know...I just can't imagine anything rougher than that...I also feel kinda bad that you can't just let go completely with me..."
[4/30/2017 9:00:58 PM] brooke barnes: "I want you to stay in one piece." he teased a little.
[4/30/2017 9:03:17 PM] Amber Mitchell : "If I were like you then you wouldn't have to worry about that..." She said.
[4/30/2017 9:04:40 PM] brooke barnes: "I don't want you turned Lilah." he said. "Being a vampire isn't fun all the time."
[4/30/2017 9:12:42 PM] Amber Mitchell : "I understand..." She sat up and stretched. "I'm going to go to the river and clean up. Want to come with me?"
[4/30/2017 9:14:55 PM] brooke barnes: He smiled, "Of course."
[4/30/2017 9:16:47 PM] Amber Mitchell : "But first..." She laid back down over top of him this time and kissed him suddenly, long and deep.
[4/30/2017 9:18:08 PM] brooke barnes: "MMMmm!" he kissed back, "Still want more?" he chuckled.
[4/30/2017 9:20:38 PM] Amber Mitchell : "You teased it is my turn." She pinned him down with her body weight and locked her hands with his moving them above his head. She kissed him again, this time moving to his neck placing heated kisses and suckling on his pale skin.
[4/30/2017 9:28:21 PM] brooke barnes: "'re a naughty woman." he gasped a little.
[4/30/2017 9:32:02 PM] Amber Mitchell : "Who is entranced by an even naughtier man..." She ran a hand over his chest as she moved down his neck leaving love marks as she moved down.
[4/30/2017 9:32:31 PM] brooke barnes: He smirked, "You love it." he just let her do her thing, looking at her go lower.
[4/30/2017 9:34:17 PM] Amber Mitchell : She put a finger to his lips, "Shh, relax and let me work my magic..." She moved down his chest kissing the various scars on his torso and stomach.
[4/30/2017 9:35:02 PM] brooke barnes: He smirked and shivered to her kisses, "Mm...."
[4/30/2017 9:38:33 PM] Amber Mitchell : She slowly moved her body off his hips and got on her knees between his legs. "It's been a while since I got to clean you up." She hovered her head over his dirty cock and licked it gently.
[4/30/2017 9:40:07 PM] brooke barnes: He hissed, "Aw fuck...." he sat up on his elbows to get a better view.
[4/30/2017 9:41:34 PM] Amber Mitchell : She held his cock in her hand and began licking every inch of it clean. "'s so good..."
[4/30/2017 9:41:57 PM] brooke barnes: "Mm fuck you minx!" he was getting hard again.
[4/30/2017 9:45:52 PM] Amber Mitchell : Once he was hard enough, she took his length into her mouth and sucked him slowly continuing until his cock was clean again.
[4/30/2017 10:03:15 PM] brooke barnes: "Aw fuck! Lialh you are a minx!" he groaned, his claws dug into the blanket.
[4/30/2017 10:06:50 PM] Amber Mitchell : She could feel him growing larger in her mouth. She went down on him a bit more trying to reach the base of his cock to clean the last little bit.
[4/30/2017 10:07:57 PM] brooke barnes: "NNnggghh!" he groaned, "FFuuckk! You're such a tease!" he was going to hold back as long as possible.
[4/30/2017 10:10:32 PM] Amber Mitchell : Once she felt he was clean, she teased his tip, sucking hard as if trying to draw more out of him.
[4/30/2017 10:46:57 PM] brooke barnes: "AH FUCK!" he growled in pleausre.

[4/30/2017 10:50:02 PM] Amber Mitchell : She sucked him hard and fast then suddenly stopped. "There. You should be clean enough now." She sat up leaving him on edge.
[4/30/2017 10:50:19 PM] brooke barnes: "Oi! Don't you do that!" he said.
[4/30/2017 10:54:49 PM] Amber Mitchell : "Don't do what?" She asked with a smirk as she licked her fingers clean as well.
[4/30/2017 11:04:11 PM] brooke barnes: He got her back, and kissed her, "Not smart to leave a vampire high and dry."
[4/30/2017 11:06:30 PM] Amber Mitchell : "Do your worst." She challenged him and kissed him back eager to have him again.
[4/30/2017 11:07:27 PM] brooke barnes: "You want more?" he smirked and got her back in doggy pose, and rubbed his cock between her ass cheeks rubbing over her asshole.
[4/30/2017 11:08:55 PM] Amber Mitchell : "Ahhhaaa! W-wait a minute..." She looked back at him, her face extremely flushed. "I've never..." She was too embarrassed to say it.
[4/30/2017 11:09:51 PM] brooke barnes: "Never been taken here? Did you want to try?" he asked, "I've got ointments to lubricate."
[4/30/2017 11:11:37 PM] Amber Mitchell : She bit her lip and slowly nodded her head, "But will it fit? Your cock is so huge now..."
[4/30/2017 11:12:06 PM] brooke barnes: "It will fit, its fit before." he joked a bit.
[4/30/2017 11:13:57 PM] Amber Mitchell : "Will it hurt?" She asked sheepishly.
[4/30/2017 11:16:47 PM] brooke barnes: "Like your first time having normal sex it always hurts first time." he said, he got the ointment, and got lubing up his cock, then poured some on her asshole, it was cold at first.
[4/30/2017 11:19:35 PM] Amber Mitchell : "Mmm!! It's so cold..." She watched him carefully as he lubed himself up.
[4/30/2017 11:28:21 PM] brooke barnes: "I just need to pub you up too." he rubbed the cold liquid over her asshole and pushed a finger into her ass.
[4/30/2017 11:32:54 PM] Amber Mitchell : "Ahhh! It feels so strange..." She closed her eyes and tried to stay relaxed.
[4/30/2017 11:35:19 PM] brooke barnes: "It will for a bit." he got pumping his finger into her to get her used to something invading her.
[4/30/2017 11:42:12 PM] Amber Mitchell : " feels kinda good." She blushed feeling weird for enjoying such an act. "It's so hot..."
[4/30/2017 11:44:07 PM] brooke barnes: He smirked, "You really are naughty." he then slipped a second finger into her
[4/30/2017 11:49:23 PM] Amber Mitchell : "Ahh! You're stretching me more...!" She could feel herself getting wet again from having her ass violated.
[5/1/2017 12:04:45 AM] brooke barnes: "You're getting into it?" he chuckled a little, "Naughty girl." He slowly pulled his fingers out, feeling she was lubed up now. He got his cock and prodded her ass with the head first. Easing in first.
[5/1/2017 12:11:26 AM] Amber Mitchell : "Mmm! Your cock is so hot. I feel it pulsing wanting to just plunge in..." She relaxed as she felt him pushing in slowly. "It hurts a little..."
[5/1/2017 12:12:32 AM] brooke barnes: "I'm going slowly as I enter." he said to her, "Mmm you're tight though." he said, pushing in bit more.
[5/1/2017 12:15:30 AM] Amber Mitchell : "It's going's so big...mmm slow hurts." She began to shake a little bit.
[5/1/2017 12:16:18 AM] brooke barnes: "Easy now.." he said, "just keep relaxed." he slowly pushed in more.
[5/1/2017 12:19:00 AM] Amber Mitchell : She gasped when he moved in deeper. The friction between them was intense and hot. She did her best to listen and tried to relax. "Ok...I'll try. Keep going..."
[5/1/2017 12:20:14 AM] brooke barnes: He then finally got about half way in, which was enough, "I'm going to start thrusting." he said, thrusting into her slowly, "Mmmmm fuck..." he groaned.
[5/1/2017 12:26:33 AM] Amber Mitchell : "Mmm...Kaiden...ahhh I feel it..!" She remained relaxed and tried to ignore the pain.
[5/1/2017 12:27:18 AM] brooke barnes: "Aw fuck I bet you do!" he groaned, feel ing he squeeze him, "Aww fuuckk!" he got thrusting a tiny bit faster.
[5/1/2017 12:29:12 AM] Amber Mitchell : "Ahhhh! It huuurts...but it feels good!!" She instinctively reached down to stroke her clit. "Mmm...ahhh it's making me so wet...AHH!"
[5/1/2017 12:29:50 AM] brooke barnes: He smirked, "Oh fuck! Playign with your pussy at the same time?! SO bad!" he groaned.
[5/1/2017 12:32:31 AM] Amber Mitchell : "I can't help it..." She whined and moved her fingers faster. "Having my ass fucked feels so good!"
[5/1/2017 12:34:10 AM] brooke barnes: "MM fuck! You're squealing more with being fucked like this!" he groaned, "OH fuck! MMMYES!!" he growled a in pleasure.
[5/1/2017 12:37:16 AM] Amber Mitchell : She squealed even louder when he picked up the pace. She moved her fingers quickly, pushing them inside her. "Oh fingers...they feel you fucking me...AHHH!"
[5/1/2017 12:38:23 AM] brooke barnes: "AW FUCK ME!" he growled, "YOU'RE SQUEEZING ME AGAIN!" he groaned.
[5/1/2017 12:41:15 AM] Amber Mitchell : Her fingers found that sweet spot inside her that nearly made her go crazy. "AHHH! I want your cum again!! PLEASE!!"
[5/1/2017 12:42:09 AM] brooke barnes: "You want me to cum in your tight little ass!?" he groaned, talking dirty to her.
[5/1/2017 12:43:33 AM] Amber Mitchell : "Yes!! Wherever you want!! Please hurry...I'm so close!!" She moved her fingers over her clit again. "AHHH yes so close!!!"
[5/1/2017 12:44:31 AM] brooke barnes: He smirked, then stood still paying back for her pausing on him
[5/1/2017 12:46:16 AM] Amber Mitchell : "D-Don't stop...please I'm so close!! Why did you stop?!" She turned around looking at him with a pouty face.
[5/1/2017 12:46:40 AM] brooke barnes: "If you want me to finish you need to beg me my Sweet." he grinned.
[5/1/2017 12:49:12 AM] Amber Mitchell : "I-I'll do as you say...please, Kaiden...keep fucking me!" She pleaded with him.
[5/1/2017 12:49:46 AM] brooke barnes: "Beg me to fill your tight ass then." he smirked spanking her.
[5/1/2017 12:51:14 AM] Amber Mitchell : "AHHH! Please...keep fucking my ass and fill it with your hot cum!! PLEEEEEASE!!" She squirmed trying to push herself down on him.
[5/1/2017 12:52:07 AM] brooke barnes: He smirked and got hold of her hips and thrusting faster into her, the sound of flesh echoing their ears, "AWWWFFFUUCKKK!!" he growled as he slammed into her as ass.
[5/1/2017 12:53:59 AM] Amber Mitchell : She started moving her fingers again deep inside her. They moved along with his thrusts. "AHHH!! YES! I'M GONNA CUUUUM!! MMMMM!"
[5/1/2017 12:55:32 AM] brooke barnes: "SO AM I!! ABOUT CUM IN YOUR ASS!!!!" he growled and with a final and deep thrust he had pushed balls deep and stared to let his hot cum out in her ass.
[5/1/2017 12:57:55 AM] Amber Mitchell : "YEEEEES!! OOOOH IM CUMMMING AHHHH!!!" Her juices flowed from her dripping down her wrist and arm. "Mmm! It's so hot!! Your cum...its deep inside!!"
[5/1/2017 1:00:28 AM | Edited 1:00:38 AM] brooke barnes: He smirked, and got grinding into her ass a bit not wanting to leave just yet. "Not nice to be held high and dry huh?" he smirked as her.
[5/1/2017 1:02:47 AM] Amber Mitchell : " isn't." She breathed heavily enjoying yet another strong orgasm. "I should have known I couldn't best you..."
[5/1/2017 1:04:00 AM] brooke barnes: He sniggered, "You came harder from being ass fucked too." he smacked her ass, "Something tells me you liked it." he teased.
[5/1/2017 1:06:13 AM] Amber Mitchell : "Mmm! Yes, I guess I did." She was now completely exhausted.
[5/1/2017 1:06:56 AM] brooke barnes: He slowly pulled from her ass, "You'll be a little stiff tomorrow,"
[5/1/2017 1:08:57 AM] Amber Mitchell : "I expect it. Having sex with a vampire does that to you." She winced feeling the pain now that the fun was over. She laid down feeling so tired.
[5/1/2017 1:10:30 AM] brooke barnes: He kissed her, "I've some pain relief if need it." he said
[5/1/2017 1:11:24 AM] Amber Mitchell : She smiled, "I'll be fine. A little sleep and a bath and I'll be good as new."
[5/1/2017 1:14:07 AM] brooke barnes: He smiled and laid next to her and snuggled up with her.
[5/1/2017 1:17:45 AM] Amber Mitchell : She turned over slowly and snuggled into his chest, resting her head under his chin.
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Kaidan & Delilah: Part 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Kaidan & Delilah: Part 2   Kaidan & Delilah: Part 2 I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 02, 2017 8:58 pm

[5/28/2017 8:43:45 PM] brooke barnes: Kaiden and Delilah were back at the old tree hideout of Kaiden's, after travelling back there. The wolves were thrilled to see them again and had been keeping the place safe.

Kaiden sighed in relief, happy to be away from the clan again. He always felt suffocated there, he was just thrilled to be away and alone with just Delilah at his side.
[5/28/2017 8:46:33 PM] Amber Joyner: Delilah was wrapped up in the fur blankets on Kaiden's bed resting after they had finally made it back to the hideout late in the night. She was sleeping peacefully nice and warm under the blankets.
[5/28/2017 8:49:48 PM] brooke barnes: Kaiden got cooking up a cabbage, apple and pork stew for them, wanting letting it cook slowly to allow the meat fall to be fall apart delicious.

After pouring in a dark ale with the ingredients and put the lid on, heading over to went on into the bed room.

Seeing Lilah's figure under the fur blanket he smiled and sat on his side and leaned over, kissing her on the cheek.
[5/28/2017 8:55:10 PM] Amber Joyner: Lilah slowly blinked her eyes open when she felt something touch her cheek and the smell of food. She yawned and turned over to see Kaiden lying down beside her. "Mmm, hello...did I oversleep?"
[5/28/2017 8:56:32 PM] brooke barnes: "No not at all. "I'm just relaxing a little while the stew cooks." he said, playing with a lock of her hair.
[5/28/2017 9:01:04 PM] Amber Joyner: "It smells delicious." She smiled at him and looked at his face, "You seem much more relaxed since we left the clan."
[5/28/2017 9:02:36 PM] brooke barnes: "I never like staying in the clan hive for any longer than I can stand." he said, "Being here is more free and more appealing." he folded his hand behind his head.
[5/28/2017 9:07:59 PM] Amber Joyner: "After living there for a while I understand what you mean. It is very suffocating..." She sat up and stretched. "I think I'm going to take a bath while the food finishes cooking."
[5/28/2017 9:08:31 PM] brooke barnes: He smirked, "A bath ay?" he wiggled his eyebrows at her.
[5/28/2017 9:08:55 PM] brooke barnes: "That stew needs a good amount of time to cook." he leaned on his elbows.
[5/28/2017 9:11:35 PM] Amber Joyner: She shook her head and laughed picking up on his hints, "Do you want to join me then?"
[5/28/2017 9:12:37 PM] brooke barnes: "Gladly." he got up and got stripping on the way there, the bath seemed was something he always enjoyed but even more so when they were at the Onsen INNs back in the towns and what not.
[5/28/2017 9:14:45 PM] Amber Joyner: "Hey! Wait for me!" She got out of bed and took off what little clothes she had on and followed behind him. She wrapped her arms around herself to hide her breasts which were covered in hickies.

[5/28/2017 9:16:23 PM | Edited 9:16:43 PM] brooke barnes: "Why are you hiding them? Its nothing to be ashamed of." he said looking back and got her arms down from her chest, looking over his work her had left on her skin and chest.
[5/28/2017 9:18:36 PM] Amber Joyner: She blushed hard when he came up to her and moved her arms, "It's not like I can really hide all of them. You left them all over my body..." She turned away from him too shy to look him in the eye.
[5/28/2017 9:20:11 PM | Edited 9:21:57 PM] brooke barnes: He chuckled, "You drive me wild so I could not help but leave my mark in more than one way." he touched were her bite her neck to feed off her, "I love you...these are my marks of love.....and of passion." he added with a grin.
[5/28/2017 9:22:45 PM] Amber Joyner: Lilah lifted her head and looked into his eyes, "Did you just love me?" Her heart was racing so fast that she could barely breathe.
[5/28/2017 9:24:07 PM] brooke barnes: "I did." he smiled and he pulled her to him, kissing her an arm wrapped around her naked waist. A hand threading into her hair as he kissed her deeply.
[5/28/2017 9:27:18 PM] Amber Joyner: Everything was happening so fast. Her head was practically spinning and her heart was threatening to pop out of her chest, still she couldn't stop him. She accepted his kiss and wrapped her arms around him. "How could you love someone like me...there is nothing special about me." She said pulling back trying to catch her breath.
[5/28/2017 9:29:04 PM] brooke barnes: "You are special to me." he said, "You're strong, smart, resilient and you can put up with my oddities." he chuckled on the end, "That is special to me." he said, kissing her neck, then along her collar bone.
[5/28/2017 9:32:40 PM] Amber Joyner: She smiled and tried to grasp what was happening. "Forgive me for doubting you, but considering your track can I know you mean what you say?"
[5/28/2017 9:33:51 PM | Edited 9:34:15 PM] brooke barnes: "......I don't lie about how I feel Delilah. If I didn't love you I wouldn't have said so....and I would not have asked you along with me if I didn't love you." he said.
[5/28/2017 9:38:34 PM] Amber Joyner: She looked into his eyes and could see he was telling the truth. He looked at her with such sincerity. She smiled up at him and touched his cheek. "And I love you too...I have for a while now. I just wasn't sure you felt the same way..."
[5/28/2017 9:41:11 PM] brooke barnes: He smiled at her and kissed her once more, this time a little more gentle and he held her close to him as the steam from the hot spring bath.

He pulled back and picked her up bridal style and he carefully waded into the water with her.
[5/28/2017 9:47:16 PM] Amber Joyner: Finally able to let all her inner walls down completely, she held onto Kaiden and snuggled close to him as he walked into the water with her in his arms. "Can you tell me one more time? I want to make sure all this is real..."
[5/28/2017 9:54:24 PM] brooke barnes: He smiled at her, "I.Love.You." lowered into the water them both.
[5/28/2017 9:57:56 PM] Amber Joyner: She smiled and held onto him tighter, "I have wanted to hear those words from you for so long..."
[5/28/2017 9:59:03 PM] brooke barnes: He smiled and moved his hands up her back gently and kissed her again, keeping her close to him.
[5/28/2017 10:04:32 PM] Amber Joyner: Her hands moved over his chest and around his neck while her legs wrapped around him to hold him close. She kissed him back gently, but deepened it pushing her tongue slowly past his lips.
[5/28/2017 10:07:24 PM] brooke barnes: "Mmm..." he tasted her tongue as hers played with his. He groped her ass a little and one hand moved up to massaged one of her breasts gently.
[5/28/2017 10:12:41 PM] Amber Joyner: "Mmm..." She moaned every so softly feeling his gentle touch. It was far different from his usual roughness. She continued to kiss him deeply and slowly enjoying this sudden gentleness from Kaiden.
[5/28/2017 10:14:06 PM] brooke barnes: He reached between her legs gently rubbing at her clit and pussy lips, "Mmm you are beautiful." he whispered in her ear.
[5/28/2017 10:19:57 PM] Amber Joyner: She gasped softly both from his touch and his sudden declaration. "Thank you..." She whispered back before leaning in and kissing his neck softly.
[5/28/2017 10:21:16 PM] brooke barnes: He spread her pussy lips and got his cock at her entrance, and slowly pushed up into her while she as was wrapped around him.

"Aw fuck...." he groaned.

[6/1/2017 5:57:53 PM] Amber Joyner: "K-Kaiden...ahhh!" She wrapped her arms around him tight and moaned into his ear feeling him push up into her slow and gentle. She was shaking from the overwhelming sensation and the feelings rolling around in her heart.
[6/1/2017 6:00:10 PM] brooke barnes: He groaned as she enveloped around his cock and then got slowly thrusting into her, groaning in her ear as he moved into her in a lovingly slow pace. "Aw fuck...."
[6/1/2017 6:07:20 PM] Amber Joyner: Her legs wrapped loosely around him so he could move freely as he set his pace. Her fingers gripped the skin on his back tightly every time he moved inside. She turned to kiss his neck and whisper into his ear, "It feels so good being so close to you like this..." She blushed.
[6/1/2017 6:09:11 PM] brooke barnes: He looked to her and kissed her deeply as he kept his easy pace into her. After a little bit he got a little faster but it was still loving, he got an arm under her waist to keep her close to him.
[6/1/2017 6:15:10 PM] Amber Joyner: She moved to touch his hair and ran her damp fingers through his tousled hair. She tasted him deeply and slowly, enjoying his taste and feeling his fangs with her tongue. "Mmm..."
[6/1/2017 6:19:38 PM | Edited 6:19:49 PM] brooke barnes: He pulled back and groaned, his fangs prominent from his mouth as he panted a little, he pulled Delilah up with him into his lap, holding her under her ass to keep her close. He licked at the bite mark he first fed off her from, he lightly racked his his teeth over her skin but not breaking her skin.
[6/1/2017 6:26:32 PM] Amber Joyner: She smiled watching him catch his breath and saw his fangs protrude a bit from his mouth. She bit her lip and held onto him when he moved her up with him. Her skin twitched when he went for her neck, licking and raking his teeth across her delicate skin. She moaned aloud and felt her body twitch again. "Ahh!" She opened her neck more, turning her head to the side for him.
[6/1/2017 6:28:17 PM] brooke barnes: He groaned as he thrusted up into her, "Ahh.." he then bit into her old bite mark, not feeding but as an intimate act. "Mmm!"
[6/1/2017 6:35:49 PM] Amber Joyner: She gasped suddenly not expecting Kaiden to bite her. "Ahh...mmmmahhh..." Her gasps turned to moans feeling the intimacy in his gentle act. She never wanted this moment to end. She wanted to spend eternity in his arms. "Mmm...Kaiden...I love you so much..."
[6/1/2017 6:37:14 PM] brooke barnes: "MMMmmm!" he groaned with his teeth in he neck still, his embrace got firmer around her to respond to her words, "Mmm!" he moaned and got thrusting deeper, to get a climax going.
[6/1/2017 6:45:57 PM] Amber Joyner: "Mmm!" She moaned and held onto him tighter. He was thrusting into her sweet spot, making her insides wrap around him tighter. "Ahhh...yes...MMM!"
[6/1/2017 6:47:36 PM] brooke barnes: He pulled his teeth from her neck and licked at the marks to heal them, he then kissed her again as the approached climax, a light coppery taste of her blood on his teeth and lips.
[6/1/2017 6:50:54 PM] Amber Joyner: She kissed him deeply, tasting her blood on him. It did little to satisfy her actual appetite, but it was so sensual to her to taste herself in his mouth. She moved her hips slowly against him to bring them both closer to that passionate end.
[6/1/2017 6:52:34 PM] brooke barnes: "MMMmmM!" he groaned, "Delilah!" he groaned and got thrusting balls deep into her, getting close as well.
[6/1/2017 6:53:44 PM] Amber Joyner: "Kaiden! So close...MMM!" She moved to hug him close longing to feel his body close before they finished together.
[6/1/2017 6:54:58 PM] brooke barnes: He groaned, "I'm about to cum love!!" he growled a little.
[6/1/2017 6:57:39 PM] Amber Joyner: "Me too...please cum with me, Kaiden..." She moaned.
[6/1/2017 6:58:13 PM] brooke barnes: He groaned and got faster, "Ahh! DELILAH!!!!!" he growled and came inside her.
[6/1/2017 6:59:58 PM] Amber Joyner: "KAIDEN!!!!!" She answered him back as she came along with him. She hugged him close not letting go of him.
[6/1/2017 7:00:45 PM] brooke barnes: He held her close and all of his seed filled into her. "Aw fuck....." he groaned and looked at her, kissing her once more.
[6/1/2017 7:05:40 PM] Amber Joyner: She pulled back from their kiss and looked into his light green eyes with a loving smile. She couldn't say anything else, she just leaned back in to capture his lips in a sweet and sensual kiss.
[6/1/2017 7:07:38 PM] brooke barnes: "Mmmm!" he held her close, "Mmm I love you." he smiled at her.

He then laid her on her back, and he got massaging her breasts, "Shall we go the next level?" he smirked, sucking on one of her nipples.
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Kaidan & Delilah: Part 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Kaidan & Delilah: Part 2   Kaidan & Delilah: Part 2 I_icon_minitimeSun Jun 04, 2017 10:31 pm

[6/3/2017 7:51:27 AM] Amber Joyner: Delilah held onto him and rested her head on his chest, "I love you too..." She trailed off closing her eyes and enjoying the feel of him against her. That was short lived when he laid her down on her back at the edge of the spring and started to tease her. She squirmed and yelped from the sudden attention to her breasts. "Ahh...easy...I just came really hard..." She said in a shallow and tired voice.
[6/3/2017 7:53:06 AM] brooke barnes: He smirked at her expression, "I know....I just can't help it. You have the cutest expression when turned on." he said kissing her deep.
[6/3/2017 7:55:24 AM] Amber Joyner: Delilah opened her legs for him as he leaned in to kiss her, "If you're trying to butter me's working." She said with a grin.
[6/3/2017 7:56:52 AM] brooke barnes: He leaned over her and positioned himself at her entrance again, "Glad to hear my charms work" he smiled at her, easing himself into her again.
[6/3/2017 7:58:51 AM] Amber Joyner: "Ahhh..." She gasped softly and arched her back as he entered her again. She trembled slightly from the sensation and wrapped her arms around his waist again to keep him close. "It has worked since day one..." She shyly admitted.
[6/3/2017 8:01:40 AM] brooke barnes: He grinned and got thrusting into her at an adverse pace at first, "Aw fuck! Mixing our juices!" he smirked, hearing their juices making dirty noises from each thrust he made into her.
[6/3/2017 8:04:42 AM] Amber Joyner: She could feel it too. Their love nectar mixing and moving around inside of her. It made his thrusts all the more pleasurable. "Mmmm!! It feels so good!!!" She could hear the noises as well, squelching and squeaking. "Fill me with more of your cum!!" She said twisting and clawing at the stone floor.
[6/3/2017 8:06:31 AM] brooke barnes: "You want more?" he groaned, he leaned right over her and thrusting deep into her, going balls deep, "AW FUCK!!" he groaned.
[6/3/2017 8:07:41 AM] Amber Joyner: "AHHH!!! YESS! You are hitting all the way in the back...!!" She bit her lip and writhed beneath his large frame.
[6/3/2017 8:08:54 AM] brooke barnes: "AW FUCK LILAH!" he groaned, hearing her squeals edged him on, "OHhh fuuuckkk! You're squeaks make me crazy!"
[6/3/2017 8:11:31 AM] Amber Joyner: "Ahhaaaaahh mmmm!! So good! Mmmm fuuuck! I'm gonna cum again!! AHHH!!" She suddenly wrapped her arms around his back and dug her fingers into his skin feeling his muscles move with each thrust beneath his skin.
[6/3/2017 8:13:18 AM] brooke barnes: "CUM LOVE!! I'LL DRIVE YOU CRAZY!!" he growled in utter pleasure, getting close himself.
[6/3/2017 8:15:33 AM] Amber Joyner: His loud declaration helped edge her on bringing her so close. "AHHH!! KAIDEN I'M SO CLOSE!!! AHHHHHHH!" She hugged him close making those squeaks and moans he loved so much right in his ear.
[6/3/2017 8:17:00 AM] brooke barnes: "AHH!H! I"M GONNA CUM!!!!" he growled, his fangs extended with a small 'pop' form getting to the height of PURE ecstasy, "DELILAH!!!!" he thrusted fast into her.
[6/3/2017 8:19:11 AM] Amber Joyner: "KAIDEN!! OHHH IM CUMMING!! AHHHHHHH!!" She tangled her fingers in his hair and buried her face on his shoulder trying to control her convulsions as she came so hard, squirting a bit all over him.
[6/3/2017 8:22:09 AM] brooke barnes: He Came right after he felt her warm juices squirt on him and just at the end of him ejactulating he pulled out of her pussy, cumming on her her belly a little, "Whoops, heh.." he chuckled, "You gushed there a bit, it would be hot to make you squirt like a fountain." he kissed her, "But we better rest." he smiled laying next to her.

[6/3/2017 8:26:10 AM] Amber Joyner: She gasped when he suddenly pulled his full length out of her and left his traces on her stomach. She chuckled, "You so did that on purpose." She chuckled between breaths. She was too tired to even process the rest of what he said. She laid there covered in his seed from the inside out. It was warm against her flesh. She touched this bit on her stomach and played with it.
[6/3/2017 8:27:11 AM] brooke barnes: He chuckled, "I love you." he said to her again.
[6/3/2017 8:28:57 AM] Amber Joyner: She turned her head to see his face, "I love you too..." She whispered feeling totally exhausted and satisfied. Once she was able to move again, she slipped back in the water to clean herself.
[6/3/2017 8:30:24 AM] brooke barnes: He chuckled, He joined her in the bath and got washing her back, to get her hard to reach spots.
[6/3/2017 8:31:56 AM] Amber Joyner: She pulled her hair over her shoulder so he could get every spot. "I hope that stew is ready by now. I really worked up an appetite." She said with a smile.
[6/3/2017 8:34:15 AM] brooke barnes: He chuckled, "I'll go check on it in a moment. But i don't smell burning which is a plus." he joked a little.
[6/3/2017 8:37:15 AM] Amber Joyner: Delilah turned around to face him, but was a bit hesitant to touch him now that the adrenaline had worn off. She knew how he felt, but she was still scared to make any sort of move. She wanted so badly to just hold him again and not let him leave her side.
[6/3/2017 8:39:54 AM | Edited 8:40:15 AM] brooke barnes: He noticed her hesitation, "......What's wrong?"
[6/3/2017 8:41:23 AM] Amber Joyner: She looked at him with innocent eyes, "I'm just...a little gun shy I guess. I am so accustomed now to holding back around you...I'm not sure how to let go..." She said blushing feeling really stupid.
[6/3/2017 8:42:26 AM] brooke barnes: ".........Don't worry about holding back. I'm not holding back at all." he had her look at him, "Its a new thing. Don't feel rushed, We'll take our time."

She smiled at him feeling relieved, "Thank you.." She leaned in and kissed his lips quickly before turning back around so he could finish washing her back.
He smiled kissing her back, "I'll got check on the food." he got out of the bath, smiling at her as he left the room.
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PostSubject: Re: Kaidan & Delilah: Part 2   Kaidan & Delilah: Part 2 I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 06, 2017 4:44 pm

[6/4/2017 10:34:48 PM] brooke barnes: The food was ready and he served the stew up with some bread as well. With only a towel around his waist. "You hungry?" he called out to her from the main sitting area.
[6/4/2017 10:42:08 PM] Amber Joyner: Lilah joined him in the sitting area with a towel wrapped around her torso. "Yes, I'm so hungry after all that!"
[6/4/2017 10:53:22 PM] brooke barnes: He smiled handing her a bowl of the stew and a bit of bread, sitting with her.
[6/4/2017 11:02:38 PM] Amber Joyner: Lilah sat down at the wooden table and tore off a piece of bread to dip in the stew. "Mm, it's delicious." She smiled and took another bite.
[6/4/2017 11:26:57 PM] brooke barnes: Kaiden smiled, "Good, I still can cook properly." he joked, eating his stew. Scout came down to get a bit of meat.
[6/4/2017 11:28:04 PM | Removed 11:28:23 PM] brooke barnes: This message has been removed.
[6/4/2017 11:36:41 PM] Amber Joyner: Lilah laughed and took a spoonful of the stew in her mouth. She noticed Scout and smiled at him. "Oh, there you are Scout. I wondered where you were hiding." She pet his head and let him eat.
[6/4/2017 11:37:50 PM] brooke barnes: "He was hiding in the rafters above." he said. "Watching as usual." Kaiden said taking another mouthful.

"....was there anything you had on your mind?" he asked.
[6/4/2017 11:41:10 PM] Amber Joyner: "N-no...why?" She asked feeling a bit nervous.
[6/4/2017 11:41:46 PM] brooke barnes: "You seemed concerned about our new step is all." he said, "Just checking to be sure you are alright with it all."
[6/4/2017 11:44:37 PM] Amber Joyner: "I'll admit, it is a bit overwhelming, but I'm fine with it. What about you?" She asked.
[6/4/2017 11:48:46 PM] brooke barnes: "I'm alright as long as you are." he assured her.

"So as long as you are happy with how we are, then I've no problems." he kissed her.
[6/4/2017 11:53:30 PM] Amber Joyner: She smiled and got up to sit next to him leaning on his shoulder. She hugged her towel with her arm to make sure it stayed in place. "I'm quite happy...but what about Rosaline? I don't think she will be very happy..."
[6/5/2017 12:02:47 AM] brooke barnes: "If she fucking tries anything I'll deal with her." he said, "I've no interest in her whatsoever......" he said
[6/5/2017 12:07:29 AM] Amber Joyner: "I don't understand why you fucked her in the first place..." She said feeling a little jealous, which was very unlike her.
[6/5/2017 12:08:41 AM] brooke barnes: ".......he came on to me and I didn't think about it at the time. We didn't connect, i didn't want a relationship...she did." he said.

"...Are jealous?"
[6/5/2017 12:11:00 AM] Amber Joyner: "No, of course not! Why would I be jealous of someone like her?! She is not worth it." She said obviously trying to cover it up.
[6/5/2017 12:12:32 AM] brooke barnes: He chuckled, "Its odd seeing you jealous." he poked her side, "I LOVE you. Not her, she can't make me do anything."
[6/5/2017 12:15:46 AM] Amber Joyner: "She is a vampire. She will find a way..." She poked him back, "And I'm NOT jealous!"
[6/5/2017 12:20:11 AM] brooke barnes: he chuckled, "Okay love, whatever you say." he said.

After dinner he was cleaning up and he went got some shorts on, getting ready to relax in bed.
[6/5/2017 12:24:52 AM] Amber Joyner: Lilah decided to step outside with Scout and let him fly around a little bit. She also brought some scraps for Cloak and Shadow to munch on. Once she was outside, she sat with the two wolves and relaxed while Scout stretched his wings.
[6/5/2017 12:26:38 AM] brooke barnes: Though....watching from the shadows, a figure was spying on Lilah. The wolves paused and growled, sensing something in their territory.
[6/5/2017 12:30:18 AM] Amber Joyner: Lilah could sense it too. Something wasn't right. She pinned her back to the nearest tree and stood up slowly. She whistled to Scout telling him to be alert.
[6/5/2017 12:31:16 AM] brooke barnes: Scout was looking around keenly, and flew about to look from above.

The figure stayed to the shadows trying to get behind her.

[6/5/2017 1:02:07 AM] Amber Joyner: Lilah listened intently trying to see if she could pick up on any movement or sounds. She didn't dare yell out for Kaiden. She reached for one of her daggers at her hip preparing to move out slowly to a more hidden spot.
[6/5/2017 1:07:25 AM] brooke barnes: The figure was in the tree above her and then something rope-like grabbed around her upper arm and pulled her up into the tree.

She came face to face, with an old face, Horlak. Kaiden traitorous old mentor. "Long time no see." he smirked and pricked her with something in her neck and covered her mouth with a cloth to muffle her.
[6/5/2017 1:12:03 AM] Amber Joyner: "Ahh!" She was yanked up so fast into the tree and dropped her dagger in the process. Her eyes went wide when she came face to face with the vampire that tried to kill Kaiden. "Oww! What are you-mmm! MMM!" She tried her best to scream and struggled, but it was no use.
[6/5/2017 1:15:30 AM | Edited 1:18:39 AM] brooke barnes: He had used a sedative on her, feeling her body go limp and carried her off, as the wolves growled and snarled at him, trying to climb the tree. Scout followed after him, staying close to his mistress.

Kaiden came out after erring the wolves growling and whatnot, he saw Lilah's daggers on the ground, "NO!" he ran in side and got his gear on and looked about, he looked Cloak and Shadow, "Show me!" they ran the direction she was taken and Kaidan followed.
[6/5/2017 1:20:23 AM] Amber Joyner: Delilah drifted in and out of consciousness losing all sense of time. Her body felt heavy and she couldn't really move or see.
[6/5/2017 1:24:38 AM] brooke barnes: Horlak carried her far away and used the Shadow travel ability that Kaiden used as well. He arrived to a fine manor surrounded by red rose bushes. He carried her to the back of the estate and into an old servants house out the back. He hog tied her and gagged her so she wouldn't be a pain later.
[6/5/2017 1:36:34 AM] Amber Joyner: After a while, the sedative finally wore off and she fully regained consciousness. She looked around and didn't recognize where she was at all. She struggled and realized she was tied up tight and had a gag in her mouth so she couldn't talk or scream. "MMM!" She tried to scream and wiggled out of her restraints, but it was all useless.
[6/5/2017 1:37:40 AM] brooke barnes: He noticed she was awake, "Evening." he smirked, "I must say I'm was surprised to hear Kaiden still and you along with him." he laughed at her.
[6/5/2017 1:40:20 AM] Amber Joyner: She glared at the familiar vampire which was all she really could do. "MMMM MMMMPHPHH!!" She yelled into the cloth that was pulled tight across her mouth.
[6/5/2017 1:42:46 AM] brooke barnes: He sniggered, "I don't blame him though. You are a lovely sight to look at....I wonder how you taste?" he smirked\
[6/5/2017 1:43:15 AM] Amber Joyner: She growled and gave him the dirtiest look she could muster.
[6/5/2017 1:43:59 AM | Edited 1:44:21 AM] brooke barnes: He smirked and walked over and hovered over Lilah, "Maybe I should take a sneaky taste?" he smirked and extended his fangs.
[6/5/2017 1:52:40 AM] Amber Joyner: Lilah struggled trying to move away from him, but she was stuck between him and the wall. There was no escaping him. She closed her eyes and tried to make herself as small as possible shielding her neck.
[6/5/2017 1:54:47 AM] brooke barnes: But the door opened and in came a sight in red, "Horlak....what did I say...I wanted her in ONE Piece." it was Roseline, "I plan to torture this little whore myself. THEN I'll display her body in my front yard for my Dear Kaiden to see." she smirk.

Lilah was scared but also super pissed off. She pulled at her restraints with all she had. They began to scratch and dig in to her skin. She yelled and screamed into her gag wanting to lay into that blonde bimbo.

[6/5/2017 2:05:04 AM] Amber Joyner: She growled at her and gave her a vicious glare. She still yelled and screamed into her gag.
[6/5/2017 2:06:40 AM] brooke barnes: Horlak picked her up and they carried her to a basement area of the manor.

[6/5/2017 2:09:16 AM] Amber Joyner: Lilah continued to struggle against him until she was too tired to even move. Her voice was hoarse and she was barely able to keep up the fight.
[6/5/2017 2:11:24 AM] brooke barnes: Horlak then got stripping her down to nothing. Roseline smirked as she watch, "Yes. take ALL her dignity." he giggled.[6/5/2017 2:16:54 AM] brooke barnes: Horlak then got her hands chained to a wall and her legs shackled together.

"Now then." Roseline got a sharp knife and walked over and got a hold of her hair, "Let's start here!" she growled and cut her ponytail off.
[6/5/2017 2:20:06 AM] Amber Joyner: Delilah was losing what little bit of fight she had left in her. She screamed into the gag when Roseline grabbed a hold of her hair and sliced through her pony tail. Her hair fell down around her face barely reaching to her shoulders. She hung her head knowing there wasn't much left she could do. She hoped and prayed that Kaiden would find her soon.
[6/5/2017 2:21:25 AM] brooke barnes: Roseline smirked tossed her ponytail into a bucket of hot coals, The smell of burning hair filled the room, "Now then..." she extended her claws and got lightly cutting into her arms and moving them over her skin.
[6/5/2017 2:23:43 AM] Amber Joyner: Lilah screamed loudly into the cloth, tears stinging the corners of her eyes. The pain was tremendous. She still glared at Roseline, visible tears streaming down her face.
[6/5/2017 2:24:31 AM] brooke barnes: "Such a weak little whore...I don't see what Kaiden sees in yoU!" he hiss and slashed over her naked breasts.
[6/5/2017 2:25:41 AM] Amber Joyner: "MMMMMMMMMM!" She screamed again. The love marks Kaiden had left all over her skin were fully visible now.
[6/5/2017 2:27:47 AM] brooke barnes: "Disgusting." she glared.

"Once we're done you'll be worth NOTHING." she looked to Horlak who got undoing his pants.
[6/5/2017 2:30:28 AM] Amber Joyner: Lilah's fight was gone. She was covered in deep wounds and was bleeding freely. Her body became limp, the chains was the only thing keeping her up. She raised her head slightly when she saw Horlak undoing his pants. Her eyes went wide with horror. She viciously shook her head and screamed into the gag. "MMMM! MMMMMMM!"
[6/5/2017 2:32:39 AM] brooke barnes: "Ohh? I know what the little whore needs." smirked Roseline, she got some from shelf, "I little of this will do JUST fine."

It was a powder and she blew it up her nose. "Enjoy the effects." she snickered cruelly.

[6/5/2017 2:36:43 AM] Amber Joyner: At this point, she lost all hope of Kaiden coming to save her. Her vision became blurry as she started to lose more and more blood. When that powder got into her system, she began to feel weird. She began to feel oddly warm and her insides were tingling. She could feel her body react on its own. Her nether regions became wet and her nipples began to become erect. "MMMMMM!" She shook her head no.
[6/5/2017 2:38:35 AM | Edited 2:39:13 AM] brooke barnes: "All yours." she smirked to Horlak as her came over a and he unshackled her ankles and lift her legs off the ground and without warning pushed right into her. "AW fuck a tight cunt there!" he smirked.
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Kaidan & Delilah: Part 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Kaidan & Delilah: Part 2   Kaidan & Delilah: Part 2 I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 06, 2017 4:47 pm

[6/5/2017 2:41:15 AM] Amber Joyner: The gag became loose and slipped slightly off her mouth so she could breathe better and talk. "AHHHHHHHHH!!! NO STOP!!!! IT HURTS!!!" She screamed out gasping for air.
[6/5/2017 2:42:05 AM] brooke barnes: He smirked and got thrusting into her rough, "AW YOU LOVE IT YOU FUCKING WHORE!"
[6/5/2017 2:44:53 AM] Amber Joyner: "NOOO! STOP! AHHHH! PLEASE STOP!!!" She screamed louder feeling him deep inside her. Her body became more and more turned on the more he touched her. Tears fell from her eyes as he continued on raping her viciously.
[6/5/2017 2:46:39 AM] brooke barnes: Roseline sat in her chair with a bottle of wine, watching the show, smirking.

"Shut up! You're nothing but a fucking cock slut! You're SQUEEZING my hard cock right now! You want me to fucking let it all out in you!" he smirked with a snigger and smacked one of her tits hard.
[6/5/2017 2:49:53 AM] Amber Joyner: "AHHHHH! S-STOP!! IT HUUUURTS!!" Her body just wouldn't listen. Her insides were on fire and enjoying the invasion. Her mind on the other hand was close to breaking. "Please...stop..." She was barely conscious. She hoped to just lose it completely so she didn't have to endure this humiliation and torture anymore.
[6/5/2017 2:53:05 AM] brooke barnes: He got hold of her chin and made her look at him. ROseline came over and hooked her legs up to a winch to keep her legs up so Horlak had free hands.

"CUm in her a lot Horlak, make her BEG for it." she said.

He smirked, "Guess what you slut..!" he had her look in his eyes, "MY special ability is a special one! You'll do as I say now!" he snickered, making her eyes go all glazed over. He kept on thrusting rough into her, making her body move with his thrusts, "AW YES! YOU LITTLE WHORE!!!"

[6/5/2017 3:01:50 AM] Amber Joyner: Lilah suddenly felt like her mind was locked away. She felt as though she was behind a glass barrier. She was seeing and feeling what was going on, but she couldn't do anything to fight it. "Y-YES!! I'M YOUR WHORE!! KEEP FUCKING ME!!"
[6/5/2017 3:03:32 AM] brooke barnes: He gave a big grin, "MMM GONNA CUM IN YOUR TIGHT CUNT!! HOW BOUT THAT YOU WHORE?!" he smacked her tits hard again.
[6/5/2017 3:04:42 AM] Amber Joyner: "AHHHH! YES!! FILL ME UP! PLEASE!!" She was fighting internally with herself. This was not what she wanted. What was this guy doing to her?!
[6/5/2017 3:05:52 AM] brooke barnes: "BEG MORE YOU SLUT!" he smirked ramming into her balls deep, "YOU LOVE COCK DEEP IN YOU SLUTTY HOLE DON'T YOU!!" he growled and his fangs extended.
[6/5/2017 3:07:21 AM] Amber Joyner: "YES! AHHH! I LOVE IT!! MORE! PLEASE MOOOORE!!" Her legs and thighs were drenched with her juices.
[6/5/2017 3:09:26 AM] brooke barnes: Roseline smirked, "Such a stupid little human. So easy swayed with our pheromones." she said.

"I KNOW!" he laughed, without warning he came deep inside Lilah and growled as he did. "OHHH FUUUCCKK!!" he held deep inside her making sure she got it all.

"You want more jizz my little whore?" he smirked.
[6/5/2017 3:11:34 AM] Amber Joyner: "Y-yes...give me more!!" She said between breathes. Her vision was blurry and she was in pain but all that was on her mind was wanting to be fucked and filled with as much cum as she could hold.
[6/5/2017 3:12:36 AM] brooke barnes: He let her legs down and undid her wrists, now she was under his control, "Face the wall!" he order sand smacked her ass, "Tell me what you are!"
[6/5/2017 3:14:22 AM] Amber Joyner: She did as she was told and turned to face the wall. "Yes sir." She yelped out loud when he smacked her ass and answered him, "I-I'm a cum loving whore!"
[6/5/2017 3:15:57 AM] brooke barnes: He smirked and thrusted back into her pussy and thrust deep and hard again, "GONNA FUCK YOU TILL SUNRISE!!" he held her ups as he slammed into her.
[6/5/2017 3:17:26 AM] Amber Joyner: "AHHHHHH! YES!! FUCK ME FOREVER! I WANT YOUR CUM AGAIN!!" She pressed her body against the wall to hold herself up as he slammed into her. "SO! GOOD! AHHHHH!!"
[6/5/2017 3:18:41 AM] brooke barnes: Roseline smirked ad came over to Horlak and kissed him, "Keep her entertained. I'll go and get ready for My love." she smirked and left him with Lilah alone.
[6/5/2017 3:20:59 AM] Amber Joyner: Lilah's body was shaking horribly. Her limbs were barely holding her up. Still, all that was on her mind was being fucked by this insanely attractive vampire. "ITS SO GOOD!! AHHHH! I'M GONNA CUUUUUM!!"
[6/5/2017 3:21:57 AM] brooke barnes: "AW YES! CUM! BUT i"M GONNA KEEP SLAMMING YOU!" he grunted as he thrusted into her fast.
[6/5/2017 3:23:01 AM] Amber Joyner: "PLEASE DON'T STOP!! KEEP FUCKING ME!!" She screamed.
[6/5/2017 3:24:25 AM] brooke barnes: He growled and felt her squirt around his cox, he grinned, "GONNA CUM SOON YOU WHORE! GET READY FOR LOAD NUMBER TWO!!"
[6/5/2017 3:25:18 AM] Amber Joyner: "AHHHHH! YES I'M READY!! FILL UP MY THROBBING CUNT!!! PLEASE!!"
[6/5/2017 3:27:25 AM] brooke barnes: He thrusted fast and then slammed deep inside her again, if he was human he would have impregnanted her for sure.

He then pulled out of her and rubbed his cock over her asshole, "Let's fill ALL your holes." he slipped into her ass.

[6/5/2017 3:33:09 AM] Amber Joyner: "AHHHHHHH! YESSS SO GOOOOOOD!!" She seemed to like having her ass fucked a lot more.
[6/5/2017 3:35:14 AM] brooke barnes: "OH A Back door slut too?! BRILLENT!!" he smirked and slammed into her.


Menawhile Kaiden arrived to the manor, KNOWING Lilah would be here if she was taken. He walked up the path, and spotted Roseline in a small red dress, "Evening my love. What do I owe this visit?" she grinned.

"YoU Fucking know why...GIVE. HER. BACK." he growled.

"I don't think so. She's busy right now." she snickered.
[6/5/2017 3:37:19 AM] Amber Joyner: "YES! YES! YEEEEEEES!" She screamed out with forced pleasure with each deep thrust. On the inside she was begging for him to stop. The pain and the humiliation was too much. 'Please...stop! Kaiden...please save me! PLEASE!!! HELP ME!!!' She screamed inside her mind.
[6/5/2017 3:38:55 AM] brooke barnes: "AW YES! YOU DON'T WANT THAT FOOL ANY MORE DO YOU!?" he laughed thrusting fast.


Kaiden glared, "I'm going to Kill You and WHOEVER else has harmed her." he didn't care about the repercussions anymore.

Roseline glared, "If you can get by love."
[6/5/2017 3:40:09 AM] Amber Joyner: "NO! I ONLY WANT YOU!! HE MEANS NOTHING TO ME ANYMORE!!" She declared.
[6/5/2017 3:43:56 AM] brooke barnes: "CALL ME MASTER IF YOU MEAN IT!" he smirked and smacked her ass hard.


Kaiden glared and made speed run to go past, but Roseline kicked him back, she was known for her speed, But maiden's eyes glowed red, signifying rage.
[6/5/2017 3:46:02 AM] Amber Joyner: "YES MASTER! YES!! I ADORE YOU MASTER!" Lilah was fighting with herself on the inside, 'NO!! THAT'S NOT TRUE!!!' It was as if her mind was stuck in a giant hour glass and time was ticking away fast.
[6/5/2017 3:47:49 AM] brooke barnes: "AWW YES SUCH A TIGHT LITTLE ASS TO FUCK!" he held her hips slamming into her.


Kaiden then rammed at Roseline and he let out a roar of pure anger, Roselaline did the ams they were bouncing all over the place with their speed.
[6/5/2017 3:49:15 AM] Amber Joyner: "AHH! MASTER!! I'M CUMMING AGAIN!!! AHHHHHHH!" She screamed out, drenching the floor.
[6/5/2017 3:51:36 AM] brooke barnes: He pulled her away from the wall and he sat in the chair and slammed up into her ass, "STILL GONNA FUCK THIS ASS OF YOURS!"


Kaiden then slammed Roseline into the rose garden and he extended his claws into a dagger length and stabbed right through her chest, killing her instantly. He ran to look for Lilah, "LILAH!!!" he shouted, "LILAH!!"
[6/5/2017 3:53:53 AM] Amber Joyner: "S-Someone is calling me..." She said in a shallow voice. It sounded so familiar to her.
[6/5/2017 3:54:45 AM] brooke barnes: "FOCUS YOU WHORE!" he smacked her ass, thrusting up deep.


Kaiden listened out for any odd sounds or voices.
[6/5/2017 3:56:14 AM] Amber Joyner: "AHHHHHH! Yes...master." She moved her hips along with him feeling him deep inside.
[6/5/2017 3:59:47 AM] brooke barnes: He smirked and smacked her ass again, bruising her skin.

Kaiden heard her loud moans and growled, he followed it and punch ed through the door and his eyes glowed red seeing who it was< "HOLAK!!!"
[6/5/2017 4:00:27 AM] brooke barnes: Horlak smirked and came in Lilah's as once more then pull rout running out of the other way into the room.

[6/5/2017 4:02:42 AM] Amber Joyner: Lilah heard that familiar voice again and looked to see who it was. He looked so familiar. She screamed out one more time when Holak blew his load inside her and tried to escape with her. Her eyes were still glazed over under the impression of his pheromones.
[6/5/2017 4:04:10 AM] brooke barnes: Kaiden followed him but then got punched in the head and Holak ran back in and got a knife then ran at Lilah stabbing her right in the gut.
[6/5/2017 4:06:12 AM] Amber Joyner: "AHHHHHH!" She released a blood curdling scream, her eyes returning to normal and the pain overcoming the effects of the pheromones. Her consciousness slowly faded as she fell to the floor bleeding heavily from her wound as well as the scratches on her body.
[6/5/2017 4:07:09 AM] brooke barnes: Kaidan ran i as Horlak escaped gain. But Kaidan ran to Lilah side, "LILAH! NO! Stay with me love!!" he panicked seeing her in the state she was.
[6/5/2017 4:09:25 AM] Amber Joyner: Delilah was in VERY bad shape. Deep wounds covered her arms and torso. She was covered in sweat and cum and she was barely holding on to life. The stab wound to her stomach was lethal and she was bleeding out quickly. By the time Kaiden reached her, she fell limp and was going into shock from the blood loss.
[6/5/2017 4:12:03 AM] brooke barnes: "NO!!! PLEASE!!!" he begged and teared up, ".....................................No choice......" he bit into his wrist and took a mouth of his blood and kissed her feeding her his blood, his venom already in her veins.

He got it all in her mouth, "Please swallow it love..." he begged.
[6/5/2017 4:15:21 AM] Amber Joyner: The blood trickled down her throat while some leaked from the corners of her mouth. She was close to death but the vampire blood ignited the venom in her veins and her body slowly began to react.
[6/5/2017 4:15:53 AM] brooke barnes: He waited to see the result, "PLeasepleasepleaseplease!" he chanted
[6/5/2017 4:18:21 AM] Amber Joyner: The wounds on her body slowly began to mend themselves and the fatal wound in her stomach was soon healed as well. Tiny fangs poked out from beneath her lips. Shortly after she finally took a deep breath and opened her eyes.
[6/5/2017 4:19:12 AM] brooke barnes: He sighed in relief to see her alive, "Delilah....." he said her name to see if she's responding to him.
[6/5/2017 4:20:19 AM] Amber Joyner: Lilah looked up at Kaiden when he called her name. "Kaiden..." Tears filled her eyes as she reached up and hugged him crying hysterically.
[6/5/2017 4:23:15 AM | Edited 4:23:54 AM] brooke barnes: "I"m so sorry love." he held her close and tight.

He carried her on his back and he travelled back to his uncle's clan, he needed the support to help and with the death of ROseline. He arrived before dawn.

Vashti found them, "Kaiden? KAIDEN WHAT HAPPENED!?"

"No time please take Her to the medical wing," h said, I need to see my uncle now.

[6/5/2017 10:14:45 PM] Amber Joyner: Lilah drifted in and out of consciousness as she rode on Kaiden's back until they got to the clan hideout. Her injuries were healed, but she was still in a lot of pain and fairly traumatized from her brutal experience. Her body was still changing slowly as the venom and Kaiden's blood merged inside her.
[6/5/2017 10:18:06 PM] brooke barnes: Vashti got her to a privet room in the medical wing to let her recover and so she could watch over her. She then noticed her skin was paler and that Lilah's nails were darker and were growing more sharp, "......He changed her...." she sighed. She got a warm wet cloth and placed it on Lilah's forehead.
[6/5/2017 10:20:01 PM] Amber Joyner: Lilah started to come around and opened her eyes. The world around her seemed different. "Vashti...? Is that you? Wh-where am I?"
[6/5/2017 10:22:16 PM] brooke barnes: "Shhh easy Delilah, you're back in the clan home." she said, "Kaiden is seeing his uncle." she touched her face looking her over.

"Delilah.......What happened? Kaiden didn't tell me anything."
[6/5/2017 10:23:46 PM] Amber Joyner: Delilah began to whimper thinking back to the torture she endured, "R-Rosaline..." She managed to say before she started to panic and shake as if she were reliving it all over again.
[6/5/2017 10:25:03 PM] brooke barnes: She sighed, that name would mean ANYTHING horrible. "Its okay....You don't have to say anything now." she hugged her, "I'm here dear, I won't leave your side okay?" she assured her.
[6/5/2017 10:27:39 PM] Amber Joyner: Lilah started to become inconsolable. "I want Kaiden...please..." She begged softly.
[6/5/2017 10:30:02 PM] brooke barnes: "He'll be back soon I promise, he asked me not to stay with you." she said.

"Also...Delilah....Kaiden turned you."
[6/5/2017 10:32:50 PM] Amber Joyner: Delilah stopped whimpering for a moment and reached up to touch her lips. She opened her mouth slightly and touched her newly elongated canines. "He...he saved me..."
[6/5/2017 10:33:37 PM] brooke barnes: "Saved you? He turned you to save you?" she asked.
[6/5/2017 10:37:53 PM] brooke barnes: She looked her over more and noticed where blood stains around a healed spot, "......I see, you were stabbed and Kaiden turned you so you wouldn't die."
[6/5/2017 10:45:44 PM] Amber Joyner: Lilah nodded, "Yes...I almost died...I just remember being carried away by Holack then everything goes black..."
[6/5/2017 10:46:41 PM] brooke barnes: "Horlak!? He was involved?!" she frowned, "Oh that fucking son of a bitch!"
[6/5/2017 10:47:19 PM] Amber Joyner: "Yeah...he was the one who kidnapped me...and..." She began to visibly shake again.
[6/5/2017 10:50:35 PM] brooke barnes: She was shocked by this, "I am so sorry Delilah." she hugged her, "You don't have to talk about it......but tell me...did Kaiden kill him...or did he get away?" she asked.
[6/5/2017 10:51:12 PM | Edited 10:51:25 PM] Amber Joyner: Lilah continued to whimper, "He..he got away..."

[6/5/2017 11:46:36 PM | Edited 11:46:42 PM] brooke barnes: Kaiden meanwhile had inform his Uncle of the events and was on his way back the medical wing in a quick pace.
[6/5/2017 11:47:04 PM] Amber Joyner: Delilah reached for her hair. It was horribly jagged and uneven from where Rosaline cut it. It barely touched her shoulders. "She cut my hair...she tortured me..." She could still feel the pain from her wounds and the trauma from the brutal rape.
[6/5/2017 11:53:25 PM] brooke barnes: Vashti got some scissors and a comb, "Let me even it out for you." she said
[6/5/2017 11:58:57 PM] Amber Joyner: Lilah nodded and let her fix her hair. She stayed under the blanket trying to hide her nakedness and the scars and dried blood all over her.
[12:01:13 AM] brooke barnes: "I'll also make a spring room free so you can bathe and I'll find some clothes for you." said Vashti, she was very much in mother mode.
[12:03:30 AM] Amber Joyner: "Thank you, Vashti. I am sorry to be so much trouble..." She said trying to dry her tears.
[12:15:48 AM] brooke barnes: "Not at all pet." she smiled, "I'm glad to play mother Hen." she said, "That is the best I can do." she said showing the mirror.

"I'll be right back. I'll go check the hot spring room." she said, then Kaiden came into the room.

"I'm sorry, i had to tell my uncle what happened." he said.
[12:18:23 AM] Amber Joyner: Delilah smiled a bit looking at her reflection in the mirror. She actually like the short hair look on her. "It's fine Vashti, thank you."

Lilah's eyes followed her out and locked onto Kaiden when he came in. "It's ok...Vashti took good care of me." She held the blanket tightly around her. She did not want Kaiden to see her mangled body.
[12:47:22 AM] brooke barnes: "You're welcome my dear." she smiled, "I'll be back with clothes and towels." she said letting them be alone.

Kaiden sighed, "I'm so so sorry love. I didn't get to you in time." he knelt a the bed side and planted his face into the bed sheet, feeling as if he failed.
[12:49:12 AM] Amber Joyner: Delilah touched the top of his head gently and stroked his hair, "You saved me, Kaiden. If it weren't for you...I would be dead now."
[12:57:44 AM] brooke barnes: ".......I might as well giving you the death penalty.....I've turned you to a life of the night.......I didn't ant that for you." he said. ".........All this is fucked up...."
[1:00:14 AM] Amber Joyner: "A life of the night is better than no life at all..." She leaned down and cradled his head in her arms.
[1:01:03 AM] brooke barnes: His body was shaking, trying not to cry and trying not to beat himself up for all that JUST happened. "I failed to protect you!"
[1:02:58 AM] Amber Joyner: Lilah held him and tried her best to comfort him. "Don't blame yourself, you did all you could. It's over now. I'm alive and we are still able to be together thanks to you..."
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PostSubject: Re: Kaidan & Delilah: Part 2   Kaidan & Delilah: Part 2 I_icon_minitimeSun Jun 11, 2017 8:09 pm

[6/6/2017 5:33:11 PM] brooke barnes: He looked up to her, his eyes red from tearing up, sniffling. "......I still would have liked to give you a CHOICE." he sighed.
[6/6/2017 5:35:17 PM] Amber Joyner: Delilah looked at him and wasn't sure what to say to him. She sat back up and looked down at him, her own eyes red and puffy from crying. "I know..."
[6/6/2017 5:37:33 PM] brooke barnes: He got in the bed with her, "I've seen it already Lilah......I still love you." he said, not caring how she looked.
[6/6/2017 5:39:17 PM] Amber Joyner: Even though she felt ashamed of what they did to her body, she nuzzled close to him holding onto him tight and burying her face in his chest as she cried. "It is just so humiliating...what that man did to me...and he made me...enjoy it...."
[6/6/2017 5:49:17 PM] brooke barnes: He held her close, ".......I know.....I'll make him pay." he assured her, holding her close to him. "I won't let you out of my sight again." he said
[6/6/2017 5:54:20 PM] Amber Joyner: Delilah nodded and clung to Kaiden. With her newly enhanced senses, Delilah could smell Horlack on her. The smell of his semen was all over her. It made her sick to her stomach. She hoped that Vashti would return soon so she could wash all the blood and filth away.
[6/6/2017 5:57:29 PM] brooke barnes: Just as she mentioned Vashti, she came in, "Both of you come along, best you both get a bath." she said to them.

Kaidan picked Lilah up and carried her to a bathing room that Vashti had made private for them. "I've placed the new clothes in the change rooms." she told Lilah.

"Thank you Vashti." smiled Kaidan.

"Any time you two." she said
[6/6/2017 6:02:40 PM] Amber Joyner: Lilah held onto Kaiden when he picked her up and still tried to hide her body, especially from Vashti. "Yes...thank you Vashti."

The bathing room was dimly lit and smelled of lavender. "You can put me down now. I think I can walk on my own." She said looking at Kaiden.
[6/6/2017 6:06:58 PM] brooke barnes: Vashti saw a glimpse but decided to not ask too many more questions, "I'll be back later." he said.

Kaiden got her sitting on the edge of the hot spring, "Just in case." he smiled and got undressed, to join her in the bath. He got a box of essential oils and healing ointments along with a couple wash cloths.

"These will help with the scars."
[6/6/2017 6:11:58 PM] Amber Joyner: She waded down into the water and enjoyed the heat against her skin. She sat down in the water up to her shoulders. The natural oils in the water helped soothe her pain. She rose up out of the water showing her scarred chest to Kaiden as he waded in with her. "Thank you..." There were several slash marks across her chest, breasts, and stomach all the way down to her thighs.
[6/6/2017 6:14:17 PM] brooke barnes: "Those will heal with your vampire blood." he said, "Luckily they didn't use holy water." he sighed in relief as he gently washed her back.

[6/6/2017 6:19:42 PM] Amber Joyner: Lilah hugged her chest and tried not to look at the scars. She hoped they would fade quickly. "What happened to Rosaline?"
[6/6/2017 6:20:35 PM] brooke barnes: "......I killed her." he said, "She tried to stop me and I had no choice.....but word will reach her father." he sighed, which will mean problems for the clan and himself.
[6/6/2017 6:22:06 PM | Edited 6:22:28 PM] Amber Joyner: "I'm sorry...this is my fault for coming here..." She sighed. If she hadn't intervened with Kaiden's mission in the first place, none of this would have happened.
[6/6/2017 6:23:40 PM] brooke barnes: "How is it your fault?" he moved to stand in front of her, "Fate brought us together Love. I don't regret anything that has happened." he said.
[6/6/2017 6:28:02 PM] Amber Joyner: She smiled thinking back to their first meeting. "Even when I tied you up and kicked you in the ass because you wouldn't stop shamelessly flirting with me?" She giggled for the first time in a while.
[6/6/2017 6:29:45 PM | Edited 6:30:29 PM] brooke barnes: he smiled "Yes even that." he kissed her cheek, "I love you and this doesn't change my feeling for you. Now i'll massage your back to get your blood flowing, you're healing a little might need a feed after this."
[6/6/2017 6:32:31 PM] Amber Joyner: She smiled and moved slowly to hug him. "Before you do that...can we just stay like this for a little bit longer, please?" Her arms wrapped around his back and her head was resting on his chest.
[6/6/2017 6:33:17 PM] brooke barnes: "Whatever you want love." he smiled and held her as the steam from the bath surrounded them in its warmth.

[6/7/2017 7:30:35 AM] Amber Joyner: Lilah closed her eyes and enjoyed being so close to Kaiden. She listened to his heart which helped soothe her farther. Her hands caressed his back gently. She smiled gently and whispered softly, "Thank you..."
[6/7/2017 7:33:30 AM] brooke barnes: He smiled and had her look at him and he gently kissed her, "You take your time to recover we are allowed to stay as long as needed." he said, he didn't want to tell her that he would get in MAJOR trouble when word reached Roseline's father.
[6/7/2017 7:38:26 AM] Amber Joyner: Lilah happily kissed him and continued to look into his eyes, "I meant thank you for all you did for me..."
[6/7/2017 7:42:09 AM] brooke barnes: He looked at her and smiled, "I would do it all over again...for you anything." he held her.
[6/7/2017 7:45:35 AM] Amber Joyner: Her cheeks flushed red as she smiled. Being with Kaiden slowly made her pain melt away. A small tear fell from her eye. "I love you Kaiden much." She leaned up to kiss him again, this time more deeply.
[6/7/2017 7:46:31 AM] brooke barnes: He smiled and he returned her kiss back, "Careful Miss Dawson you might make me blush." he joked a little.
[6/7/2017 7:48:04 AM] Amber Joyner: She giggled, "That would be a first for you. The shameless and suave Kaiden Bale getting flustered by little me. How cute." She joked back still holding him close.
[6/7/2017 7:51:17 AM] brooke barnes: He pouted a little and looked away, "I'm not cute."
[6/7/2017 7:55:27 AM] Amber Joyner: Lilah giggled and touched his chin moving it so he was looking at her. "Your actions are cute, but as a are dignified and devastatingly handsome." She said kissing him again.
[6/7/2017 7:56:17 AM] brooke barnes: He smiled and kissed her, "That I strong beautiful lady of the night." he said, holding her close to him.
[6/7/2017 8:02:33 AM] Amber Joyner: Lilah smiled and rested her head on his chest again. She liked the sound of that. "Yes, I am your lady of the night. Now and forever..." She grinned showing her fangs. She was still growing accustomed to her new look. She touched her hair still not use to the length.
[6/7/2017 8:04:22 AM] brooke barnes: "It will grow back love...but I like the short hair." he smiled.

He sat in the shallowed, Motioning her to sit with him, "You need to rest and cleanse."
[6/7/2017 8:08:19 AM] Amber Joyner: She smiled and slowly walked over to the shallows and sat next to him. She laid her head on his shoulder just enjoying the feel of the water and being next to her beloved once again. She hugged his arm and closed her eyes suddenly feeling tired.
[6/7/2017 8:09:54 AM] brooke barnes: "I've much to teach you." he said other, "Once were washed up and dressed, you'll need to have your first feed." he held her close to him.
[6/7/2017 8:13:52 AM] Amber Joyner: She squeezed his arm a bit, feeling nervous. "Is that why my mouth is so dry and my fangs feel a little tingly?"
[6/7/2017 8:14:58 AM] brooke barnes: "Partly. Your body is still adjusting. Once you have a feed you'll be able to sleep tonight and the feeling will fade." he said/
[6/7/2017 8:15:40 AM] Amber Joyner: She nodded, "I don't have to actually kill a human do I...?"
[6/7/2017 8:17:06 AM] brooke barnes: "No you don't have to. We have humans who live in our clan that we call 'Donors'. Families of long lines who service us in giving us a blood supply and they are given safety." he said
[6/7/2017 8:18:10 AM] Amber Joyner: She sighed with relief, "Thank goodness. I don't think I am ready to hunt yet."
[6/7/2017 8:18:35 AM] brooke barnes: "No, being out in the big wide world is something I'll show how we do it." he said
[6/7/2017 8:19:20 AM] Amber Joyner: "I'm glad I have you to teach me." She smiled nuzzling her cheek against his arm.
[6/7/2017 8:22:45 AM] brooke barnes: He smiled but was worried on in the inside, scared to know the repercussions of his actions to save the one he loved...he would killed that bitch over and over again to kelp Lilah safe....but he was also worried for his uncle's clan.
[6/7/2017 8:27:10 AM] Amber Joyner: Lilah could feel the tension in Kaiden's body. She was sure he was worried about something. She was worried herself. Not only about being a newborn vampire, but she was also concerned about the consequences of Kaiden's actions. He killed a prominent fixture among his clan and surely that came with a high punishment. She kept her thoughts to herself. "Kaiden...will you promise me something?"
[6/7/2017 8:27:59 AM] brooke barnes: He looked to her, "Yes love?"
[6/7/2017 8:29:08 AM] Amber Joyner: "Promise me that we will always be honest with each other. If there is anything on your mind, don't be afraid to tell me. We don't have to hide things from each other anymore..." She said with a serious look in her eyes.
[6/7/2017 8:31:09 AM] brooke barnes: "........" he sighed, "......I killed a High councillor's kin.......that is a BIG no no." he meant Roseline.

"......There may be a possibility I'll be put to death for the act." he couldn't look at her when he said this.
[6/7/2017 8:34:34 AM] Amber Joyner: She was not really surprised by this. She felt her heart race at the thought of losing Kaiden. She made her resolve and moved to sit in front of him. "No matter what the decision is...we will fight this together. I will be by your side no matter what."
[6/7/2017 8:35:33 AM] brooke barnes: "..............If I sentenced to death....You are to stay with Vashti." he said, "You are not the one who will be punished."
[6/7/2017 8:37:49 AM] Amber Joyner: She took a hold of his hands, "Not a chance. If that is the case, I will do all I can to make sure your life is safe. I don't care what it takes."
[6/7/2017 8:41:10 AM] brooke barnes: "NO!" he said loudly, ".....I saved you from dying once....I can't bare to think you dying for nothing! I want YOUR word that you will not do anything stupid if I am sentenced." he said.
[6/7/2017 8:44:25 AM] Amber Joyner: Lilah was surprised at his sudden outburst. She was not happy about it, but she reluctantly agreed. "Alright...I promise." She said secretly crossing her fingers behind her back.
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PostSubject: Re: Kaidan & Delilah: Part 2   Kaidan & Delilah: Part 2 I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 12, 2017 1:53 pm

[6/11/2017 9:40:46 PM] brooke barnes: The next day...

Kaiden was summoned by his uncle to his study, along with Lilah. All they were told was Something important was to spoken to them both, and they BOTH had a good feeling what it was about.
[6/11/2017 9:44:04 PM] Amber Joyner: Delilah was very nervous. She held onto Kaiden's hand firmly the entire way to his uncles study. It had to be about Kaiden's fate in regards to Rosaline's murder. She squeezed his hand once they came to the door to his study.
[6/11/2017 9:46:15 PM] brooke barnes: They entered the room and there standing with his uncle was the High councillor, Roseline's father. Who was deathly calm as they entered the room.
[6/11/2017 9:49:21 PM] Amber Joyner: Deliah didn't know who the other man was standing next to Kaiden's uncle, but he was oddly calm as if he were holding back great anger or sadness. Still, Lilah stood by Kaiden not letting go of his hand. She promised to remain by his side to the very end. She remained silent and waited for one of the two men to address them.
[6/11/2017 9:53:54 PM] brooke barnes: ".....Kaiden...Deliliah...I would figure you both know why you were summoned today?" Fallon asked them both.

"Yes Uncle." Kaiden replied.
[6/11/2017 9:56:28 PM] Amber Joyner: Lilah nodded, "Yes, sir." She looked from Fallon to the man standing beside him waiting for him to say something. He must have been related to Rosaline some how. She detected faint hints of her features.
[6/11/2017 9:59:31 PM] brooke barnes: "......this is High Lord Hexus. One of the council and is Roseline's father." Fallon introduced.

"............................." Lord Hexus was still not speaking.
[6/11/2017 10:00:55 PM] Amber Joyner: Lilah swallowed hard starting to feel even more nervous. He wasn't saying a word. His daughter was dead and yet he was being so quiet. That was not a good sign at all.
[6/11/2017 10:01:54 PM] brooke barnes: "..........My lord..." Fallon said.

"......WHY....." he asked simply a frown forming on his brow.
[6/11/2017 10:05:26 PM] Amber Joyner: Lilah turned and looked at Kaiden. She knew the truth wouldn't be what Lord Hexus wanted to hear. Still, she gave Kaiden a reassuring glance and nodded for him to tell him what happened.
[6/11/2017 10:07:29 PM] brooke barnes: Kaiden sighed, Lord Hexus KNEW about his daughter's feeling to him.

"........Your daughter...KIDNAPPED Delilah and I found her RAPED....tortured.....and dying.... Your daughter TRIED to stop me from REACHING Lilah.....I had no choice." he said it simply.

Lord Hexus glared to Fallon, "He is to come to the council TOMORROW." he growled and left the room.
[6/11/2017 10:11:44 PM] Amber Joyner: Delilah could feel the venom in the Lord's voice. He was very angry and Kaiden's explanation did little to soften it. He didn't care what his daughter had done to her. It was obvious that this little meeting did not go well. "So, what does this mean?" She asked softly.
[6/11/2017 10:12:41 PM] brooke barnes: Fallon sighed when the high lord left, "It means certain death is what it means." he answered her question.
[6/11/2017 10:14:35 PM] Amber Joyner: She gasped and looked at Kaiden holding back tears. She promised him that she wouldn't do anything rash, but she couldn't just let this happen. "But why? She tortured me and had me raped and almost killed! Why is Kaiden then one that has to be punished for her wrongdoings?"
[6/11/2017 10:17:02 PM] brooke barnes: ".......Because to kill another vampire without the permission of the family that vampire is aligned to....its a death sentence...if someone as wronged in by someone in another clan they go to the clan leader to demand justice.......Kaiden didn't do that." he said.

Kaiden KNEW what he was running into.
[6/11/2017 10:18:58 PM] Amber Joyner: "But if he had done that...I would be dead right now!" Lilah said angrily.
[6/11/2017 10:22:04 PM] brooke barnes: "..........If Horlak was part of the situation then I think he would have prolonged your suffering." he sighed, ashamed he was once their clan brother.

"...>We are going to the council tomorrow Kaiden. Delilah you are to stay." said Fallon.
[6/11/2017 10:23:45 PM] Amber Joyner: "No! I can't let Kaiden do this alone. I am part of this situation too. Please, don't make me stay behind!" She pleaded.
[6/11/2017 10:26:37 PM] brooke barnes: he sighed, "You are NOT to speak ruing it though." Fallon said
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Delilah was relieved when Lord Fallon gave in and let her go with Kaiden. She promised Kaiden that she would remain by his side through everything and that she wouldn't interfere no matter what the decision handed down by the council. "Thank you, Lord Fallon. I promise not to overstep or get out of line. I just want to be by Kaiden's side to support him." She bowed her head to him in respect.
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"I understand that Delilah.....but remember you have ONLY just become one of us....And we've not been fully pulled ingot eh clan as a vampiress yet. So Its VERY odd to have an uninitiated to be present." he said. "In other words, MANY rules are being broken."

Kaiden sighed, "I'll take responsibility Uncle. I plan to."

Fallon looked at his nephew and sighed aloud, "Go you and revive yourselves for tomorrow...we attend at dusk."

Kaiden bowed and they left his study.
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Delilah bowed her head again before they leave the study together. She is still very nervous and not sure what to say to Kaiden. It is painfully obvious that he is going to be sentenced to death for the murder of Roseline. The circumstances don't seem to matter at this point. Lilah squeezed his hand as they walked back to his room, once inside she tired to voice her concerns.

"Kaiden..." She looked at him holding back tears too afraid to speak. Feeling overwhelmed with emotion, she just suddenly hugs him tight. She didn't want to let him go. They had been through so much to be together.

"I don't want to lose you...I feel like I just got you back." She began to whimper softly in his chest.
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He sighed as he hugged her tightly back, "I know love....But its the result of my carelessness in not protecting you." he sighed, "I love you."

"Le't go on and rest up." He got an arm around her shoulder as they walked back to their room, "Its been amazing with you my Love, and I don't regret any time we had together." he said "But I'm made choices and choices have repercussions." he said.
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Lilah faced him and put a finger to his lips, "Stop. Don't talk to me like this is the last time you will ever see me again. We will figure this out together. I am not going to let you go without a fight. You did what you had to in order to save my life. It is not right what they are doing to you..." She took both his hands and looked into his eyes. "I know I promised I wouldn't get involved, but I just can't...I will not let them kill you..."
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".........If you try to stop it Lilah, you'll be killed at well, I DON'T want that for you. PLEASE do not get involved." he said, "I know you crossed your finger with my Uncle but You can't for me....Please don't push yourself into it. I told you I knew what could possibly happen." he said.
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"And what am I suppose to do without you? You would make me live a life as a newborn vampire alone without the man I love by my side? I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I didn't try." She said getting emotional again. All the changes she has gone through recently left her internally a crazy mess. Her hormones and body chemistry were all over the place.
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"....................I know its hard love.....but as long as YOU live....I am living within you." he said to her.

He had he sit on the bed, "Just sit for a moment." he wanted her to calm down, "Being a vampire you'll leaner is not pleasant...which I was why I didn't want that for you." he sighed, sitting with her.
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"That may be...but I want you here with me." She moved over to sit across his lap and wrapped her arms around him settling her head on his shoulder. "I'm sure it's not easy...but I know why you did it. Don't feel guilty..." She touched his cheek and turned his head to look at her. "I love you so much, Kaiden..."
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Kaidan & Delilah: Part 2
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